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BluegrassPreps 2018 Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 10 Edition

Concerning the top story line for this week, they say timing is everything and when it comes to the weather it certainly is! I’m not sure it rained any since Friday the 12th! But after normal business hours arrived this past Friday evening, so did a frustrating line of showers to hamper and dampen our Friday Night Pastime! There are certainly worse things to complain about, but for our football family nothing comes to mind quicker than a rainy Friday night … Let’s move on!

Popcorn N Coke Top 10 Version – Week 10:
1. South Warren 5A (9-0): Win 38-12 vs 5A Bowling Green
2. Mayfield 2A (9-0): Win 42-0 vs 2A Webster County
3. Bowling Green 5A (7-2): Loss 38-12 at South Warren
4. Franklin Simpson 4A (8-1): Win 47-0 at 4A Warren East
5. Owensboro Catholic 2A (7-2): BYE Week
6. Caldwell County 3A (7-2): BYE Week
7. Owensboro 5A (7-2): Win 47-6 vs 5A Graves County
8. Madisonville – North Hopkins 4A (7-2): Win 15-12 vs 5A Christian County
9. Glasgow 2A (8-1): Win 53-0 at 2A Metcalfe County
10. Paducah Tilghman 3A (7-2): Win 49-0 vs 3A Fort Campbell

Week 10 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: 5A Bowling Green (7-2) 12 at 5A South Warren (9-0) 38. BIG Game Sports Fans!!! I want to congratulate the Spartans on a hard earned win and significant District Championship! While I do not agree with some of the calls or lack thereof in this game, at the end of the night South was the better team. I think SR RB Cameron Harrison was the Player of the Game in the first half and SR RB/S Clayton Bush was the Player of the Game in the second half. Harrison’s TD run in the first half was the most significant play of the game, as it turned what seemed like some momentum for Bowling Green into clearly Souths advantage. It was a GREAT crowd even with all the rain! A testament to both fan bases. But it is over now and should be an easy run to the Regional Championship Game for South Warren! Not so much for Bowling Green!

Week 11 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: 3A Caldwell County (7-2) at 2A Mayfield (9-0). This is a Big Game over in the Purchase Area! No Caldwell hasn’t played great in this game in the recent past, but I think they have a good chance to keep it close for a while anyway! I can’t pick them in the game, but I’ve been wrong before! Regardless, this should be a great tune-up for both teams going into the playoffs!

Honorable Mention: Paducah Tilghman at Christian County; Glasgow at Elizabethtown; South Warren at OCATH; Russellville at Franklin Simpson; Owensboro at Henderson County, and Union County at Murray - Try to make it out to one of these great games!

Week 10 Top 10:
10) Paducah Tilghman (3A)
– Preseason Rank (PR): 18; Last Week (LW): 10 - 2018 Record 7-2 [District Record 3-1]: Week 10 Results: Win 49-0 vs 3A Poor Ole Fort Campbell (1-8). Did anyone say at the beginning of the season that Tilghman was easily going to go 7 and 2 at this juncture of the season? I don’t think so! With all the turmoil the coaching staff had to endure in the pre-season, let alone the injuries they were forced to confront make this 2018 effort by Tilghman and Coach Smith and staff extremely impressive to me! The Blue Tornado’s spoiled Senior Night at McRight Field as they scored on their first 4 possessions and held a running clock by the end for the first quarter! SR RB Makel Askew played well early and it was good to see talented SR RB/LB Colbe Krim back on the field from injury for Tilghman! Don’t look now but Tilghman is back playing awfully well! Week 11: vs 5A Christian County (4-5). This was a pretty close game last year in Paducah with the Colonels closing out their first undefeated season with a 20-10 win! This season Tilghman is clearly stronger while the Colonels record is already 5 games lower than last season! This should be a good game that both teams need IMO to set the positive tone going into the playoffs! Can the Blue Tornados ride into the Stadium of Champions and ride out with a BIG momentum win!!! You tell me…

9) Glasgow (2A) – PR: 12; LW: 9 - 2018 Record (8-1) [District Record 3-0]: Week 10 Results: Win 53-0 vs 2A District Foe Metcalfe County (2-7). Thanks to our good friend @Metcalfe2010, who provided great info on the Hornets being a very young squad this year in the prediction thread! And as he mentioned, the future is very bright over in Edmonton! But that is then and this is a Strong Senior laden Scotties team as they showed on the wet field Friday night in Edmonton! Week 10: at 3A Rival Elizabethtown (6-3). From the 2009 season to this season, these 2 teams have played each year. From 2009 to 2013, Glasgow won every game in route to some very deep state runs highlighted by their 2A State Runner Up finish to Holy Cross (Covington) in 2011. From the 2014 season through the 2017 season, Etown has won every game on their way to 3 straight (2015 – 2017) 3A State Semi-Final appearances! Both very solid. Is this the game that breaks Etown’s streak? You tell me…

8) Madisonville – North Hopkins (4A) – PR: 9; LW: 8 - 2018 Record 7-2; [District Record 4-0] Week 10 Results: Win 15-12 vs 5A Christian County (4-5). The Maroons are playing tough football right now! Playing Christian County isn’t an easy task, but Madisonville is continuing to prove that this season is one you better prepare for the Maroons, as they have won some big games this season! This game was characterized by a defensive TD for each team and the Maroons also came up with a BIG safety, which proved to be the difference with the Colonels continuing their poor XP play. Good win Maroons! Week 11: at Poor Ole 3A Fort Campbell (1-8). It’s “Anything Night” Maroons Fans, as you can do just about “anything” you want and you should come away with a comfortable win here. Rest some starters, heal some injuries, work on your passing game, try to add some playoff wrinkles to your offensive and defensive game plans! All would work here! Be creative – you have earned it! Congrats again on your District Championship!

7) Owensboro (5A) – PR: 4; LW: 7 - 2018 Record 7-2; [District Record 4-0] Week 10 Results: Win 47-6 vs 5A District Rival Graves County (4-5). Showed them who was Boss didn’t you Red Devils! Congratulations on another District Championship! Of late, Owensboro has been playing as well as anyone! That continued in the rain last Friday night at Rash Stadium! According to our good friend @rosco, the Red Devils were hitting on all cylinders with the offense achieving a running clock in roughly 2.5 quarters! And according to our good friend @74devil, the Red Devil D would have earned the shutout were it not for a late Owensboro fumble. Week 11: at Old Rival 6A Henderson County (6-3). While it’s been since 2014 since the Colonels came away with a win in this series, it is clear to me that Hendo is on the rise! And that is good for Western Kentucky Football! The Red Devils come into this game elated with another hard fought District Championship. Clearly one of their team goals set at the beginning of the year. So you have to wonder Red Devil Fans about your teams focus for this particular game. They have earned home field advantage through the first 2 weeks of the playoffs already. So how will the Red Devils approach this one? Rest some guys? Just another game; play as usual? You tell me…

6) Caldwell County (3A) – PR: 10; LW: 6 - 2018 Record (7-2) [District Record 4-0]: Week 10 Results: BYE Week. The Tigers have certainly earned a week off. I think it’s as important mentally as it is physically for the players and coaches! Get those injuries some time to heal! Watch some film of tough foes you will likely face down the road! Speaking of Tough Foes… Week 11: at 2A Mayfield (9-0). The last Tiger win in this series was in 2013 (a 48-41 Tiger Win!). I think it’s fair to say that Caldwell has played better against Mayfield when this game is in Princeton. This season the game is at War Memorial Stadium where the last time the Tigers brought home the W was in 2008 (a 35-7 win)! While anyone “could” win, I think it will be difficult for Caldwell to march into Mayfield and get this win. Prove me wrong Tigers!!!

5) Owensboro Catholic (2A) – PR: 13; LW: 5; 2018 Record 7-2 [District Record 4-0]: Week 10 Results: BYE Week! Well deserved Aces Nation! And an outstanding season thus far, if I do say so myself! Look at the Aces losses. One to 6A County Rival Daviess County – I’d take OCath right now in the rematch honestly as Daviess is a bit of a work in progress specifically on defense (and it’s the end of the season – not good). And the second loss is to a 9 and 0 Evansville Memorial team that’s #9 in the State of Indiana and #614 in the Nation, according to MaxPreps! Outstanding! So maybe you made it down to BG this week to take in the BG vs South game! Week 11: vs Tough 5A South Warren (9-0). I told you last week Aces Fans that you picked the perfect time to schedule the Spartans! I stand by that! NO WAY the Spartan Coaches will be able to get them sky high for this game! Come in, play loose and give it your best shot! That almost got you the win AT South Warren last season! Good luck Aces!!!

4) Franklin Simpson (4A) – PR: 5; LW: 4 - 2018 Record 8-1; [District Record 3-0] Week 10 Results: Win 47-0 at 4A Scrappy Warren East (5-4). Thanks to our good friend @FSfan who reported on this game! While the Wildcats “only” led 7-0 and 21-0 at the half, and while Warren East was fortunate that the Wildcats fumbled several times, I thought the Warren East D played pretty darn well early. While the Warren East offense learned just how good this Franklin Simpson D has become! Stiffling! Especially JR LB Conner Rodgers who had a team leading 13 tackles (4 tackles for loss)! Congratulations Franklin Simpson on another District Championship! Those don’t grow on trees ya know! Week 11: vs 1A Old Rival Russellville (4-5). The best scenario for sports fans on this game is to gather around a table with a preferred beverage and listen to our good friend @macdon talk about the good old days of this rivalry! He knows it and tells it really well! As far as this game goes, just don’t get anybody hurt is the goal, as the Wildcat JV could likely get the job done in this one! Wildcats Roll!

3) Bowling Green (5A) – PR: 1; LW: 2 - 2018 Record 7-2; [District Record 2-1] Week 10 Results: Loss 38-12 at 5A District Rival South Warren (9-0). Call this drop motivation Purples Fans as I just don’t think giving up a combined 100 points and scoring 26 in the last 2 games is good enough. Plain and simple! I am disappointed by this score, as I just don’t think the Purples played very smart and it showed in this game. The correct thing to do is to tip your hat to South Warren, which I do, and who has an outstanding team and won this game fair and square. But to me, it was sort of a Perfect Storm against Bowling Green. Injuries haven’t been either team’s friend. Then to add a road game at a National Power to the schedule “the week before” this game, ultimately weakened BGs chances in this contest. I don’t think there’s any way around that. Add the rain, which both teams played in but benefits South more IMO, and a couple questionable calls. But, I clearly state that penalties aren’t the reason BG lost this game, but they didn’t help. BG dropped key passes (their first offensive possession alone, they dropped 2 balls), was not the aggressor at the line of scrimmage, surrendered 4 HUGE turnovers and allowed 3 sacks and many more hurries on the night. You can cry about it all you want or you can man up and move on, as the bigger game and games are ahead. But make no mistake, this is a big loss just with the implications of having to travel to Rash Stadium in Week 2, if you are fortunate enough to beat Christian County in Week 1. Much, much tougher road! But that’s the deal now! Week 11: Senior Night vs 5A Bullitt Central (6-3). Many would say the heart n soul of the Cougars was Senior RB Daylin Huff. To give you an example, the first game of the year vs 5A Fairdale, Huff ran the ball 18 times for 225 yards and 2 TDs. He also caught 2 passes for 40 yards and 2 more TDs! It is my unfortunate duty to inform you that Daylin suffered a season ending broken leg after the 3rd game of the season. I am certainly disappointed the young man can not finish out his Senior season on the field. BUT, in yet another example of why High School Football is the greatest sport is highlighted by South Oldham Coach Jamie Reed. South Oldham played at Bullitt Central for Bullitt’s Senior Night. On the first play of the game, Bullitt completed a 1 yard pass to Daylin Huff. Of course South Oldham was in on it and that’s what makes it so great! Recognizing it is about providing a special opportunity on a special night for a young man that simply gave his heart and soul to play football for his school! WELL DONE COACH REED!!! Since Huff left the field, the Cougars have only won 3 games without him. I think it’s a TALL task to ask them to come to BG and win at El Donaldson Stadium on Senior Night! Purples Rebound!!!

2) Mayfield (2A) – PR: 3; LW: 3 - 2018 Record 9-0; [District Record 3-0] Week 10 Results: Win 42-0 vs Poor Ole 2A District Mate Webster County (1-8). Just a lot to a little! I think I might go to Vegas and bet that in my lifetime – Webster County will NEVER beat Mayfield in Football! Wonder what odds I could get? Might be a good investment for my daughters! HA! Thanks to our good friend @Mayfieldsportsfan who reported the Cardinals stats! The Cardinals outgained the Trojans 259 yards to 18 yards IN THE FIRST HALF!!! OOOOFFFFF!!!! Better luck next year Trojans! For Mayfield, QB Jaden Stinson was really good again, as was standout RB Kent Trey Matthews. Possibly the Cardinals hidden gem is back up QB Conner Guthrie who had 2 TD passes on both of this pass completions last Friday night! WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK Week 11: vs 3A Western Kentucky Rival Caldwell County (7-2). You can read above about the history as far as wins go in this series! Bottom line is the 2008 Cardinal Team was no where near as good as this Mayfield Team! So I’d say it is very unlikely the Tigers can win this game! Do you see it differently? You tell me…

1) South Warren (5A) – PR: 2; LW: 1 - 2018 Record 9-0; [District Record 3-0] WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK Week 10: Win 38-12 vs 5A Rival Bowling Green (9-0). Well it certainly was a Big Game Spartan Fans! It was a Big Crowd, even with the rain. Early on I thought the game was back and forth with no real advantage. But when SR RB Cameron Harrison took a handoff around the left end for 85 yards, I thought that single play turned the game. It completely tilted the pressure back on the Purples and they ultimately never got over that! The South Warren lines were as good as advertised. They ultimately controlled things for most of the game. SR S Clayton Bush also put on a show in the second half with 2 very important INTs, also adding a TD run to show how valuable he is to this Spartan team. You just have players who understand situations in the game and Bush is one of those players! The Perfect Storm I spoke of above also lifted the Spartans sky high, IMO. They schedule a solid, but not overpowering Ravenwood, TN team 2 weeks before this game at home! Then have the BYE week last week in order to prepare for this game while BG is getting hammered in Indy. Just an example of how South Warren has effectively managed their schedule. Some may not like; guess what – that’s your problem because this is a special South Warren Team! I personally think they are better than the 2015 4A State Championship Team, but that’s just an opinion. With Lacey being a dominant lineman on both sides of the ball and Bush being able to play both ways and special teams; add in deceptively good RB Cameron Harrison and you have the 5A leaders on the West side of the state, if not the whole state. They have earned the right to have easy home games the first 2 rounds of the playoffs, where they will be heavy favorites before a good challenge in the Regional Final, which will also be at Spartan Stadium. Can’t ask for more than that Spartans Fans! Enjoy this! These type teams are not guaranteed! Again, congratulations on your District Championship! Week 11: at 2A Owensboro Catholic (7-2). This is a difficult spot to get back up for right after a tough, physical rivalry game. But it’s also a 2A team. Just the facts. Last year, you didn’t play very well in this game. Understandable after a tough loss to the Purples. So you know what you’re getting yourself into here, but focus will be key because the Aces can play! They should not be able to stay with South though and I think South turns a tight game at the half into a comfortable win in the second half!

Next 10 – 11 to 20:
11) McCracken County (6A)
– PR: 14; LW: 11 - (2018 Record 7-3) Week 10 Results – Win 44-0 vs 6A District Foe Muhlenberg County (3-6). I don’t have stats for this one, but don’t really need them as it’s a running clock shutout home win! Nice way to end the regular season – right Mustang fans! Week 11: BYE Week. This is a tough road to have your BYE at the end of the season! But what the heck! Enjoy it now Mustangs! You guys have had a pretty dog gone good season, which includes continuing to dominate your District. Something that I didn’t think you would do this season! Rest up and wait! You get Jeffersontown making the 4 hours cheese wagon ride to Paducah! Big Advantage! My recommendation for you is to start watching all the Ballard tape you can! I predict they are your Round 2 opponent and they are a good football team! I saw them play Manual this year and although they came up short in OT they have some serious athletes on the field! Congratulations again on the District Title!!!

12) Logan County (4A) – PR: 8; LW: 12 - 2018 Record 8-1; [District Record 3-1] Week 10 Results: Win 44-7 at 4A District Foe Calloway County (3-6). It feels good to get back in the saddle doesn’t it Cougars! It was 10-7 after the first quarter and the Lakers were really competing well. But the Cougars hit another gear and strung several good drives together for a 30-7 lead at the half. They tacked on 2 more TDs in the second half and the Cougar D did the rest! Solid win for the Cougars! Week 11: at 2A Neighbor Todd County Central (5-4). Still think Coach Darell Keith is doing a great job over in Elton! But in this game, the Cougars will be WAY too much for the Rebels! Ramp up Cougars! You will likely get Allen County-Scottsville in Russellville first round! I like your changes in that one a LOT! Go Cougars!!!

13) Crittenden County (1A) – PR: 17; LW: 14 (2018 Record 8-1) Week 10 Results: Win: 28-12 vs 1A District Rival Russellville (4-5). While this isn’t a powerhouse Russellville team, you still have to respect their program especially when you have to travel to Rhea Stadium! This win is even more impressive when you consider the Rockets were forced to move away from their more seasoned passing game due to the persistent rainfall. The Rockets QB Hunter Boone was still effective throwing 2 TDs on the night, but the story of the game for the Rockets was the SO RB Xander Tabor who filled in for injured SR RB Devin Nesbitt who rolled an ankle. The Rocket D was impressive as well with the total yards listed as 395 for the Rockets and 176 for the Panthers! This is the first back to back Rocket District Championships since 2001-2002! Nice work Rockets!!! Week 11: vs 4A Hopkins County Central (3-6). The Rockets will be trying to match the most wins in school history for a regular season next week! The Storm haven’t been great this season and I think a focused Rocket team will be way too much, especially in Marion! Rockets Roll!!!

14) Graves County (5A) – PR: 15; LW: 13 - 2018 Record 4-5: Week 10 Results: Loss 47-6 at 5A District Rival Owensboro (7-2). It was going to be a difficult task for the Eagles to roll all the way up to Owensboro to get a win regardless, but considering star JR WR/LB Cody Goatley was lost for the year before this game it meant even more pressure on Star SR QB Ryan Mathis to carry most of the offense himself! Well that won’t work against a team as talented and deep as Owensboro! The Red Devils controlled this game! Not much else to say! Week 11: at 4A Neighbor Calloway County (3-6). Most years Graves County would be WAY too much for the Lakers and they still “should” be. But on the road without one of your major players, it will be interesting to follow! I like Graves in this game, but not by much! Good luck Eagles!!!

15) Henderson County (6A) – PR: 20; LW: 15 - (2018 Record 6-3) [District Record 3-1) Week 10 Results: BYE Week! I hope you were able to rest and heal some of your player’s injuries Colonels! Because you will need every player you have in this next game! Week 11: vs Old Foe 5A Owensboro (7-2) Even though I don’t like you in this game Colonel Fans, it’s a great tune up for your First Round home matchup vs Eastern. Owensboro is a much better team than Eastern IMO! So just give it your best Colonels and gear up to beat Eastern! I’ll be cheering for you!!!

16) Daviess County (6A) – PR: 7; LW: 17 - 2018 Record 5-4; [District Record 2-2] Week 10 Results: Win 53-6 vs Poor Ole 6A Ohio County (0-9). I don’t have any stats on this one. I’m sure it was a lot of QB Joey Cambron and Stud WR Marquel Tinsley! As I stated last week, the Panthers could beat Ohio County with their JV team, so this score doesn’t surprise me at all! Week 11: vs 5A City Rival Apollo (5-4)! This should be a good game against two 5 and 4 teams that know each other due to their proximity. But not a lot to play for other than pride as each team’s playoff fate is already known. I think this is a pretty even matchup. Does one team try to rest key players? Could make a difference in this one! You tell me…

17) Christian County (5A) – PR: 11; LW: 16 - 2018 Record 4-5; [District Record 2-2] Week 10 Results: Loss 15-12 at 4A Madisonville (7-2). This game was heavily impacted by the rain with multiple turnovers and again poor XP execution by Christian County. Each team had an offensive and a defensive TD with the Maroons also earning a safety and that was all she wrote! Not a good loss for the Colonels and not the way you want to be playing going toward the end of the season! And tough game coming up! Week 11: vs Stout 3A Paducah Tilghman (7-2). I’m not feelin it Colonel Fans! I think your offense has significant challenges that Tilghman will pose significant problems for. The Colonel D will play with pride, but Tilghman has some fine offensive players as well. And I’m looking forward to seeing you at the El Week 1! TOUGH Assignment!

18) Hopkinsville (4A) – PR: 6; LW: 18 - 2018 Record 3-6; [District Record 2-2] Week 10 Result: Win 43-0 vs 4A District Foe Hopkins County Central (3-6). I don’t have any stats here, but read where Star WR turned QB Ellis Dunn was responsible for much of the offense in this one, as expected, as they close out District play with an easy victory! Week 11: at struggling 5A Greenwood (2-7). The Gators really struggle with speed! Hopkinsville has some! I look for the Tigers to earn a pretty easy win here, as Ellis Dunn is again a big factor! Tigers Roll!

19) Murray (2A) – PR: NR; LW: 20 - (2018 Record 6-3) [District Record 2-1]: Week 10 Results: Win 57-13 vs 2A District Mate Ballard Memorial (2-7). Well the Bombers got Bombed! Murray showed little mercy unloading on the Bombers! This game set up well for Murray as the rain didn’t slow them down a bit, as they love to run it! And run they did; rolling up almost 550 yards vs 225 yards for the Bombers! SR RB Mark Thompson had a great game and you will see his numbers later! And SO RB Charvelle McAllister also showed great promise with 10 carries for 103 yards and 2 TDs! Week 11 vs 3A Scrappy Union County (6-3). This should be an interesting game between two 6 and 3 teams! It’s a healthy drive over from Morganfield and Murray is playing awfully well! I think I would favor Murray in this game, but not by much! What say you…

20) Apollo (5A) – PR: 16; LW: Not Ranked (NR) - (2018 Record 5-4) Week 10 Results: Win 50-7 vs 5A District Foe Marshall County (3-6). SO LB Cameron Baker got the Eagles out and flyin with a scoop 6 plus a 2 point conversion for a fast 8-0 Apollo lead. Logan Weedman led the Eagle defense with 3 sacks on the night! Apollo went on to tack on 3 more first half scores and led 28-0 at half. It was pretty much over but the Fat Lady Singing at that point and you can start the bus for the Marshalls! Week 11: at 6A County Rival Daviess County (5-4). This should be a good game as I think both of these teams are good teams, but just beaten by teams a bit stronger. No shame there! If I’m Apollo, I go for this win 100%, as you won’t get the win at South Warren first week of the playoffs! That’s not slight on the Eagles as there will only be 1 5A team that doesn’t take a loss at the end of the season! Good luck Eagles!!!

Others Receiving Votes: Warren East, Union County, McLean County, Allen County Scottsville, Russellville, Grayson County, Hancock County, and Fulton County!!!


Mark Thompson – RB – Murray – 16 rushes for 201 yards and 3 TDs vs Ballard Memorial! Congratulations Mark!

Other outstanding performances in the West:
1) Xander Tabor – RB – Crittenden County – 27 rushes for 171 yards and 2 TDs vs Russellville!
2) Imonte Owsley – WR/RB – Owensboro – 4 carries for 148 yards and 3TDs vs Graves County!
3) Clayton Bush – RB/S/Returner – South Warren – 2 Interceptions, 1 rushing TD vs Bowling Green!
* If there are stats I don’t know about, please add them below!

Week 10 “Teams Trending Down”
Bowling Green (5A) – Down
– The Purples have come out on the wrong end of 2 straight games. No matter the level of competition, 100 to 26 is hard to overlook! But I’m not a fair weather fan and believe there is still a lot of fight left from the men in Purple and Gold! But now is the time to ramp Purples! Keep Fighting!

Graves County (3A) – Down – It is a testament to the Eagles toughness to even make this game determine a District Championship! With that said, the Owensboro game was never in question. Injuries have now taken grip on your team! If you can heal some players, I still like you in Round 1 of the Playoffs at home vs an underrated Grayson County squad. But that’s the end of the road!

Week 10 Teams “Trending Up”
South Warren (5A)
– The Spartans have to be sky high after an emotional home win last Friday against Rival Bowling Green! This team is led by significant D1 talent that you don’t buy at the local fruit stand! They are well coached and methodical in their approach. They will be a tough out in the playoff with 2 VERY winnable games at home to start the playoffs!

Madisonville – North Hopkins (4A) – Up – It would have been very easy for the Maroons to let up after an emotional hard fought District Claiming win the week before in Russellville. But Madisonville went toe to toe with a tough physical 5A team and came out with another home win! The Maroons could go a long way this year!


2A McLean County – Season Record (6-3) – District Record (3-1) – The Cougars have had a great year only losing 21-18 at 5A Apollo (in a game they were the stronger team at the end), 40-20 vs Stout 4A Logan County, and 49-6 at District Foe Owensboro Catholic! No shame there! The Cougars are led on offense by a 4-headed rushing machine highlighted by JR RB Peyton Caraway (528 yards and 6 TDs on the year), SR FB Jacob Miller (509 yards and 9 TDs on the year), SR RB Noah Baldwin (476 yards and 5 TDs on the year), and JR RB Landen Capps (407 yards and 3 TDs on the year)! On defense, the Cougars are led by SO LB Andrew Munster with 93 tackles (7.5 for loss) on the year! Great work by Coach Zach Wagner and staff on a great year thus far! They have earned the right to host Ballard Memorial in the first round of the playoffs and I like McLean in that game! From there, the road may be impassable as a trip to Mayfield would await! But that doesn’t diminish the success this team has had during the 2018 campaign! Great work Cougars!