Who has the best offensive line in each division?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ATLCat View Post
    1A- Beechwood by a wide margin
    2A- I think I will go with DeSales narrowly... Mayfield's line has played well
    3A- Belfry. honorable mention to Boyle County
    4A- Johnson Central, by a wide margin
    5A- CovCath
    6A- Trinity
    I think FS proved you wrong in the 4A. FS had the best Oline and D line.

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    I am a Trinity fan, But Saint X has two D-1 commits on their O-line. Smock and Farris are both big. I believe the reason they kept getting great running back number regardless of injuries to RBs was not because of depth on RB position, but the Big and talented OLine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigRedDiesel View Post
    I wonít weigh in on who has the best OLine, as Iím admittedly too biased for that, but I do want to echo the applause for the big bellies that work the trenches. Watusi said it better than me, but most just donít realize how difficult the position is, requiring skills like balance, agility, leverage, technique, and intelligence, not to mention a crap-ton of heart, fortitude and toughness. The words Ďskilled positioní may be the most ignorant terminology in the game. I could write volumes about the life of an O-lineman and the sacrifices they make, but thatís too much to post so I will simply share this personal example:

    On Saturday mornings, the offensive lineman I know doesnít run to the newspaper to check his stats or read his name in the headlines. He knows he wonít be mentioned unless he and his brothers failed to do their jobs. In fact, he doesnít run anywhere; instead, he hobbles painfully to the tub for a salt bath hoping to soothe his physical sufferings. From the neck down, heís a train wreck, like something out of a horror film. You would literally have to hunt to find a two-inch patch that isnít bruised, busted, swollen, smashed, torn, or isnít sore and doesnít ache. When you ask him if heís alright, he just smiles and says, ďI canít wait for next Friday night.Ē

    If you see an offensive lineman, give him a pat on the back and thank him for the efforts he makes and the toils he endures on behalf of the team you support. Your appreciation will be welcomed. And I guarantee you it has been earned.
    I told my son who plays a "skill position" that ANY time you make a big play, long run, long pass, what ever. When you get back to the huddle, look your big guys in the eye and thank them cause with out them, you go no where. More than one of them have come up to me after games to tell me how they like blocking for him because they know he appreciates the job they do.

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    Lots of fantastic OLs and DLs in 4A, Collins’ among them. All 5 OL starters were named all-district with 2 on the DL.