What schools will see a change in class in the next realignment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoneRanger View Post
    Don’t forget to factor in how KHSAA will handle the addition of the new HS in Scott Co...
    6A / 5A borderline could be very interesting group to look at.
    Does Scott County know how they plan to handle the new school? If its an even split, that would mean 600 boys per school, which puts them both in 5A. I've heard it could be more of a big school/small school (that's relative in Scott County, I know) situation. If they did 800/400 boys, Scott County would stay in 6A but the new school would fall into 3A, at least to start.

    No matter how they slice it to begin with you have to think both of those schools will be 6A in the not-too-distant future.

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    Obviously there are a few factors that have to be considered but as of right now Boyle County looks like a 3A school. Now I have heard rumors they might request to play up to 4A...
    This is what I said last week. It's my understanding that they will NOT have to move to 4A but might indeed petition to. I think you are correct.