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BluegrassPreps 2018 Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 6 Edition

Concerning the top story line for this week, IS YOUR GLASS HALF EMPTY OR HALF FULL??? Our teams are either at the halfway point in the season or just past! So is your team doing pretty well (Half Full) or are they a little less than was to be desired (Get me a new Dixie Cup!!!)? I “think” there are a lot of WKY teams that are either on course or ahead of course for the year! Of course there are some misfiring teams and a lot of those have to thank tough schedules and player injuries!!! Here’s to a great ending to the regular season and a successful District Campaign to all your teams!!! Let’s get to it!
*Disclaimer: My 30 Year High School Reunion was great but caused me to get this edition out a little later than I like to!

Popcorn N Coke Top 10 Version – Week 6:
1. Bowling Green 5A (6-0): Win 49-7 vs 5A Greenwood
2. South Warren 5A (6-0): Win 46-0 vs Rocky Mountain (Ft Collins) Colorado
3. Mayfield 2A (6-0): Win 45-21 vs 3A Corbin @Austin Peay University
4. Franklin Simpson 4A (5-1): Win 48-21 vs 2A Glasgow
5. Logan County 4A (5-0): Win 68-13 vs 4A Hopkins County Central
6. Owensboro Catholic (3-2): Win 68-2 at 2A Butler County
7. Caldwell County 6A (4-2): Win 37-22 at 3A Paducah Tilghman
8. Owensboro 6A (3-2): BYE
9. Glasgow 2A (5-1): Loss 48-21 at 4A Franklin Simpson
10. Paducah Tilghman 3A (4-2): Loss 37-22 vs 3A Caldwell County

Week 6 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: 3A Caldwell County (4-2) 37 at 3A Paducah Tilghman (4-2) 22: The Tigers passing game was the key to this one! Caldwell QB Joby Jaggers has a terrific game and the Blue Tornados seem to trail pretty much the whole game. Our good friend @TilghmanPride reports approximately 6 key Tilghman players were not available for at least part of this game. While the Tigers are now clearly in the driver’s seat in the District Race, still a long way to go in the season!

Week 7 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: District Buster - 5A Owensboro (3-2) at 5A Christian County (3-2) – With the District on the Line (IMO), the Red Devils haul their cheese wagons down the Pennyrile Parkway to take on the Colonels! If I’m not mistaken, the last time these 2 played in Hopkinsville, it was a classic 27-24 Double OT win for the Red Devils! Also of importance were it was a Frog-strangler of a night and the Colonels Star Keyron Catlett scored all 3 Colonel TDs in a very memorable performance! Well Mr. Catlett won’t be suiting up for the Colonels this year. And honestly I’m not sure which version of each team will show up really. Both teams have been on an uptick of late which is good, but both have laid eggs a little earlier as well to throw caution on the fire! Whoever wins this game wins the District is my personal opinion! What say you???

Honorable Mention: - Union County at Caldwell County; Mayfield at Murray; McLean County at Owensboro Catholic; Fulton County at Russellville; Paducah Tilghman at Trigg County - Try to make it out to one of these great games!

Week 6 Top 10:
10) Paducah Tilghman (3A)
– Preseason Rank (PR): 18; Last Week (LW): 8 - 2018 Record 4-2 [District Record 0-1]: WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK & District Buster Week 6 Results: Loss 37-22 vs 3A Caldwell County (4-2). Thanks to our good friend @TilghmanPride who reported on this one! Sounds like Tilghman had success on the ground with over 300 yards rushing offense, but the problem was they didn’t have an answer for the Caldwell County passing offense (also over 300 yards on the night)! You can still host a home playoff game Blue Tornado’s and I’d call that a win in my book!!! Week 7: at 3A Trigg County (4-2). These teams have played each other every season since 2011 (at least) with the Blue Tornados winning each game. This game is in Cadiz and while I think the Wildcats are a decent team, I think Tilghman will be WAY too much for them in this game! Blue Tornado’s roll!!!

9) Glasgow (2A) – PR: 12; LW: 7 - 2018 Record (5-1) [District Record 0-0]: Week 6 Results Loss 48-21 at Old Rival 4A Franklin Simpson (5-1): Seems like the Scotties wanted to try to keep the play calling balanced early in the game and it likely cost them at least 1 TD. After running effectively early in the game, they tried a pass to get a first down in the Red Zone and it backfired. That series seemed to cost them some early momentum for sure! When you are playing a team as good as Franklin, you have to take advantage of all your opportunities. I just didn’t feel Glasgow did that! I thought they competed hard and have a great OLIne, but just met a better team last Friday night. Move on Scottie! Week 7 vs District Mate 2A Green County (1-4). The Scotties have correctly (IMO) scheduled a tough out of district schedule because their District will do them no favors getting ready for the Big Boy 2A teams down the road! Do I think the Scotties can compete with the Big Boys? I think anything is possible although I wouldn’t pick them right now. But I just don’t see how the Dragons can hold the Scotties down in this one! Should be a running clock… Scotties Roll!!!

8) Owensboro (5A) – PR: 4; LW: 9 - 2018 Record 3-2; [District Record 0-0] Week 6 Results: BYE Week. As good a time as any for the Red Devils Bye week. Convincingly defeating your County Rival who beat you last year the week before a BYE; that always feels good!!! Now strict focus on your most difficult district foe! WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK 7: at 5A Christian County (3-2). Christian County dispensed of the Marshall County Marshalls last week and sets up the annual grudge match with Owensboro! This game has decided the District for the past 3 years and I see no reason for that to change this year! Owensboro fans – what are your keys to the game? Mine are 1 – get Owsley involved early on offense; 2 – your defensive front needs to win the line of scrimmage against a County run attack you know is coming; and 3 – don’t make careless turnovers. I know turnovers happen in football, but some you have experienced some this season that you forced. Control that and I think you win the game!

7) Caldwell County (3A) – PR: 10; LW: 10 - 2018 Record (4-2) [District Record 1-0]: WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK & DISTRICT BUTSTER - Week 6 Results: Win 37-22 at 3A Paducah Tilghman (4-2). This is a BIG win for the Tigers! They have played a good schedule and only lost to 5A Christian County and 4A Hopkinsville (when they had QB Jay Bland available). I think those games paid dividends in the Tilghman game! The Tigers threw the ball early and often! And QB Joby Jaggers was outstanding! You will see his stats later! The Tiger WRs did a great job as well! 3A District 1 now goes through Princeton! Week 7: Vs 3A Union County (4-1). These teams come into this one on different paths. The Tigers just got a huge District win; while the Braves were pretty much blown out over in Marion against a very good Crittenden County team. Last year, I really liked the Braves chances to pull off this upset up in Morganfield. This year, it is HIGHLY unlikely to happen! In fact, I think it could be near a running clock it the Braves aren’t careful!

6) Owensboro Catholic (2A) – PR: 13; LW: 6; 2018 Record 4-2 [District Record 1-0]: Week 6 Results: Win 68-2 at 2A Butler County (0-6). When you see mismatch in the dictionary you see OCATH at Butler County in 2018! Just can not be any other way! All Aces as expected! On a tangent, looks like the Aces aggressive scheduling is paying off! Yes they took some early lumps, but they rebounded and earned a memorable win over city rival Owensboro because of playing better competition IMO. I think the key is: can you play the better opponents and not get too banged up or not get your mental state too beat down! If you can pass those 2 hurdles, look out 2A! ! Week 7 vs Solid 2A District Mate McLean County (3-2). The Cougars are one of the best teams in WKY that you know nothing about. They have played upper classification opponents each week and earned a solid record! They are the ONLY District Opponent the Aces face that has a decent chance to not get a running clock put on them! Coach Wagner is doing a fine job over in Calhoun!!! This one will be worth the price of admission, but the Aces still should be too much!

5) Logan County (4A) – PR: 8; LW: 5 - 2018 Record 6-0; [District Record 1-0] Week 6 Results: Win: 68-13 vs 4A Hopkins County Central (3-3). Don’t look now but the Cougars are on a 17 game regular season winning streak! Just an amazing accomplishment on the heels of such a long losing streak! Coach Adler doing such a great job of changing the culture over in Logan County! The Cougar offensive machine was in high gear last week to the chagrin of the Storm of Hopkins County Central! The Cougars gained about 450 yards to only 90 for HCC! QB Tyler Ezell and RB Gary Hardy played awfully well and gashed the Storm defense nearly at will! JR LB Tristan Blake got a Pick 6 INT to help the defense lock down the Storm! Week 7: BYE Week. Never really want your Bye when you are playing this well, but it’s good to get away and recharge and come back strong! And with the 2 most important district games coming next (back to back) you should be able to easily focus on the games that matter most! Good luck Cougars!

4) Franklin Simpson (4A) – PR: 5; LW: 4 - 2018 Record 5-1; [District Record 0-0] Week 6 Results: Win: 17-14 vs 2A Glasgow (5-1). According to our good friend @FSfan, the Wildcats played their best game of the season last Friday night! And it showed in the box score by outrushing the outmanned Scotties 400 to 156 on the night! Tre Bass was outstanding as usual; you will see his stats later. Collin Preston led the defense with 16 tackles on the night; 3 of those were tackles for loss! The Wildcat D made some great adjustments in the second quarter and were able to limit the Scotties after that point! Week 7: vs District Foe 4A Allen County Scottsville (4-2) at 7pm. When I look at the Wildcats District, I know Warren East should be able to hang in the game for a couple quarters, but other than that, I just don’t think any of their opponents stand a chance against them. SO, what can the Wildcats work on? They are already a fine rushing attack, so I would tinker with the playbook and allow Freshman QB (WOW Wildcat Fans – that has to be exciting to know you are 5-1 with a Freshman at QB who will only get better) Luke Richardson (2-4 for 85 yards and 1 TDs) to get more comfortable with the passing game! You won’t need it often, but when you do – You Really Do!

3) Mayfield (2A) – PR: 3; LW: 3 - 2018 Record 6-0; [District Record 0-0] Week 6 Results: Win: 45-21 vs 3A Corbin (4-1). This is the Biggest Win of the Week right here! QB Jayden Stinson is really coming into his own! Thanks to our good friend @Mayfieldsportsfan who reported Jayden was 13 for 19 for 243 yards and 2 TDs! Kent Trey Matthews rushed for 125 yards and 3 TDs. He is playing better each week as well! And as our good friend @BadaBing said, the Cardinals controlled the Line of Scrimmage, which is always key! Additionally, the Mayfield defense made a statement in this game! They only gave up 213 total yards! The 3 TDs that were allowed were a kickoff return TD, a flea flicker and at the end vs mostly JV squad guys (which most teams don’t get the luxury to get their JV guys quality snaps against a good opponent like Corbin! Will only make them better next year! And is another contributing factor to why Mayfield is so good year after year!) Corbin is the solid #2 team in 3A in the BGPs poll. I take that very seriously, so this is a very big win for Mayfield. If you recall last season, the Cardinals didn’t get this win and lost in the State Championship Game! If they can survive the State Semi-Final game in Louisville, they will win the State Championship this year! You heard it here first!!! Week 7: vs Old Foe & District Mate 2A Murray (4-2). The Tigers have played very well this season honestly only losing to 5A Graves County and 4A Madisonville. But this District matchup is a mismatch. Just teams in completely different area codes as far as caliber of team. Although these 2 used to be Old Rivals and I guess they still are by geography; just not on the scoreboard! Mayfield Rolls!!!

2) South Warren (5A) – PR: 2; LW: 2 - 2018 Record 6-0; [District Record 1-0] Week 6: Win: 46-7 vs Rocky Mountain (Fort Collins), Colorado (1-4). As our good friend @jcarter reported, the Spartans started the game a little sluggishly against Rocky, but shook off the dual team pizza party after effects and led 27 zip at the half! Refocused, they finished the Colorado opponent off in the 3rd quarter and the running clock was on from there! From a high school kid perspective, how can you beat getting out of school with all your friends and getting on an airplane to anywhere and rolling to the game venue; hanging out at a good hotel with all the meals you want with entertainment venues abounding! I mean you will remember that for the rest of your life and Good For You Rocky! From a football perspective, not a lot to be gained from playing the equivalent of McLean County at South Warren this season. It beats not having a game though! Just my opinion! Week 7: at 5A District Foe Greenwood (2-4). The last time these 2 met AT Greenwood they were not District mates and the Gators earned a memorable 17-16 win! Hold onto that memory Gator Fans as these are 2 very different teams than the ones that met on September 2, 2016! The Spartans are clearly on a different level than the Gators this year! I anticipate another end of the first half running clock for Spartan Nation! T – minus 4 weeks and counting Spartan Fans!!!

1) Bowling Green (5A) – PR: 1; LW: 1 - 2018 Record 6-0; [District Record 1-0] Week 6 Results: Win: 49-7 vs 5A Greenwood (2-4). While I was physically at El Donaldson Stadium, I never made it into the game! Just too many old friends to see! Write this down Purples Fans, we are going to miss QB Beau Buchanon next year. The SR QB hit 5 different WRs last Friday night for TDs in a game BG was never threatened in. The 7 Gator points were scored against the JV D and I think that’s a good thing, as the Coaches can work with the younger Purples to make them better for next season! In a lot of ways, I feel bad for the Gators as they have never beaten BG. But as in many things in life, it is what it is! Moving on! Week 7: Thursday Night Special vs District Mate 5A Grayson County (4-2). Cougars come into this one with likely their best team since stepping up into 5A. Still they are stinging after a 35 yards FG on the last play of the game beats them down at Allen County Scottsville (38-35) Appreciate the Cougars agreeing to play this Fall Break game on Thursday Night! Not anticipating a close game. Am I wrong? You tell me… Getting ready to ramp it back up Purples Fans!!! Inside the next 4 weeks will tell us A LOT!!! T- minus 4 weeks and counting Purples Fans!!!

Next 10 – 11 to 20:
11) Henderson County (6A)
– PR: 20; LW: 13 - (2018 Record 4-2) [District Record 1-0) Week 6 Results: Win 54-0 at District Foe 6A Ohio County (0-6). Must have been a tough week of practice for the Colonels as they went to Hartford and laid a 50 burger down and sent the Ohio County AD a Cheese Bill of 4 point!!! While I expected this type of win for Hendo, the 6A District 1 landscape changed last week a bit. Has anyone in that district played better all season than the Colonels? You tell me… Week 7: vs 6A District Mate Muhlenberg County (2-3). Muhlenberg isn’t the worst team in the West, as they typically beat the teams you’d expect them to beat (Butler County and Hopkins County Central) and lose to the teams you expect them to lose to (Apollo, Logan County and even McLean County)! SO… Looks like another L for the Mustangs… Colonels roll!

12) Christian County (5A) – PR: 11; LW: 14 - 2018 Record 3-2; [District Record 1-0] Week 6 Results: Win 47-10 at 5A District Mate Marshall County (3-3). Nice way to tip-toe into the District Colonels Fans as the Marshalls will make you beat them, but that isn’t the hardest pencil in the box to sharpen! Don’t look now but QB JLin Powell is beginning to get comfortable in the Colonel offense as witnessed by his 8 for 13 for 141 yards and 4 TDs vs 0 INTs performance! The 0 INTs is most noteworthy to me in his progress. However, I doubt few Marshalls will have the speed that many Red Devils possess. Just sayin… RB Jadonavin McNeal rushed for 127 yards and WR Nathaniel McGregor ended his night with 4 catches for 90 yards and 2 TDs! Nice! WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK Week 7: vs District Rival 5A Owensboro (3-2). This game has been close over the years and I look for another close game Friday night! This game will determine IMO who will host the BG vs South Warren loser in Week 2 of the playoffs = HUGE!!! The loser of this game will likely have to go to the winner of the BG vs South game in Week 2 of the playoffs = HUGE Difference!!! But is it the same outcome??? You tell me…

13) Madisonville – North Hopkins (4A) – PR: 9; LW: 15 - 2018 Record 4-2; [District Record 2-0] Week 6 Results: Win 43-14 vs 4A District Mate Calloway County (1-4). The Maroons churn up over 350 yards offense! They were led again by Star RB Juriah Hightower who rushed for 201 yards and 3 TDs on the night to get the Maroons running in the District Season! Week 7: vs 4A District Rival Hopkinsville (1-4) Better get that Guide on “How To Handle a Roman Candle” out Maroons Fans as these Tigers are still wounded with the loss of their Star QB, but they still have good athletes to go around. I just get the sense that Hoptown could fire at any time or continue to stay dormant! You know there are athletes over there, but you need to be focused and at your best ground and pound game to extinguish Team Roman Candle (A) for good!!! Good luck Maroons!!!

14) Crittenden County (1A) – PR: 17; LW: 14 (2018 Record 4-1) Week 6 Results: Win: 38-3 vs 3A Scrappy Union County (4-1) To me, this is easily the Rockets best game of the season! It secured their first win vs Union in the last 5 games (a series that began back in 1964!) The Rockets defense were the real stars in this one holding the tough Braves offense to just 129 yards on the night and a 28 yard FG with 6 minutes to go in the game! DE Sean O’Leary was really good on the night for the Rockets and in the Brave backfill all night! QB Hunter Boone was terrific as usual and he reached in his arsenal and found 2 other WRs to help out on this night as the Braves were double covering talented WR Ethan Dossett. Branen Lamey was sensational and Payton Riley was also. You will see Lamey’s stats later. Riley had a one-handed catch and a nice TD to make it very difficult on the Brave secondary to stay with the Rocket receivers! I know you’re glad Rocket Fans to be out of the 17 slot – And you earned it!!! Week 7: at 1A District Mate Fulton City (0-6). You know when your Mom advised you to call in advance to make sure the store has what you need before you drive over to see for yourself? Well I’m tellin ya now Rocket Nation to call in advance before you drive an hour and a half (2 hours by bus) over to Fulton!!! The Poor Ole’ Bulldogs have already forfeited twice on the season and only have 11 players on their roster! Wow! My heart goes out to those young men! I can’t image what that must be like. So unless those 11 are all Robo-Cop Warriors, I just don’t see the game panning out! Get on the phone Rockets and Good Luck!

15) McCracken County (6A) – PR: 14; LW: Not Ranked (NR) - (2018 Record 2-4) Week 6 Results – Win 55-43 vs 6A Daviess County (3-3). I would now put McCracken County in the list of teams known as Team Roman Candle (B) as well, after an eye-opening, Nintendo Bustin 55-43 win over District Rival Daviess County!!! JUST WOW! QB Elijah Wheat was 10 for 18 for 112 and 3 TDs vs 1 INT on the night. But RB Hunter Bradley was just as good or better and you’ll see his stats later! The defenses must have hit the showers in the 3rd quarter as that’s when the Mustangs outscored the Panthers by 22 points to pull away! And this game was AT Daviess County so Outstanding Job Mustangs! If you are able to defeat a tough Henderson County team in Paducah on October 5, IMO you will win the District AGAIN! WOW! Welcome Back to the Top 20 by the way! Week 7: vs Poor Ole’ District Mate 6A Ohio County (0-6). The Mustangs have almost overnight gone from “Found on the Road Dead” to “Drivin the 6A District 1 Bus”! This is another example of what makes High School Football great! As you NEVER know what will happen! Nice job Mustangs! Mustangs Roll in Hartford!!!

16) Graves County (5A) – PR: 15; LW: NR - 2018 Record 2-4: Week 6 Results: Win 64-49 vs 5A District Foe Apollo (4-2). This is the last team I’m adding to Team Roman Candle , but it might be the most prolific of the 3, as a 64 point EXPLOSION is what Roman Candles are all about! Not counting the only other Graves County win vs Murray, you would have to add up all the point that Graves has scored all year to get to the 64 Burger they put on Apollo! Who would have “thunk” that??? I can’t wait for you to see QB Ryan Mathis’ stat line below! They should have strapped some popcorn boxes to this belt and he could have expanded his stat line over to Fancy Farm!!! The total yards were roughly 600 for Graves vs 500 for Apollo!!! I’m not really sure what swayed the game Graves way, but What a Game! Week 7: vs 5A District Foe Marshall County (3-3) I just get the feeling that Graves County will use this game for maximum inspiration and be a tough out from here on out!!! Buyer Beware 5A District 1!!!

17) Daviess County (6A) – PR: 7; LW: 11 - 2018 Record 3-3; [District Record 0-1] Week 6 Results: District Buster Loss: 55-43 vs 6A District Rival McCracken County (2-4). Well Panther Fans the Roman Candle went off while you had it in your hands last Friday Night!!!! You knew McCracken was a better team than their record showed! The Panthers played pretty darn well. QB Joey Cambron was 28 for 44 with 477 yards and 4 TDS. Star WR Marquel Tinsley had 8 catches but only for 24 yards but 2 TDs. Stud WR Blake Baker had 8 catches for 140 yards and 2 TDs. So your offense really scored enough points to win a game (43 points), but you just couldn’t rope those Mustangs last Friday! Tough way to start out district play with a home loss! But hey, you won on the road last year at McCracken so you already know how to do that! Back to work Panthers!!! Week 7: BYE Week. Not a great time IMO for the BYE, as I want to go into the BYE on a positive note, not a Home District Loss!!! Now with one of the toughest district opponents out of the way and one not until 3 weeks from now (Henderson County) you should focus on getting healed up! You need to be at full strength come October 12 at Henderson County! District seeding will definitely be on the line!!!

18) Union County (3A) – PR: 19; LW: 12 - (2018 Record 4-1) Week 6 Results: Loss 38-3 at 1A Crittenden County (4-1). Well Braves Fans, I bet that roughly hour trip back up to Morganfield was a downright somber trip!!! You were outgained 230 yards vs your 130 yards on the night and can only muster a 28 yard FG. That was a pretty rough performance! BUT it is not a district game, so chin up Braves Fans! You need to regroup quickly now!!! Week 7: District Buster at 3A Caldwell County (3-3). Last year over in Morganfield, the whole town packed the Union County Stadium only to see the Tigers take control of the game early and overwhelm the Braves 39-7! I know the Braves haven’t forgotten about that game and they know Caldwell County (and Paducah Tilghman for that matter) are the next rung in the ladder for them to ascend to. Can they take the next step in Princeton this Friday? You tell me…

19) Apollo (5A) – PR: 16; LW: 16 - (2018 Record 4-2) [District Record 0-1]: Week 6 Results: Loss 64-49 at 5A District Foe Graves County (2-4). Eagles Fans, I know your thumbs are probably sore and you need a new Nintendo controller from BestBuy after last week, but man that’s just what happens in a shootout sometimes! Your QB Colby Clark played REALLY well with 344 yards passing and 4 TDs vs 2 INTs alongside stalwart RB Mariano McKenzie who rushed for 195 yards and 2 TDs! You just had to try to hold Team Roman Candle down, who simply had the juice to make the flares fly this week!!! Chin up Eagles!!! Week 7 BYE Week. You already knew your District would be a grind Eagles Fans! That hasn’t changed! Heal up and rest up as you get Christian County and Owensboro back to back next! TOUGH! Don’t think Owensboro has forgotten about last year’s loss either! Keep going & good luck Eagles!

20) Hopkinsville (4A) – PR: 6; LW: 18 - 2018 Record 1-4; [District Record 0-0] Week 6 Result: BYE Week. Hopefully the Tiger were able to rest and recharge a bit. It would also be advantageous to give your new QB some work to get him more acclimated to the offense (easier said than done in some instances I’m sure!) during this BYE Week! Week 7: at 4A District Rival Madisonville – North Hopkins (4-2). The Maroons won last year’s battle in Hopkinsville 35-20. In that game, they rolled up 300 yards on the ground. If they do that this year, I just don’t see how the Tigers can keep up with them offensively! Am I wrong? You tell me…

Others Receiving Votes: Murray, Warren East, McLean County, Allen County Scottsville, Russellville, Grayson County, Hancock County, and Fulton County!!!


Branen Lamey – WR/DB – Crittenden County
– caught 4 passes for 111 yards and 3 TDs – I’m not done! He also had a 74 yard Pick 6 to ignite the Rockets! WOW! Congratulations Branen!

Other outstanding performances in the West:
1) Ryan Mathis – QB/K – Graves County
– 252 yards passing with 4 TDs vs 2 INTs; Kicked 7 or 8 Extra Points and was 1 for 1 on Field Goals!!!
Drew Cooper – WR – Graves County – 7 catches 167 yards and 2 TDs!
Cody Goatley – RB/LB – Graves County – 203 yards rushing and 3 TDs & 3 INTs (1 a Pick 6) vs Apollo!

2) Hunter Bradley – RB – McCracken County – 156 yards rushing and 3 TDs vs Daviess County!

3) Tre Bass – RB – Franklin Simpson – 201 yards and 4 TDs vs Glasgow!

* If there are stats I don’t know about, please add them below!

Week 6 “Teams Trending Down”
Daviess County (6A) – Down
– To start the District at Home against a known Rival that is down; you score 43 points and still lose by more than 1 full score is pretty disheartening to me! Just an uneven performance. What you do with this BYE week and how you come out of it, especially when you head to Henderson County October 12 will define your 2018 season!!!

Union County (3A) – Down – While Crittenden County is a very good team, if you want to be taken seriously in your district, you needed to win last Friday or at the very least compete within 1 score! Didn’t happen! Now you trek down to Princeton, which will be your toughest and most important on the season. Just don’t see it in the cards Braves Fans! But what would be a good season for you in your mind? What say you!!!

Week 6 Teams “Trending Up”
Mayfield (2A) – Up
– Come on 88, Mayfield is always up; well you are mostly right, but they didn’t beat Corbin last year and likely didn’t win the line of scrimmage the way they did this year; and didn’t play defense as well as they did this year! All of those things combine for a recipe for a LONG playoff run for the Cardinals! I see Mayfield ramping up right now!

Crittenden County (1A) – Up – This team has grit! A good (at least on paper) 3A undefeated squad comes calling and you basically blow their doors off and send em home!!! Well done Rockets!!! Looking at your schedule, I’m sure Russellville will be charged up on the 19th when Rocket Nation comes calling! And while I see that one close for a half; I just think Crittenden is too good this year for the Panthers! Good luck Rockets!!!


4A Allen County Scottsville 38 – 5A Grayson County 35
– This was a great game! It was obviously close! The two teams rolled up over 800 combined total yards and were separated by less than 50 yards. FRESHMAN – All-Name Team – Thorny Walker drilled a 35 yard Field Goal with 4 seconds to go to lift the Home Team Patriots to the hard fought victory!!! GREAT GAME!!! You can view it on Twitter, but I couldn’t figure out how to add it here. Maybe someone could add it below! Thanks!