What can we expect from Michael Fox at Oldham County?

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    What can we expect from Michael Fox at Oldham County?

    So the announcement came today that former Trinity Assistant, Michael Fox, was named as Head Coach at Oldham County. What do you think about this hire?

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    Best of luck to him!

    Hopefully the school with its admin (3 AD's and 3 principals in as many years) can sustain some stability that might also lead to the same with this post. Oldham has a ton of young kids and the new schedule for the next couple years seems very,very favorable for some success (not a knock; part of it.) When you're not very good, play as many people as you can at your level or below. People talk culture and all these other facets all they want, and THOSE are VERY important...but, you better take the field against people you know you can play with, and more importantly beat. I'm sure Shatzer was doing a great job of building a culture outside of Friday nights in his own right.

    But, scheduling people that are on your level; hopefully leading to wins will take care of that more than anything.

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    What did he coach at T?

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    He was a pretty good guitar player in the Back to the Future movie.

    Spin City was pretty funny, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barrel View Post
    What did he coach at T?
    I believe it was linebackers. Just threw out program.

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    Pretty sure he coached OLB's at T.

    I have a couple good friends in coaching who know him well and the main thing that came up when describing him was "extremely organized." Essential quality for a HC -- especially a first-time HC.

    Coming from T you also know he will require a high level of commitment year-round from the kids who say they want to play. That was without a doubt the key to the years there's been success at OC -- and why I think there's a high level of success at SOHS right now.

    Has coaching in his blood -- father is former HC and is currently on staff at T.

    Schedule sets up for a couple years of W/L success and then add to that there's an extremely good couple of classes coming up talent-wise. If Coach Fox fits his schemes to the strengths of the kids he'll have year-in/year-out, there's very good potential for a consistent winner once again in Buckner.

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    Will his father follow him to Oldham County or stay at T?