Western Kentucky Power Rankings - 2018 Preseason

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    Thanks for posting this! I would be interested to hear more about the scrimmage.

    I am always hesitant to gauge a lot out of a scrimmage because I know coaches treat them in a variety of ways (some treat them as another game; some treat them as a testing ground for new players in new positions and they could care less about the score as they are just trying new things out)

    Can you tell us about the new QB? Interested to find out more about him!
    Freshman QB Luke Richardson #3 took all the varsity snaps in the scrimmage tonight against Western. I assume he will be the starter. Don’t remember FS ever having a Freshman starting QB before. Good size for a freshman. Only threw a few passes but was right on the money. FS won’t pass much but he appears to be very capable. I am excited about the offense for FS this year.

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    I was surprised Male beat BG pretty handily tonight. Male did return most of their starters from last year.

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    Ok, now the season can begin. I look forward to your insight every week. Excellent (as always) preview.