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BluegrassPreps 2018 Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 2 Edition

(Disclaimer 1: Sorry this is a bit late; I had to cook for 125 people yesterday afternoon and it threw my whole weekend off. Although I did go to a game on Friday night of course!)

What a great weather weekend to get out and see a game! I hope you got to see a game this past Friday or Saturday night! The top story line this week is degree of difficulty! Different teams look at degree of difficulty in different ways and it shows in their scheduling. Some teams schedule very difficult out of district games and others not so much! I think most that’s been around long enough know that come playoff time the level of competition you play early on make a big difference. Let’s see if that continues to play out!

AROUND THE STATE: On this second weekend, there were some TERRIFIC Matchups and I admit I took in the Trinity vs Warren Central game as it was only about 5 minutes from my office and BOY What a Game – Sports Fans!!! That game along with 16 others had Kentucky teams playing out of state teams. And like the Trinity game Kentucky came out on the losing end more times than not this weekend losing to every state, but tying Ohio. Better luck next week!

Week 2 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: Hopkinsville (4A) (0-2) 7 at Mayfield (2A) (2-0) 35. To win AT Mayfield is a very, very difficult task! And frankly, I did not expect Hopkinsville to win this game, although I would have liked to have seen them keep it a little closer.
Thanks to our good friend @Mayfieldsportsfan for providing great info for this game. It appears that early penalties and 2 interceptions allowed Mayfield to break a scoreless tie and gradually pull away with Big Plays. Hoptown QB Jay Bland did get the Tigers on the scoreboard late in the 3rd quarter though. For Mayfield, business as usual. For Hoptown, still not clicking like you want it, but I think the Cardinals had a lot to do with that. Head up Tigers!!!

WESTSIDER - Week 2 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: (Disclaimer 2: Westsider was a friend to this website and all sports in Western Kentucky. This is mentioned in honor of his memory!) (Disclaimer 3: I am not picking the BG vs St X game because St X is not a WKY team and the fact that this game needs no hype help.)

Paducah Tilghman 3A (2-0) travels to Mayfield 2A (2-0): I expect this OLD Rivalry to be extremely hard hitting and well played on both sides. Bragging rights at the local grocery store are on the line in the Purchase Area! The last time Tilghman beat Mayfield was back in 2005 (18-15 at Tilghman). The last time Tilghman beat Mayfield AT Mayfield was the year prior in 2004 (27-15). I get the feel this is the first time since the early 2000s that Tilghman really has a shot AT Mayfield. Going to be a GREAT Game! Get out to War Memorial Stadium early sports fans!!!

South Warren (5A) (2-0) vs (4A) Franklin Simpson (2-0). Both teams have had similar paths this season in clearly handling their early opponents. Both also played significantly inferior teams to where they are last week. This will be a BIG step up for both as they look to up the competition dial to see where they are right now because other than really good, I’m not sure. Franklin has an advantage playing at Shadetree Stadium, but South’s offense is more balanced and I’m concerned for Franklin being 1-dimensional on offense. Will be a GREAT Game as it usually is between these 2! But you better get to Shadetree early as I predict a Big Crowd this Friday night!

Honorable Mention: Owensboro at Owensboro Catholic; Warren Central at Monroe County, Bowling Green at St Xavier – Try to make it out to one of these great games!

Week 2 Top 10:
10) Caldwell County (3A)
– Preseason Rank: 10 2018 Record (1-1): Week 1 Results: Win 28-17 to 5A Graves County. Caldwell County may be Team Safety. Seems they are always involved with games with safetys (the 2 point kind). At least 2 in this game. Also a safety in last weeks loss to Christian County. With that out of the way; HUGE win for the Tigers! On the road and beat a really tough Graves County Team! Thanks to our good friends @Razor Ramon and @PtownDude for providing great info for this one! Biggest stat in this game was Graves turned it over 5 times to 1 for Caldwell. Jameer Riley and Joby Jagers played really well for the Tigers. But DeEric Hollowell breaks out with 25 carries for 128 yards and a TD! Great Momentum heading forward now for Caldwell! Week 3: Vs 4A Hopkinsville (0-2). Good spot to catch Hoptown coming off their toughest stretch of the season. They will come in angry, but like how Caldwell is playing right now!

9) Madisonville – North Hopkins (4A) – Preseason Rank: 9 - 2018 Record 1-1; [District Record 0-0] Week 2 Results: Win: 45-14 vs 5A Marshall County (1-1). Nothing says get better quick than a meeting with the Marshall County Marshals after going to Rash Stadium the week before! The Maroons got back to doing what they do best and that is running at you and then running at you some more. They totaled over 300 yards and 6 TDs on the ground. You will see a Maroon RB later on! Nice work Maroons! Week 3: At 2A Murray (1-1). A lot for the Maroons to a little for the Tigers! Just a bad spot for Murray I fear. However, a 2 hour bus ride has tightened games up before, but I just don’t see it this week. Maroons roll!

8) Logan County (4A) – Preseason Rank: 8 - 2018 Record 2-0; District Record 0-0] Week 2 Results: Win: 56-18 over 6A Muhlenberg County (0-1). I hope the Burger at Aunt M’s Cafe was good because I’m afraid that was likely the only interesting thing of your trip from whitewashing Poor ole’ Muhlenberg County! Lot to like from Logan Countys point of view, QB Tyler Ezell was very good as was RB Gary Hardy! Logan defense gives up less than 300 yards on the night and most of that was in mop up time. Week 3: Vs Poor Ole’ 4A Breckinridge County (0-2). Not much to see here! Cougars Roll!

7) Hopkinsville (4A) – Preseason Rank: 6 - 2018 Record 0-2; District Record 0-0] Week 2 Results: Loss: 35-7 at 2A Mayfield (2-0). As mentioned above, early penalties and a couple untimely interceptions really cost the Tigers in this game. I think they played with great effort so that in encouraging. Tigers with about 150 yards on the ground and 111 in the air. Just not enough against a very good Mayfield team. Week 3: The tough schedule continues as the gauntlet rolls on to Princeton to play at 3A Caldwell County (1-1). Another tough spot here for the Tigers! The good news is the last regular season home loss for Caldwell County was last year not several years ago. The bad news is that that Caldwell County loss was to the same Mayfield team that just beat you by 4 TDs. Brighter days ahead Tigers! Keep your head up! Playing tough teams in August will pay off in November!

6) Daviess County (6A) – Preseason Rank: 7 - 2018 Record 1-1; District Record 0-0] Week 2 Results: Loss: 49-13 at Evansville Central, IN (2-0). At first when I saw this score I was like, What Happened? But after a little digging and great info from our good friend @wkyhollywood, Marquel Tinsley was hurt on the first play of the game and did not return. Also reported Central had huge linemen and athletes. So Down Goes The Panthers!!! They gave up over 400 yards on the ground and their passing offense gained only a scant 78 yards on the night! Wow – that won’t get it done! Week 3: vs 4A John Hardin (1-1). Should be much more to the Panthers liking this Friday night. But what is the status on Tinsley? You tell me… Well our good friend @ApolloFan98 did tell us. Tinsley will likely be out roughly 2 weeks with a shoulder injury. We certainly hope the young man gets better soon!

5) Franklin Simpson (4A) – Preseason Rank: 5 - 2018 Record 2-0; District Record 0-0] Week 2 Results: Win: 57-7 vs 2A Monroe County (0-2). Just 2 teams at different levels right now. Really like the Falcons program, but this is just a really bad spot for them, but applaud them for playing all-comers! Everything positive for the Wildcats! On to a real test!!! Week 3 GAME OF THE WEEK: Vs 5A Old District Rival South Warren (2-0) at 7pm. This should be a Dandy of a Game!!! You do know Wildcat fans that the Spartans aren’t just going to let you line up and run at them. You know you will have to mix the pass and run here. But hey, that’s a good thing. If you can play with South, you can play with most anyone.

4) Owensboro (5A) – Preseason Rank: 4 - 2018 Record 2-0; [District Record 0-0] Week 2 Results: Win: 35-34 over Evansville Reitz, IN (1-1). Terrific Win for the Red Devils! And thanks to our good friend @Irish Cat for the great insight on the post game thread! RB/DB Imonte Owsley is special. You will see him below! Owensboro likely could have blown Reitz out had they finished 3 red zone second half drives, but turnovers did them in. Just a splash of cold water Red Devil fans – Owensboro is ranked about 1,600 in the nation and Reitz is ranked about 3,200 in the nation, so that says Owensboro should have won. But its easy to spin stats and much harder to cross the Ohio River into a formidable opponent and take a game on his home field! Week 3: At City Rival 2A Owensboro Catholic (2-0). This one should be interesting! As former Aces QB is now the SR starting QB for the Red Devils. Lot of story lines here! Get out to see the game Red Devil fans!!!

3) Mayfield (2A) – Preseason Rank: 3 - 2018 Record 2-0; District Record 0-0] Week 2 Results: Win: 35-17 over 4A Hopkinsville (0-2). Mayfield makes you play uphill. What do I mean by that? I just get the feel that especially at War Memorial Stadium, they put A LOT of pressure on the other teams offense and defense to keep up. Most teams simply can not do that. Mayfield took this game largely on big plays of at least 40 yards. And the Mayfield D forced some interceptions and Hoptown had some costly penalites and didn’t feel like Mayfield was ever threatened. Thanks to our good friend @Mayfieldsportsfan for the updates and game stats! Week 3: WESTSIDER - GAME OF THE WEEK! Vs 3A Paducah Tilghman (1-1). This has always been a good one in Western Kentucky. This year will be no different. A seemingly reinvigorated Blue Tornado squad will march into War Memorial Stadium for another battle with the Cardinals. Mayfield has to be considered the favorite, but something tells me this one will be much closer than I would have expected in the Pre-Season. Get there early or be prepared to stand!!!

2) South Warren (5A) – Preseason Rank: 2 - 2018 Record 2-0; District Record 0-0] Week 2 Results: Win: 39-22 vs 4A Warren Central (0-2). Not much good can come from 2 teams playing at so different a level. Why would you drop South when they put a running clock on Warren Central in the 2nd quarter Purple88? Well, I could have told you that last year. And I’ll tell you right now that this game next year will be a running clock again. Body of work does not support staying at #1 – that simple. But that could change! Week 3 GAME OF THE WEEK: At 4A Franklin Simpson (2-0). Now we are talkin Spartan Fans! This is a game that will help you get ready for the playoffs on August 31 at 7pm. Should be a great game. Old district rivals square off once again! South has always been a great run defensive team. Franklin is a terrific run oriented offense. Something has to give at Shadetree Stadium this Friday night!

1) Bowling Green (5A) – Preseason Rank: 1 - 2018 Record 2-0; District Record 0-0] Week 2 Results: Win: 44-7 over 6A Pleasure Ridge Park (1-1). I have to admit that I didn’t watch this game yet, although I plan to. It is exactly what I expected. BG ratcheted it up from an uneven performance against Central Hardin. Still some pesky holding calls and a few drops, but all in all the ramp points up for the Purples. Week 3: At 6A St Xavier (0-1). The Soap Opera producers have been calling me all week with all the story lines for this one! BGP Drama Central items to consider include:
1 You have to know it will be odd/difficult/strange for St X Coach Kevin Wallace to look across that field at the Purple & Gold and not think that he is on the wrong side line if at only for a minute. Heck he coached there almost a quarter century.
2 Coach Wallace knows all the BG players and at least 90% of all their plays.
3 St Xavier likely has the better offensive and defensive lines.
4 Bowling Green likely has the better skill guys.
5 St Xavier may have their starting QB back for this game. What luck Purple fans!
6 St Xavier laid an egg the opening weekend of the season and has had to think about it for 2 weeks because of where their bye week sits. That is St X lost to 2A Desales 19-16.
7 Don’t think the Trinity faithful or likely the St X faithful are going lightly on that, especially with a very questionable mishap at the end of the first half that cost X Big!
So if you are a Bowling Green Fan, be sure to catch the next episode of New (Coach) and the Winless here on your WKY Network!!! All in good fun of course, as BG would not be the program it is today without the tireless dedication of Coach Kevin Wallace. Better get to Brother Thomas More Page Stadium early as parking is a bear!

Next 10 – 11 to 20:
11) Christian County (5A)
– Preseason Rank: 11 - 2018 Record 1-1; [District Record 0-0] Week 2 Results: Loss: 31-26 vs Rossview, TN (1-1). I don’t have any stats or know what went on in this one, but sounds like a good game where the Colonels just came up short in. Week 3: Vs 6A Henderson County (1-1) at 7:00pm. Big Game right here as both teams are likely close to being even. Don’t want to lose 2 in a row!

12) Glasgow (2A) – 2018 Record (2-0): Week 2 Results: Win 19-7 I think this is a good win for the Scotties as I feel Bardstown is better than most people think. Thanks to our good friend @Hearsay for providing great insight into this game. He reported turnovers were the name of the game with no team scoring in the second half. Glasgow rushed for over 300 yards but committed 4 interceptions. Sounds like a good hard hitting game to me! Week 3 vs Poor Ole’ Ft Campbell (0-2). This one will be out of hand quickly. Onward Scotties!

13) Paducah Tilghman (3A) – 2018 Record 2-0: Week 2 Results: Win 35-0 at Liberty Tech Magnet (Jackson, TN) (0-2). I think this is the team this year folks that we will look to that really changes the tone of their program. Last year it was Logan County. This year I’m going with the Blue Tornados, who drove down to Jackson with Johnny Cash and came up Aces! Tilghman basically ran it at Liberty and they couldn’t do a lot with it. Add that to the fact Liberty faked the punt or went for it deep in their own territory twice. Not sure what to make of that; but that’s their problem as Tilghman rolls with a running clock W! Our good friend @TilghmanPride reports this is the second 2 and 0 start since 2003! WESTSIDER Game of the WEEK - Week 3 AT Mayfield 2A (2-0). To me this is still a great rivalry even through Mayfield has won 12 in a row. I consider BG vs Owensboro the same way. When schools have been playing as long as these guys have Respect the Game! Good luck Tilghman!

14) Apollo (5A) – (2018 Record 2-0): Week 2 Results: Win 17-10 over Evansville Mater Dei (IN). The Eagles are in a nice groove right now! I really like what @coachhawk is doing off Tamarack Road. Mariano McKenzie is a super RB, you will see his numbers later and QB Colby Clark is a very good High School QB, smart and doesn’t turn it over much. The unsung hero is likely the Eagle Defense who are playing better each week! Thanks to our good friends @Irish Cat and @ApolloFan98 for providing great insight to this one! Week 3 vs better than you think 2A McLean County (2-0). Don’t go to sleep on the Cougars, as they can play.

15) Owensboro Catholic (2A) – 2018 Record 0-2: Week 2 Results: Loss 49-21 at Stout Evansville Memorial (IN)(2-0). Never fear OCath fans! I’m sure you may have been discouraged by this outcome, but do you realize Memorial is inside the top 500 schools in the nation? They are; while the Aces are around 5,700! So you have to hang in and see this through. You are still going to plow your district and head for tougher games in the playoffs! Steady Course Aces Fans! Week 3 vs Owensboro (2-0). Don’t like this spot for you Aces as last season was the year to catch the Red Devils. BUT emotions should be pretty high as you will meet your former QB!

16) Graves County (5A) – 2018 Record 1-1: Week 2 Results: Loss 28-17 vs 3A Caldwell County (1-1). As our good friend @PtownDude reported, 5 turnovers for Graves vs only 1 for Caldwell when the total yardage is basically even will get ya beat 9 times out of 10 for sure. Back to the drawing board Eagles! But to their good fortune they find what should be a good opponent for them. Week 3 AT McCracken County (0-2).

17) Crittenden County (1A) – (2018 Record 1-0) Week 2 Results – BYE Week. Time to get out of the hammock Rockets! Week 3 at Trigg County (1-1). Bring your fishing pole Rocket Fans; take in this game and then zip on down to KenLake for some bass fishing! I look for the Rockets to be well rested and ready to take this game. I do think Trigg is better than I thought they would be this year though and they are at home. So you better come prepared when you get to Cadiz!!!

18) Henderson County (6A) – (2018 Record 1-1) Week 1 Results: Win 48-7 vs Evansville North. I don’t have any information on this game, but am impressed by the score. I think Henderson is in a good spot to keep improving. Too bad you don’t play Daviess County next week with Marquel Tinsley on the sideline. Week 3: Good test AT Christian County (1-1). Hendo gave the Colonels all they wanted last year, so I expect another good game!

19) Union County (3A) – (2018 Record 1-0) Week 1 Results: Win 48-6 vs the hapless Marion County Knights (0-2)! No stats available. Week 3: vs 2A Webster County (0-2). The Trojans better gear up because I got a feeling they are going to get scalped by the Braves! Braves Roll in this one!!! Good luck Braves!

20) McCracken County (6A) – (2018 Record 0-2) Week 2 Results – Loss 40-10 at Northeast (Clarksville), TN (2-0). Just a bad spot for McCracken. I’ve seen Northeast play this season (Rafferty’s Bowl Opener) and they are a very tough team. So this score doesn’t surprise me. But what about this coming week? Lets see what you got Mustangs! You need to regroup and get some confidence before Mayfield comes calling! OOOOOOFFFFFFFFFFF Week 3 vs 5A Graves County (1-1)

Thomas Maxey – RB – Warren East – 308 yards 5 rushing TDs and a 90 yard Kick 6 return vs Greenwood. Congratulations Thomas!

Other outstanding Week 2 performances in the West:
1) Mark Thompson – RB - Murray – 21 carries, 206 yards and 3 TDs vs Calloway County!
2) Mariano McKenzie – RB – Apollo – 227 yards and 1 TDs vs Evansville Mater Dei!
3) Travis Newsom – WR – Caldwell County – 10 catches for 96 yards vs Graves County!
4) Imonte Owsley – RB/DB – Owensboro – 140 yards rushing with 1 TD and 125 yards receiving and 2 TDs!
5) Jeriah Hightower – RB – Madisonville – North Hopkins – 174 yards rushing and 3 TDs vs Marshall County!
*I don’t have all stats available, so please add as you see fit!

Week 2 “Teams Trending Down”
Daviess County (6A) – Down
– Is it fair for me to call out a team that loses their best player on the first play of the game and then they kinda melt from there? You tell me… I guess I just expected more from the remainder of the team. Although I will admit to knowing VERY little about Evansville Central. Regroup and heal up Panthers!
Christian County (5A) – Down – Rossview, TN is a team I know little about. Add that to the fact that the score was 31-26 and it likely seems unfair to put the Colonels here. BUT somebody has to lose and be here. Couple of pick-em games coming up for County prior to the District Buster Bash with Owensboro. Need that confidence high going into playing the Red Devils! Upward County!!!

Teams “Trending Up”
Caldwell County (3A) – Up
– BIG Win for the Tigers will carry a lot of momentum for you into next weeks tough match vs Hoptown. If Caldwell can stop the run all together, I like their chances in that game! Carry on Tigers!!!
Apollo (5A) – Up – The Eagles are makin hay while the sun shines!!! Love that old saying! Should take care of the next 3 games no problem before 3 Big District Buster games come calling (At Graves County, vs Christian County, and At Owensboro)! Ramp up Eagles!!!