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BluegrassPreps 2018 Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 8 Edition

Concerning the top story line for this week, The BYE Week Cometh!!! Six of the Top 12 Teams (or 50%) are on their BYE Week! Most teams try and schedule the BYE for this time of year as injuries do mount up for many teams! Do you think some teams are better at utilizing the BYE week when compared to the rest of the pack? I would say there are definitely teams that have a routine down that they feel pays off for them. And there are others that probably just WING IT! Just like in many other facets of the game, this is an area that can set teams apart, if ever so slightly. But it’s a game of inches; is it not!!! Let’s move on!

Popcorn N Coke Top 10 Version – Week 8:
1. Bowling Green 5A (7-0): BYE
2. South Warren 5A (8-0): Win 21-0 vs Ravenwood (Brentwood) TN
3. Mayfield 2A (7-0): BYE
4. Franklin Simpson 4A (6-1): BYE
5. Logan County 4A (7-0): Win 10-6 at 4A Hopkinsville
6. Owensboro Catholic 2A (5-2): Win 35-8 at 2A Hancock County
7. Caldwell County 3A (6-2): Win 51-26 vs 3A Trigg County
8. Owensboro 5A (5-2): Win 50-7 at 5A Marshall County
9. Glasgow 2A (6-1): BYE
10. Paducah Tilghman 3A (5-2): BYE

Week 8 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: District Buster – 4A Logan County (7-0) 10 at 4A Hopkinsville (1-6) 6. This was a tough, hard hitting game that shows what can happen when adversity hits!!! First, thanks to our good friend @FSfan for going the extra mile to this one and providing great reports! Hopkinsville’s defense came to play and they led 3-0 after the first quarter. But Logan County found the end zone on a 39 yard end around to lead 7-3 with about 10 minutes to go before the half. But with 2 minutes to go in the first half, Star Logan QB Tyler Ezell suffers a leg injury and does not return. That is a big loss! But it matches the Tigers loss of Star QB Jay Bland. From there it was an old-school defensive struggle with both teams connecting on 1 FG in the second half. If you yearn for the old days, this was the game for you!

Week 9 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: I have 3 really good games to choose from this week and am going with the one with the District on the line 100%: 4A Madisonville-North Hopkins (5-2) at 4A Logan County (7-0). The Cougars won a WILD game at Madisonville last season 23-21, where Logan County outrushed Madisonville. That doesn’t happen very often. So the question is can Logan County do that again? The Maroons will anticipate the Cougars will want to run more especially if QB Tyler Ezell can not play in this critical game! Whoever wins this game effectively seals up the district title on Friday night! Who ya got?

Honorable Mention: - Daviess County at Henderson County; Apollo at Owensboro; Bowling Green at Warren Central, Indianapolis, IN; Graves County at Christian County; Paducah Tilghman at Union County; Fulton County at Crittenden County; and Greenwood at Grayson County - Try to make it out to one of these great games!

Week 8 Top 10:
10) Paducah Tilghman (3A)
– Preseason Rank (PR): 18; Last Week (LW): 10 - 2018 Record 5-2 [District Record 1-1]: Week 8 Results: BYE Week. Hope all the injured Blue Tornados get 100% better after the BYE Week! As you prepare for a Big District Game! Week 9: at District Foe 3A Union County (5-2). About a 2 hour trip from Paducah over to Morganfield on a bus. I think Tilghman is the better team, but Union County is scrappy and could hang around for a while. The longer they do; the more the pressure shifts to Tilghman to pull out this important game. The second seed in the district and a home playoff game will be on the line Blue Tornados!!! That’s a Big Deal! Get fired up!!!

9) Glasgow (2A) – PR: 12; LW: 9 - 2018 Record (6-1) [District Record 1-0]: Week 8 Results: BYE Week. Scotties have played very well this season! I think they are the next tier below CAL, Desales, and Mayfield with Owensboro Catholic. So I anticipate they roll through their weak district toward a season ending clash with a good Etown ball club! The way I read the brackets and IF the Scotties handle their Region, they would host the Mayfield Cardinals IF the Cardinals could manage their Region! That would be an entertaining game! Week 9: at 2A Scrappy Monroe County (2-5). The Falcons always come to play a tough physical game. But I just think the Scotties are on a different level this year and should be WAY too much next Friday Night! But playing in Tompkinsville isn’t the easiest place to play. But I still like the Scotties BIG!

8) Owensboro (5A) – PR: 4; LW: 8 - 2018 Record 5-2; [District Record 2-0] Week 8 Results: Win 50-7 at 5A Marshall County (3-5). The Red Devils drove their Beat-Down Truck over to Marshall County and handed out 50-Burgers!!! Lot to like if you are an Owensboro fan! Thanks to our good friend @rosco who reported Imonte Owsley scores on a 57 yard TD catch and a 55 yard punt return! Treyvon Tinsley is a terrific WR and he grabbed 2 TD receptions. QB Will Warren had a great game and you’ll see his numbers later! Week 9: vs 5A Apollo (4-3). This game used to be a piece of cake for the Red Devils not that long ago, but the Eagles pulled off a great upset last season with a memorable 31-28 victory to send the Red Devils reeling on the year! This season has definitely been different for Owensboro. And while I get the sense the offense is just running a rolodex of plays; I think the defense is getting locked in and ready for a Big Playoff Run! Apollo has a good team and is capable of winning this game. But I just don’t think they will. Owensboro should use the revenge card to their advantage in this game and I think they will. I like Owensboro by 3 TDs at Rash Stadium!

7) Caldwell County (3A) – PR: 10; LW: 7 - 2018 Record (6-2) [District Record 3-0]: Week 8 Results: Win 51-26 in the 139 Bowl vs 3A Fierce Foe Trigg County (4-3). Even though geography creates rivalry, sometimes teams just trend in different directions. Such is the case in the 139 Bowl, as Trigg County just hasn’t been able to ascend to the same level on the grid iron as neighboring Caldwell County has. Just a fact! The Tigers retain the 139 Trophy for the 6th straight year and guarantee winning 3A District 1! Congratulations! The Tigers earned 8 plays gaining over 20 yards (scoring on 3 of them) to break open the game! Week 9: at 3A District Foe Fort Campbell (1-6). Not much to see here other than to see if the Tigers can gain their security clearances to get on Base to play the game. Was curious as to how many men down could Caldwell play with and still win this game? I’d say the over/under is 9 Tigers to 11 Falcons and Caldwell still comes out on top!!! About the only way to make this one close!!!

6) Owensboro Catholic (2A) – PR: 13; LW: 6; 2018 Record 6-2 [District Record 3-0]: Week 8 Results: Win 35-8 vs 2A Hancock County (4-4). Aces roll! I don’t have stats for this one, but the Aces are clearly playing awfully well! This is their 6th consecutive win! Make it 7… Week 9 vs 2A District Mate Todd County Central (4-3). Don’t look now, but new Rebels Head Coach Darell Keith is doing a Fantastic Job over in Elkton!!! I’m really glad to see things going well for the Rebels, but their record will be at 500 after this coming Friday night. The Aces are just at a different level right now. And although I predict a first half running clock; I think the Rebels can use this game to improve and hopefully move up the district ladder! Aces roll!!!

5) Logan County (4A) – PR: 8; LW: 5 - 2018 Record 7-0; [District Record 2-0] WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK Week 8 Results: Win 10-6 AT 4A Hopkinsville (1-6). The Cougars clearly played an opponent that tested their metal! They didn’t get the offensive freedom they have enjoyed the whole season. But the Cougars played with grit, especially defensively after the loss of Star JR QB Tyler Ezell to a leg injury. I certainly hope the young man can overcome the injury and bounce back soon. The Cougars earned roughly 230 yards on the night against a determined Tiger defense! Sets up a BIG game in 4A District 1! WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK Week 9: District Buster vs 4A Madisonville-North Hopkins (5-2). Before the loss of Ezell, I thought these were 2 pretty evenly matched teams. Now I have to give the edge to Madisonville. BUT the game will be played in Russellville and that will be an advantage! Which team will be able to dictate the game with their rushing attack? If neither can, then the team with the least turnovers will win and basically win the District next Friday night!!! Big Deal – as you stay away from Franklin Simpson as long as you can! Speaking of the Wildcats…

4) Franklin Simpson (4A) – PR: 5; LW: 4 - 2018 Record 6-1; [District Record 1-0] Week 8 Results: BYE Week! Just loving the fact that the Wildcats have a Freshman QB who seems to be getting better each week. That is evidenced by 125 impressive yards through the air last week vs Allen County Scottsville! Exciting! I’m sure the Wildcats have some injuries; so hope they are able to come out the Bye ready to go! Week 9: at 4A District Foe Warren Central (0-7). I think the over/under for Franklin Simpson is 7 players. I think they could still eke out a win vs Warren Central playing 7 players vs 11 for Warren Central! What say you…? Not trying to pound on the Dragons, but this game is pretty uninteresting, so trying to add some hot sauce and spice it up!!!

3) Mayfield (2A) – PR: 3; LW: 3 - 2018 Record 7-0; [District Record 1-0] Week 8 Results: BYE Week. I think it would be really fascinating to go behind the scenes of the Cardinal football program to see how they handle the Bye Week protocols. I mean do they let the players take the week off or half the week off or business as usual or you are off but this is your assigned homework for the upcoming week in advance, etc. Let me know your thoughts Cardinal Fans! I went to the Desales v CAL game on Friday night and who did I sit next to? 3 Mayfield fans! They had driven to Louisville from Mayfield just to watch/scout this game! That my friends is dedication! Week 9: at District Mate 2A Ballard Memorial (2-5). The Bombers have no chance OK. SO, I’d say the over/under for Cardinal players is 7! I think Mayfield could still win the game with 7 players. It would be a close game at that point, but Mayfield still wins. What say you!!!

2) South Warren (5A) – PR: 2; LW: 2 - 2018 Record 8-0; [District Record 2-0] Week 8: Win: 21-0 vs Ravenwood (Brentwood) TN (6-2). Very good win for the Spartans who dictate the game with 14 points scored at the end of the first quarter and then just rode their outstanding defense to a solid win. Is this RB Cameron Harrison’s best game of the year? I think it may be Spartan fans, as he gained 150 yards and scored 2 TDs on the night! If you can’t score; you can’t win and the Spartans are the epitome of that statement! Spartans just have to wait for BG to roll on over to Nashville Road! Week 9: BYE Week. Spartans roll into the Bye Week looking like a new silver dollar! Not much wrong in Spartan Land as your district opponent is on the road this week and should get banged around pretty good. So just heal up a bit and go over the Warren Central Indy vs BG game tape till your blue in the face and life is good! T – Minus 2 weeks and counting Spartan Fans!!!

1) Bowling Green (5A) – PR: 1; LW: 1 - 2018 Record 7-0; [District Record 2-0] Week 8 Results: BYE Week. Purples can use the bye week to heal up and recharge the engine! But when Sunday afternoon comes (first practice after Fall Break) its ALL Business till the end of the regular season!!! Week 9: at Warren Central (Indianapolis), IN (8-0). The Warriors host the Purples in a schedule fill in game. Both teams needed a game and Warriors Coach Jason West called Purples Coach Mark Spader and the rest is history! To say the Warriors are good is the biggest understatement I’ve made all year! The Warriors are #16 in USA Today’s Super 25 National list of top teams! They are led by Star WR David Bell with offers from many Big Time Colleges who is near impossible to cover 1 on 1 (I saw him play at Trinity this year). SR QB Jayden George is the son of former NFL QB Jeff George and returns for his senior year with plenty of experience. At RB, the Warriors have maybe their secret weapon in fireplug Romeir Elliot, who carried the Warrior on his back in the second half comeback at Louisville Trinity. And I would be remiss to not mention SR OL and Iowa recruit Justin Britt. The Warriors just laid 70 points on their arch-rival Ben Davis and 72 vs Lawrence North! So the Purples have ordered “The Old 96’er” from the John Candy classic movie The Great Outdoors, where he tries to get his families meal for free if he eats his 96 oz steak and has to sweat it out when the chef comes out and tells him to eat the Fat! Just a TOUGH assignment 4 hours from BG; one week before arguably the most important regular season game of the year! SOOOOO, here we are Purples fans!!! We haven’t been this far from home since the classic 2013 McCallie, TN game in Chattanooga. But this Warriors team is different. As evidenced by CALPreps prediction of a 52 to 19 Warriors win next Friday Night! I plan to go to Indy for this one even though I saw Central beat a healthy Trinity squad and even though BG will be heavy underdogs! Why? Because that’s what fans do! They support their teams in good times and tough times! Just crossing my fingers for no significant injuries!!! T- Minus 2 weeks and counting Purples Fans!!!

Next 10 – 11 to 20:
11) McCracken County (6A)
– PR: 14; LW: 15 - (2018 Record 5-3) Week 8 Results – Win 36-24 vs 6A District Rival Henderson County (5-3). Twitter I had to see these highlight and though you should too! Looks like a wide open game where QB Elijah Wheat just out dueled his competition. And the McCracken County defense played pretty darn well! The Mustangs Kiael Walden ran a kickoff return back 86 yards to really push the momentum in the Mustangs favor! This is the 6th District Championship in a row for McCracken County! Congratulations! You know those early tough games for the Mustangs may now be paying off! Remember as long as you don’t sustain significant injuries and can keep the team in focus mentally, it is my opinion that playing a very tough schedule is worth it! Tough tight rope to walk sometimes I realize! Lastly, the Mustangs lost 40-10 early in the year to Northeast Clarksville, TN, but that game has now gone to a 1 – 0 Win for McCracken County on a “Forfeit”. Must have used an ineligible player! Good for McCracken County! Week 9: at Dyer County (Newbern) TN (3-4). The Mustangs will saddle up and ride about 2 hours south, southwest to Newbern TN to take on a Choctaw squad that gives up roughly 35 points a game! That’s music to the Mustangs ears! And I’m pulling for a Big McCracken victory! But it might be closer than I think as CALPreps says Mustangs take the Choctaws 31-27 on a neutral field. So this game may go down to the last possession! Go Mustangs!!!

12) Christian County (5A) – PR: 11; LW: 13 - 2018 Record 4-3; [District Record 2-1] Week 8 Results: Win 18-14 vs 5A District Rival Apollo (4-3). This was a crazy game characterized by a lot of penalties, some turnovers and many dropped passes! But the Colonels defense set the offense up enough to take advantage of good field position and they scored their go ahead TD with about a minute to play in the game! This is a really good win as Apollo is a good team! Week 9: vs District Foe 5A Graves County (3-4). Christian County won a knock down – drag out 21-14 OT Fist fight (literally) at Graves County last year. I can’t imagine any player who played in that game will have forgotten about the “scrappiness” of this game. It was downright Hatfields and McCoys right on the field! Both teams have played well in spurts but not consistently all year. I think it would make either team’s year to win this game and likely host a playoff game! Big Deal and a LOT on the line in Hopkinsville come Friday night! It would be worth the price of admission sports fans!!!

13) Madisonville – North Hopkins (4A) – PR: 9; LW: 12 - 2018 Record 5-2; [District Record 3-0] Week 8 Results: Bye Week. Maroons should be healed up and charged up for their most important game when they travel south to Russellville for a Major District Bout!!! Western Kentucky Game of the Week Week 9: at 4A District Rival Logan County (7-0). Maroons should be pumped about this one considering the Cougars came to Madisonville last year and won the game on a late FG if my memory serves me correctly! Keys to the game for the Maroons: 1. You need to outrush the Cougars! Period. 2. Use the play action to your advantage! Even though you are a dead red rushing team, I think you can throw on occasion and those could be Big Plays! 3. No easy turnover for the Cougars! Turnovers happen, but don’t give them to the Cougars! Make them earn them! Accomplish all 3 and I think the Maroons come away with a critical win and take the District Championship!!!

14) Crittenden County (1A) – PR: 17; LW: 14 (2018 Record 6-1) Week 8 Results: Win: 58-28 at 2A Ballard Memorial (2-5). Wild game over in Barlow – Sports Fans!!! The Rockets were up 31-12 at the half, but the Bombers reloaded and played well in the 3rd quarter cutting the lead to 10 points. That’s when Star RB Devin Nesbitt, who already had a career night going, brought the Rocket Fuel out and hit the ignition switch!!! Nesbitt then scored 3 straight rushing TDs to extend to the full margin of victory! You will see Nesbitt’s sparkling stats later! This one had to feel good to the Rockets who lost a heartbreaker to the Bombers last year at home 74 to 70! And yes, we are talking about football! Crazy! Similar to last year, this game featured OVER 1,000 yards combined total yards on the night! So defense was pretty much optional! Great win Rockets!!! Week 9: vs 1A Cinderella District Mate Fulton County (4-3). Rocket fans I hope you don’t dislike me over this one, but my heart just pulls for the Fulton teams! We all know they haven’t won a lot in the anywhere near recent past and the effort that both City and County portray on the Gridiron is certainly uplifting to all that truly love the game. Which I know Rocket Fans do, as evidenced by their Top Shelf Coach after last week’s game (visit the WKY Power Rankings 9/30/18 at the very end to see that story! It’s worth your time!). I realize the game is in Marion and my brain expects the Rockets to win, but the Pilots fought to the end against a decent Russellville team in Russellville! So you will have to come ready to play in order to win this game! Good luck Rockets!

15) Henderson County (6A) – PR: 20; LW: 11 - (2018 Record 5-3) [District Record 2-1) Week 8 Results: Loss 36-24 vs District Foe 6A McCracken County (5-3). This one hurts Colonel Fans! Your team played valiantly but just couldn’t get the stops it needed to hold back a surging Mustang advance! A Mustang kickoff return for a TD really turned the tide and allowed McCracken to dictate from there! Not time to cry now Colonel Fans! Week 9: vs 6A District Foe Daviess County (4-3). This one is for all the District marbles that are left to be had Colonel Fans!!! If you defeat Daviess County, you win the second seed in the District, simple as that! If you lose, it puts you on the Road to start the playoffs – Not where you want to be! Rise up Colonels!

16) Graves County (5A) – PR: 15; LW: 16 - 2018 Record 3-4: Week 8 Results: BYE Week. The Eagles got to rest up and heal up for arguably the most important game of their season! Week 9: at 5A District Rival Christian County (4-3). I know you remember the Scrap you had last year with the Colonels Eagles Fans!!! I know you’re chompin at the bit to get some revenge for last year’s home defeat! Add that sauce to the winner gets the inside track to the #2 seed in the District and a guaranteed home Playoff Game! BIG DEAL! Good luck Eagles!!!

17) Daviess County (6A) – PR: 7; LW: 17 - 2018 Record 4-3; [District Record 1-1] Week 8 Results: Win 49-12 at 6A District Foe Muhlenberg County (2-5). I’m not sure what happened in this game, as I only have the box score to look at. It lists SR TE/LB Owens Aleaga with a career night passing! You will see those stats and a few others later! The Mustangs have a couple good pieces but just can’t put it together to challenge for the District just yet! Week 9: at 6A District Rival Henderson County (5-3). It’s now or never Panther Fans! Lose this game and are likely in 3rd place in the District looking at a Road Playoff Game! NOT where you thought you’d be this season! BUT, it’s not too late YET! But you better strap it up because the Colonels have scheduled tough teams and taken many tough teams out already this season! You have to go to Henderson and it will be no easy task!

18) Apollo (5A) – PR: 16; LW: 18 - (2018 Record 4-3) [District Record 0-2]: Week 8 Results: Loss 18-14 vs 5A District Rival Christian County (4-3). Lions (penalties), tigers (turnovers), and bears (dropped passes) – OH MY - at Apollo field last Friday night! The Eagles defense played really well and had the lead with 3 minutes to go in the game, but costly penalties gave the Colonels favorable field position and they drove it in, while the Eagle offense couldn’t find any magic for a late hale mary! Week 9 at 5A City & District Rival Owensboro (5-2). This will be the last District matchup for the foreseeable future as Apollo is set to move up to 6A next season! Hopefully the 2 will continue to play due to their close proximity to each other! Apollo pulled of a memorable win last year off Tamarack Road and I’m sure the Red Devils have heard about it all year long! Apollo is a good team, but I think they will have to get several breaks to stay in this game due to the talent on the Red Devils bench! I didn’t think OCath would beat Owensboro and they did! Could Apollo turn the same trick? You tell me…

19) Union County (3A) – PR: 19; LW: 19 - (2018 Record 5-2) Week 8 Results: Win 28-6 vs 3A District Foe Fort Campbell (1-6). Well Braves Fans, I don’t have stats for this one, but know it’s nice to get the win and end a 2 game losing streak, especially to a district foe (even if it is Poor Ole Fort Campbell)! Week 9: vs 3A District Foe Paducah Tilghman (5-2). Now is the time Braves Fans that your team will really need you! This game will be for second place in the District and the right to Host a Playoff Game – BIG DEAL! So the Blue Tornados are still pretty banged up, but they still have outstanding athletes to throw at you! I would think the Braves would need to be able to establish their run game and gain a few “Home – Morganfield Special – Cookin” Breaks in order to hang with this Tilghman team!!! Good luck Braves!

20) Hopkinsville (4A) – PR: 6; LW: 20 - 2018 Record 1-6; [District Record 0-2] WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK Week 8 Result: Loss 10-6 vs 4A Logan County (7-0). Thanks to our good friend @BigTiger55 who reported that Ultra-talented WR now QB Ellis Dunn is now directing the Tiger offense. That seems like the best course of action for the Tigers. As I equate the loss of Star QB Jay Bland to having lost your best spark plug out of your vehicle. You replace that spark plug with the best next one ya got, but that leaves a hole where you took that one from! So in the end does your car still run? Sure just not nearly as well! You have to tip your hat to the Hoptown Defense as they were outstanding – only giving up about 230 yards on the night to a team that came in putting up big numbers, albeit to lesser opponents! And JR K Mason Marschand is a very solid kicker, so that helps! But the offense just can’t get it going right now and the Tigers will be on the road come playoff time! Week 9: at 4A District Foe Calloway County (3-4)! FINALLY, the Class V Rapids are now passed! But many hardships were inflicted along the way! But I think this team will make the #2 seed in 4A District 2 have nightmares! Hang in Tigers!!!

Others Receiving Votes: Murray, Warren East, McLean County, Allen County Scottsville, Russellville, Grayson County, Hancock County, and Fulton County!!!


Devin Nesbitt – RB – Crittenden County – ran a kickoff back 84 yards, caught a 43 yard TD pass, and ran for 5 more TDs – all in all 7 TDs vs Ballard Memorial!!! WOW!!! Congratulations Devin!

Other outstanding performances in the West:
1) Trenton Howard – WR – Ballard Memorial – 13 catches for 209 yards and 2 TDs vs Crittenden County!!!
2) Owens Aleaga – QB – Daviess County – 15 for 26 for 309 yards and 5 TDs vs 0 INTs vs Muhlenberg County!
Marquel Tinsley – WR – Daviess County – 9 catches for 217 yards and 4 TDS (he picked off 1 pass on D as well just for fun!) vs Muhlenberg County!
3) Cameron McCauley – SR RB/LB – Fulton County – 4 rushes for 103 yards and 1 TD; plus led the team with 9 tackles on the night vs Calloway County!
4) Will Warren – SR QB – Owensboro – 8 for 11 passing for 191 yards and 4 TDs vs Marshall County!
* If there are stats I don’t know about, please add them below!

Week 8 “Teams Trending Down”
Henderson County (6A) – Down
– Just a missed opportunity Colonels! I realize you were on the road and that McCracken is capable, but seems like you and Daviess County kinda let McCracken off the mat and now they are a real team to be reckoned with! Still a lot to play for Colonels! And this week is probably that game you need most of all! If I asked would you take a home playoff game as a sign of a positive season, I think you would have said yes Colonel Fans; and I would agree! Good luck Colonels!

Apollo (5A) – Down – I hate to jump on you while it seems like you can’t catch a break Eagles Fans! But the main reason you are here is that most of the wounds you took last Friday were self-inflicted! How many penalties at crucial times? How many turnovers and dropped passes and snaps over your punters head? Tooooo Many! Still think this is a good team! But unfortunately the ceiling now is likely a first round road playoff game at either BG or South Warren….. OOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFF!!!!

Week 8 Teams “Trending Up”
Logan County (4A) – Up
– Well they were supposed to win this game 88!! Come on man… So easy we forget about a little losing streak right before this stellar winning streak and we just toss that baby out with the bath water!!! NOT SO FAST! We all know Hoptown is a very good team that has had to endure some extremely difficult times with player losses! But the players who remain in Hoptown are still playing as hard as anyone! So the Cougars had to earn this win and the right to play for the District Title this coming Friday Night! Great Work Cougars!!!

McCracken County (6A) – Up – What a Win Mustang Fans! This team just refuses to quit! I have always like Coach Clark and I still think McCracken hit a home run when they hired him a couple seasons ago! No, they will not beat the Louisville schools right now, but nobody else will either! 6th District Title in a Row! Impressive!

I will say this: This is my 4th Season doing the WKY Power Rankings and it isn’t even close that the hardest team to rank is the McCracken County Mustangs. They start out the season not playing great against quality, determined teams! Then you write them off! Then they come out of left field and take it to their district mates like “been there, done that”! I wouldn’t want to see Daviess County again though Mustangs! But I am really pulling for you against the TN school this week! Go Mustangs!!!


4A Calloway County 62 at 1A Fulton County 28 – Calloway County has about 60 players while the Pilots have about 25. Total yards for the game were roughly 490 for the Lakers vs 260 for the Pilots with the biggest disparity coming in the passing game. The Lakers gained about 200 yards in the air vs about 30 for the Pilots! The Pilots roll on to Marion for a very tough District assignment vs the Rockets! While the Lakers return home to face a battered but proud Hopkinsville squad! Both will be interesting games!