Western Kentucky Power Ranking - 10/29/17 - Week 10 & Post Season Preview Edition

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    BluegrassPreps 2017 Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 10 & Post-Season Preview Edition

    Concerning the top story line for this week: The third season has arrived: Playoff Time! The time most of us cherish most, as teams prepare for the win or go home drama ahead! Looking back, we have had some terrific football this season! These playoffs seem pretty open (At least initially) with many teams in the West capable of making deep playoff runs! Get your honey-do’s out of the way Sports Fans and get out and watch some playoff High School Football! Nothing Like it!

    Popcorn N Coke Top 10 Version – Week 10:
    Man it was a Frog-Strangler of a Friday Night!!! Cold and wet conditions gripped all teams in the West causing coaching staffs to have to gear down into slower, less risky offensive and defensive sets (except Mayfield). Conditions made it difficult on the fans as well. With these conditions, I find it best not to take these games totally as they seem. Most times you can just look at the scoreboard and know how a game went. These aren’t those kinds of games. These games are just get the lead and grind it out and go home as fast as you can, where you can’t run what you really like to run offensively speaking.

    1. Bowling Green 5A (8-2): Win 28-0 vs 5A Bullitt Central
    2. Mayfield 2A (9-1): Win 55-14 at 3A Caldwell County
    3. Christian County 5A (10-0): Win 20-10 at 3A Paducah Tilghman
    4. South Warren 4A (8-2): Win 21-16 at 2A Owensboro Catholic
    5. Caldwell County 3A (8-2): Loss 55-14 vs 2A Mayfield
    6. Franklin Simpson 4A (7-3): Win 55-6 at 1A Russellville
    7. Logan County 4A (10-0): Win 34-6 vs 2A Todd County Central
    8. McCracken County 6A (6-4): BYE Week
    9. Glasgow 2A (7-3): Loss 20-12 vs 3A Elizabethtown
    10. Apollo 5A (7-3): Loss 26-7 vs 6A Daviess County

    Week 10 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: 9-1 2A Mayfield 55 at 8-2 3A Caldwell County 14. YOUZZZAAA! Double Nickels on the road vs a worthy opponent! Speaks volumes to me!!! The Mayfield defense played very well, bending several times, but came up with HUGE turnovers in critical times to get the ball back to their outstanding offense. To go into hostile territory with difficult playing conditions and still roll just like any other game says this team is ready to go DEEP into the playoffs! For Caldwell County, I take my hat off and scratch my head a bit. Is this a reflection of Mayfield being just that good or a reflection that you really haven’t been tested in a while and not quite as good as your record would suggest? I’m not sure, but still think you could pull a playoff upset at home! More on these 2 below!

    Meat & Potato’s Version Week 10 Top 10:
    10) Apollo 5A (7-3)
    – LW: 9 – Preseason: Not Ranked (NR) – District Record – (3-1) - Week 10: Loss 26-7 vs County Rival 6A Daviess County (5-5). I don’t have any stats on this one, but again think this game meant more to Daviess County with Apollo just looking to get ready for next week’s game hosting Greenwood. I think Coach Crume was willing to lose this one in order to be in a better position to win Friday night! GREAT Season Eagles!
    Playoff Snapshot: Where did this team come from? I mean… did they and Logan County get together with Harry Potter and magically transform overnight? Just seems that way… Just a remarkable season! Apollo earned their first winning season since 2009 and first 8 win regular season since 2004; also the last time they beat rival Owensboro. Can’t say it enough…Outstanding season!!!
    Ceiling: Show up at BG Week 2 and have the lead in the second half. But it doesn’t last!
    Floor: Turnovers and penalties could let the Greenwood Gators win one for SR QB Jackson Adams!
    Purple88 Pick: Apollo is too good for Greenwood this year and the Eagles win by 3 TDs. Show up in BG and play very well only being down by 7 at the half. BG finds another gear in the 2nd and ends a terrific Eagles season 42-17.

    9) Glasgow (2A) – 2017 Record 7-3 - LW: 7 - Preseason Rank: Top 20; [District Record: 3-0] Week 10: Loss 20-12 vs 3A Elizabethtown (9-1). Battled valiantly in this one and was up 12-7 at the half… But couldn’t tackle on both special teams TDs and costs you the game. Tough loss because you played well enough to win. Still a very fine regular season Scotties!!!
    Playoff Snapshot: Glasgow has played well this season with a difficult non-district schedule in order to attempt to prepare for the 2A Jefferson County Beasts! This team is well coached and has terrific athletes. 7 and 3 is fine record and I expect most in Glasgow are pleased with that!
    Ceiling: Roll Covington Holy Cross; Sneak by a talented Newport Central Catholic; Face a better than you think Lloyd Memorial team and win the Region in OT! Face a destined to get to Lexington Danville squad and just get outmatched.
    Floor: NCC is good enough to beat you, even at Glasgow. This is your floor.
    Purple 88 Pick: The Scotties make it to the Regional Final game and play well, but Lloyd Memorial just makes more plays and wins 28-24 in a well-played game. Go Scotties!

    8) McCracken County (6A) – Last Week (LW): 10 - Preseason Rank: 9 - 2017 Record 6-4; [District Record 4-0] Week 10: BYE Week. Rested and healed up! The Mustangs get ready to host Poor Ole’ Muhlenberg County again. My recommendation is to blast them out early and rest your players you can’t do without!
    Playoff Snapshot: Cross-bracketing is the Mustangs Friend this year, as it will keep them away from the Jefferson County Beasts all the way to the State Semi-Final! The opportunity is NOW Mustangs!
    Ceiling: Win the regional championship vs probably Central Hardin and Host the Trinity Shamrocks over on the Left Bank. Play hard and fight to the end, but that’s all she wrote…. No shame losing to the #9 team in the Nation!
    Floor: Come in “unfocused” and let a dangerous Daviess County team with revenge on their mind capitalize on too many turnovers. And to lose here would be devastating IMO.
    Purple88 Pick: Running clock Muhlenberg County; beat a game Daviess County squad by 2 TDs; and take Central Hardin’s Best Shot and win 24-14. Host Big T and get a rough way to go 56-7. Still an excellent year and MUCH to build on! Go Stangs!

    7) Logan County 4A 2017 Record (10-0) – Last Week (LW): 8 – District Record: 4-0 - Week 10: Win 34-6 vs 2A Todd County Central (6-3). Don’t have many stats here either, but on a grim night for playing conditions, the Cougars finish off what they started – their FIRST UNDEFEATED REGULAR SEASON IN SCHOOL HISTORY!!! Sound the trumpets!!! Unprecedented achievement! Congratulations Coach Adler, Players and Cougar Nation!!!
    Playoff Snapshot: The BEST Story in the West & the BEST Story in the State 2017 – the Logan County Cougars! Epic turnaround we will be referencing for years to come capped off with an Undefeated regular season on the heels of the state’s longest losing streak. Start writing the book now… But I feel the Cougars aren’t done and like the sweet taste of Victory. But how are their wounded comrades? Will be vitally important later! But the Cougars have the ability to play in Russellville until the State Championship Game – Big Advantage!
    Ceiling: In the second round, you will struggle with the athleticism coming your way, but they know not the Heart of a Cougar and Cougar Nation rolls on. Up next is Franklin Simpson who has been achieving steady runs to the State Championship game for some time now – OH What the Hey – Logan County in this one too! But the train runs out of coal at the Semi-State as a gritty Collins squad finally stops Cougar Nation after a remarkable run!
    Floor: The team in the second round is good enough to beat you and that would be your floor!
    Purple88 Pick: Logan County ROLLS in Week 1; gets tested significantly, but refuses to die and ekes out a 24-17 win over Warren East. When Franklin Simpson comes to town, they are all business and stops Logan 28-17 in a hard fought game! Go get em Cougars!!!

    6) Franklin Simpson (4A) – LW: 6 - Preseason Rank: 4 - 2017 Record 7-3; District Record 3-0] Week 10: Win 55-6 at Old Rival 1A Russellville (6-4). Not much to see here on a cold, rainy evening in Russellville. Many Wildcats play well, but not sure Russellville was really in this one from the start.
    Playoff Snapshot: After some speed bumps early in the year, this Wildcats team has really come on! Coming off an undefeated 2016 regular season, I want to think this Wildcat Team has benefitted from the early season losses. If you are a Wildcat fan, you have to like where you sit going into this postseason run!
    Ceiling: Playing for the 4A State Championship in Lexington! You won’t be the favorite, but your opponent isn’t as invincible and if you can get some momentum going in that game, especially early, you can win it!
    Floor: I think Madisonville is capable of beating you, but I just don’t think they will. But that’s your floor.
    Purple88 Pick: Running clock Hop County Central; Beat a tough and physical Madisonville squad in a closer than predicted game. Travel to a better than predicted Logan County, struggle early, but come on late and win by 1 TD. Edge a very well coached Collins squad by 3 points and travel to Lexington for a Class 4A rematch. I will be pulling for you, but you will have to win the turnover battle to win this game!

    5) Caldwell County (3A) – LW: 4 - Preseason Rank: Top 15 - 2017 Record 8-2; [District Record 4-0] Week 10: EJ Austin Western Kentucky Game of the Week: Loss 55-14 vs Old Rival 2A Mayfield (9-1). While I expected Mayfield to win, I did not expect this score. Some teams handle adverse weather conditions better than others. I’m not sure if Caldwell just came out of the locker room down 7 or what, but just never got the feel they were playing with much energy, especially defensively. For example, Caldwell has been one of the best defensive squads in the West, especially against the pass. But Mayfield passes cut through the Caldwell D like the P51 Mustang (one of the Best US Planes of All-Time!) cut through the Nazi lines in WWII. One game Tigers – shake it off and move on!!! Congratulations to Hunter VanHooser who is now the leading tackler in Caldwell County History!!! Well done!
    Playoff Snapshot: The Tigers have played much better than I anticipated they would this season (barring last Friday Night). Their defense is good enough to win deep playoff games; can their offense do enough to win those games? You tell me…
    Ceiling: I think the Tigers can avenge some old demons and send the Elizabethtown Panthers home for the winter! These 2 have had some terrific battles before and even though you wouldn’t be favored, you would be at home and that’s important for that game! Can’t pull the trigger against Boyle County for you though, but you prove me wrong… Go Tigers!!!
    Floor: Larue County is a dangerous team. They are under the radar and you likely won’t get up for them. If you are too flat; it could be all she wrote for Caldwell!
    Purple88 Pick: Running clock vs Hart Co in Round 1; Beat Larue by 7. Play Etown a nip n’ tuck game and I want to pick you to win this game, but just don’t feel it with how Etown is playing right now. But prove me wrong Tigers!!!

    4). South Warren (5A) – LW: 5 - Preseason Rank: 10 - 2017 Record 8-2; District Record 3-1] Week 10: Win 21-16 at 2A Owensboro Catholic (6-4). I will say it again, OCATH is not your average 2A team. And I thought they likely played harder than South did in this game. BUT, you HAVE to take into consideration the double whammy of FINALLY playing the Bowling Green game and all that emotion and also losing handily. Taking all that into account, plus the crappy weather, and being on the road, and South being an effective passing team, I’m not that surprised by this outcome. And I still think they can make a good run. BUT make NO MISTAKE, South Warren has THE TOUGHEST DRAW OF ANY TEAM IN CLASS 5A. Let me back that statement up:
    1st Round – Graves County, who is capable of beating South and playing well in their own right.
    2nd Round – at Christian County, undefeated Christian County.
    3rd Round – at Bowling Green, Defending 5A State Champions.
    4th Round – at Covington Catholic, #2 in the State with arguably their best team ever.
    5th Round – State Final – you’ll be challenged in this game regardless.
    Playoff Snapshot: South Warren has had a terrific inaugural 5A season. They played several tough team early (winning those) and 2 really tough teams late (losing those). But you have to think South learned quite a bit from those really tough games that will help prepare them for the playoff wars ahead! Solid team here!
    Ceiling – I may get some flak for this one, but I think South is capable of pulling some shockers; winning the Regional Championship and facing Covington Catholic in the Semi-State game. Don’t like your chances there, but would be a heck of a year if that plays out!!!
    Floor – Graves County is good enough to beat you in round 1, especially if the penalties are severe for South. This is your floor.
    Purple88 Pick: I predict South to beat Graves County is a very competitive, fist fight kind of game. Travel to undefeated Christian County and have a chance to win, but just feel it's Christian County’s year to challenge for the Regional Championship. South falls 21-20.

    3) Christian County (5A) – LW: 3 - Preseason Rank: 2 - 2017 Record 10-0; [District Record 4-0] Week 10: Win 20-10 at Paducah Tilghman 3A (4-6). Congratulations on earning your first undefeated regular season of varsity football in school history! Big Deal right there considering the Colonels rich football history! Lot of hard work went into making this happen! Enjoy it this week Colonels – you’ve earned a bunny Week 1!!!
    Playoff Snapshot: Not sure how you can improve on an undefeated season! But I will call to the spotlight your schedule, as it does not provide a lot of tests to get you ready for deep playoff games IMO. Now you may have prepared yourself on your own and if you have, your efforts on the field will reflect that! Let’s see what you got!!!
    Ceiling – This team is clearly capable of making the 4 Game Run to Lexington!!!
    Floor – Second Round of the Playoffs, no matter who comes to the Stadium of Champions – South Warren or Graves County – either team is good enough to beat you. Plain and simple….
    Purple88 Pick: I spoke to our good friend @TackleTrap in January of this year and we predicted BG would travel to Christian County in November with the regional championship on the line. I say that plays out. While I think Christian could win that game, I just honestly feel BG is better prepared to win it. I’ll take BG 35 Christian County 21.

    2) Mayfield (2A) – LW: 2 - Preseason Rank: 3 - 2017 Record 9-1; District Record 3-0] Week 10: EJ Austin Western Kentucky Game of the Week – Win 55-14 at 3A Caldwell County (8-2). When you play Mayfield in late October and you get a chance to score; you better capitalize! Mayfield puts so much pressure on you from a “having to keep up” standpoint, I think the mental fatigue took over after the Cardinals got up a couple TDs and that was all she wrote! The Cardinals 4 Phases (offense, defense, special teams, and JV) all played so well; not sure who to mention as I’ll leave many out who played well (Valuable Minutes for the Mayfield JV also - will bode well for next season), but the dual QB position this season played by Stinson and Guthrie has been particularly impressive. Usually 2 QBs playing significantly don’t work out that well; seems just fine in Mayfield! Would also keep defensive coordinators up late at night I’d think as well!
    Playoff Snapshot: These Cardinals have sailed the 2017 waters with incredible seamanship! Their first 5 games saw stiff competition be overwhelmed early and often. Weary, they sailed on to Clarksville to battle a desperate (lost up in Beechwood the week before) 3A Title Contender in Corbin who had to use the “If All Else Fails” Playbook to nip the Cardinals by a FG. The ship pulled back into port for the annual recharging/District Bloodbath and just set sail again LOADED for a deep run – plowing through Princeton – on its way to Lexington!!!
    Ceiling: This is the Year the Cardinals can start another consecutive Championship Game appearance streak – This time at the Grocery Bag in Lexington!
    Floor: At the first of the year, I would have said OCath can beat you. But this game would be at Mayfield and OCath has faced too many obstacles during the season IMO – I just don’t see it. But the Desales Colts have been to Mayfield before and they’d like to win this time. They are capable and they are your floor!
    Purple88 Pick: I think Mayfield goes to Lexington is the bottom line. I think the first and second round games are running clocks. I’d like to think the OCath game would not be a running clock, but it might be as well. The Desales game will be Epic with the game going back and forth. I think Mayfield has more offensive ability than Desales outstanding D is used to and that’s the difference – Mayfield 28 Desales 21. Go to Lexington and get it done Cardinals!!!

    1) Bowling Green (5A) – LW: 1 - Preseason Rank: 1 - 2017 Record 8-2; District Record 4-0] Week 10: Win 28-0 at 5A Bullitt Central (6-4). Just a mud bog of a game with players “tippy-toeing” around trying to find decent footing to kick it back in gear. The BG D played well as did 2nd team RB Ja’vyon Collins with 3 TDs on the night! No significant injuries which is great news! Good Regular Season Purples!
    Playoff Snapshot: Some will say BG didn’t have a good regular season. Then the phase “the pigs get fed and the hogs get slaughtered” comes into play as expectations have become forecast above realistic understanding. Facts are BG lost to a fired up 6A team (PRP) on the road second game of the season; St Xavier strategically places their bye week in Week 2 to prep ahead of the BG game and comes to El Donaldson Stadium and wins fair and square by 11 points. I think the young Purples learned a lot from those games! Now let’s go looking for #7!!!
    Ceiling: BG has the ability to make it to Lexington – plain and simple!!!
    Floor: I have a ton of respect for the Owensboro Red Devils, so I will say the Red Devils are their floor. It would be a HUGE disappointment for BG to lose that game, but the Red Devils are like those old firecrackers called “Jumpin Jacks”! You light them and got back quickly because you never knew where they were going to go. They made a whizzing noise and bounced around and you couldn’t get a good handle on them. That’s Owensboro! Makes me nervous for that game as I know they will play as hard as they possibly can.
    Purple88 Pick: The Purples have been picking up momentum steadily since 2 early season setbacks against better 6A schools. They have a deadly combination of good talent, good speed, good schedule, and a great coaching staff who has been through these firecracker infested grounds before. I think BG handles Owensboro by 21. They play the best Apollo team I’ve ever known and win by the same amount. Travel to Christian County and win by a TD. The Colonels of Covington Catholic, with arguably their best team in their illustrious history, come calling the day after Thanksgiving! Would be EPIC! My feelings are mixed on this game. My head tells me Covington Catholic will win. My heart won’t go against the men in Purple and Gold. I’ll leave it at that. But the team that wins this game; wins it all!!!

    Next Tier 11 Thru 15 –

    11. Tier:
    Madisonville-North Hopkins 4A – LW: 11; Preseason: Top 15 – 2017 Record: (6-4) [District Record – 3-1] - Week 10: Win 37-6 vs 3A Fort Campbell (2-8). Solid win in tough conditions, which fits the way the Maroons want to play! Good regular season Maroons as you improve off a 4-7 2016 campaign!
    Playoff Snapshot: The Maroons have played well this season and really developed a strong rushing attack with Hightower and Miller, who will both pass 1,000 yards on the season. The untimely loss to Logan County put you in a MUCH tougher part of the bracket, but you still have much to play for.
    Purple88 Pick: One of the toughest 4A opening round games you’ll find, as the Maroons host Allen County-Scottsville. The run-first Maroons will look to set that tough physical tone, while the pass-first Patriots will look to ride the arm of their senior leader QB Chase Wilson. Both teams struggled a bit down the stretch, but I’ll go with Madisonville as when the air gets colder, it is easier to run it than throw it. The second round shows a trip to Franklin Simpson. Not this year Maroons, but still a good season overall!

    Warren East (4A) – LW: 12 - Preseason Rank: Outside Top 20 - 2017 Record 6-4; District Record 2-1] Week 10: Win 36-6 vs. 3A Bardstown (3-7). East just has way too many athletes for this Bardstown team. They have already doubled their win total from last season! Very good season Raiders!!!
    Playoff Snapshot: Outside of Logan County, I have probably been more impressed with the season Warren East has had than any other team from what I expected. If you look at their record 6 and 4, 2 of those losses were 2 of the best teams in 4A IMO Wayne County and Franklin Simpson. They lost to a good 2A team in Glasgow and a gritty 2A team in Monroe County by a combined 3 points when they were dealing with considerable injuries.
    Purple88 Pick: The Hopkinsville Tigers will travel to Warren East for a date on the Smurf Turf. The Tigers have been faced with more than any team should have to face in a single season (death of a teammate, loss of irreplaceable key players, change of coaching staff, and reinvigoration of their schedule going from Team Cupcake to Team Rambo!). But the Raiders must come out and just play football and I like them to win this game and travel to Russellville and face the new sheriff in town Logan County. While I do think East is good enough to beat Logan County, I just don’t think they do it here. Great Season Raiders!!! The future seems bright!

    12. Tier:
    Graves County 5A (6-4) – Last Week (LW): 12 – District Record 2-2 - Week 10: Win 36-13 vs 4A Calloway County (0-9). Eagles double up on the poor ole’ Lakers in total yards and run behind that big OLine to get a comfortable win. Sets up the best opening round game in Class 5A when the Eagles visit South Warren! This is a good team here!
    Playoff Snapshot: The Eagles have had a good season. I’m sure they would have liked to have sealed the deal vs Christian County and put that as their signature win on the year. But a solid year none-the-less.
    Purple88 Pick: While I think you can beat South Warren, I don’t think you will and fall by 6 points. QB Mathis returns for his SR year next year and I think the Eagles will be better next year than this one!

    Owensboro Catholic (2A) – LW: 11 - Preseason Rank: 5 - 2017 Record 6-4; District Record 4-0] Week 10: Loss 21-16 vs 5A South Warren (8-2). I didn’t expect you to win this game Aces, but I did expect you to be competitive and that’s exactly what you did – compete at a high level on a difficult weather night. I am impressed by this effort and look for you to roll into the playoffs!
    Playoff Snapshot: Following the Aces this season has been like chasing water-based paint in a glass of water – they keep moving in an out of focus, mystically moving about (early season schedule) and then all of a sudden they appear as a solid film (dominant district campaign) on top.
    Purple88 Pick: Honestly, I’ve known the Aces path for some time now. Running clock Webster County and maybe Murray too. Travel to Mayfield with the regional championship on the line and just come up short against a better team. Nothing to fret over, you’re just going to need a complete season with much less adversity to overcome to be able to take down Mayfield. Still a good season for a team that was too hyped at the beginning of the year to no fault of their own.

    13. Tier:
    Daviess County 6A (5-5) LW: 14 – District Record 2-2 - Week 10: Win 26-7 at 5A Apollo (7-3). This is a Big win for Daviess and sets the tone going into the playoffs! And I still think Daviess needed this game more than Apollo did.
    Playoff Snapshot: The Panthers have a nice offense, but seem to have trouble putting a full game together at times. I know you wish you could have that Henderson County game back. You need to win that one next year to take a step forward. Good luck.
    Purple88 Pick: Daviess goes to north Etown to take on North Hardin. I think you can win this game and will be pulling for you, but feel it’s a draw. With that in mind, I think you have the best player on the field (WR Marquel Tinsley) so I think you’ll win by a TD. Week 2 you have to travel to McCracken County. Don’t like your chances there even with revenge in your favor for motivation. You play a strong game; just not enough McCracken County 42- Daviess County 34.

    Allen County Scottsville (4A) LW: 13 - Preseason Rank: Top 20 - 2017 Record 7-3; [District Record 1-2] Week 10: 29-0 vs gritty 2A Monroe County (7-3). Grisly night; but the Patriots took care of business in this one. Sets the stage for a tough 1st round playoff game in Madisonville!
    Playoff Snapshot: Uneven is the first word that comes to my mind concerning ACS. QB Chase Wilson is an upper level talent, so I expected a better showing in the tougher games. They beat Greenwood by 3 before their wheels fell off and beat Glasgow by 4 in Scottsville; the rest of their wins is to a rag-tag group that have no shot at winning a playoff game.
    Purple88 Pick: The Patriots have to travels to Madisonville to take on a tough Maroons squad. While the Patriots could rise up and win the game, they have given me nothing to suggest that will happen. Will be a while before a better QB than Chase Wilson walks out of that Patriots locker room!

    14. Tier:
    Owensboro (5A) – 2017 Record 4-6 – LW: 15 - Preseason Rank: 6 - [District Record 1-3] Week 10: Win 39-20 vs Henderson County (4-6). According the Riherds Page stats, Owensboro amassed over 300 yards on the ground. That is not surprising. What is surprising is that Star Imonte Owsley got the ball for 14 carries and 127 yards and 2 TDs. That is almost 3 times as many touches as the Red Devils best player touched the ball vs Apollo. Trend??? You tell me…
    Playoff Snapshot: Well sports fans, I was praising the Owensboro coaching staff for going to the veer last season as I still feel it was a good call at that time, but I honestly think it’s easy to armchair QB it and say they should have flipped the switch the other way this season. Just too much talent to not try to scheme to get those athletes in space.
    Purple88 Pick: Red Devils travel to BG in the first round. Owensboro could win this game. I just don’t think they get it done though, but they scare me honestly as they’ll have nothing to lose, play loose and compete hard. But A LOT of baggage has built up off Frederica Street. Some form of change is needed. NO WAY Owensboro should be down here in the 14th Tier!!!

    Union County (3A) – LW: 15 - Preseason Rank: Not Ranked - 2017 Record 8-2; [District Record 2-2] Week 10: Win 39-29 vs 2A Murray (4-6) Exactly what you needed Braves fans! Got an opponent that didn’t roll over and played you pretty well, but not enough to get the win from you. Your regular season record matches the 2013 season where you also won a playoff game vs Ballard Memorial.
    Playoff Snapshot: The Braves have been fun to follow this season honestly. They are a tough scrappy team that plays hard and is fun to watch. Had a HUGE crowd when they hosted Top Dog Caldwell County. A bit out of their reach at the moment, but I like what’s going on over in Morganfield! Great season!
    Purple88 Pick: The loss to Tilghman stings now as you will have to go on the road to a really tough Larue County Hawks team that has only lost once on the road to Etown. I want you win Braves but just don’t feel it this year. But hope to see you next year at the Central Hardin 7v7!

    15. Tier:
    Henderson County (6A) – LW: 13 - Preseason Rank: NR - 2017 Record 4-6; [District Record 3-1] Week 10: Loss 39-20 at 4-6 Owensboro. As long as you come out of this one without injury, I’d say you’re in good shape Hendo, as I think Owensboro “should” be better than you are this year. Need to ramp up now though, as a playoff win would be HUGE for this program going into the offseason!
    Playoff Snapshot: You may not like their record, but Coach Boston and Company are making their way back up the ladder IMO. Playing TOUGH opponents early in the season and handling their district minus McCracken County in fine fashion and hosting a playoff game. Just like in the pre-season, I would call that a win!
    Purple88 Pick: Host a Gritty Meade County team, but find a way to win. Travel to Etown to play Central Hardin and while you can win this game, I just don’t think you will. Prove me wrong Colonels! Good, solid season Colonels!!!

    Paducah Tilghman 3A (4-6) – LW: 14 – Preseason – Top 20 - Week 10: Loss 20-10 vs 5A Christian County (10-0). Team Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda gets excruciatingly close to one of the biggest upsets in the state this season, but couldn’t close out the deal in the 4th Quarter. Still a dangerous team, but likely only 1 bullet left in the Blue Tornado gun this season.
    Playoff Snapshot: One of the toughest schedules you’ll find in the early season for a 3A school anywhere. Still has a punchers chance for a one-time upset. Still think this team has potential, but that song gets old after a while.
    Purple88 Pick: Edmonson County is good enough to beat you, but I don’t think they will (Long, Long bus ride!). The bus goes the other way in Week 2 as you’ll have to roll on down the WK Parkway to Etown to face the Panthers. Just don’t see it Blue Tornado’s, but ramp up for next season and have a less turbulent off-season and I can see you making noise in 2018!

    Others Receiving Votes: Hopkinsville, Edmonson County, Monroe County, Greenwood, Russellville, Metcalfe County, Ohio County.

    Week 10 Players of the Week: (I don’t have a ton of stats this week, so please add as you find players to add here) Congratulations to all the young men who have had a spot on this list throughout the season! Great Work!!!

    1) Hunter VanHooser LB – Caldwell County – Breaks the All-Time Tackler Record at Caldwell County – Congratulations!!!
    2) Gabe Harned and Josh Whitis – Graves County - both over 100 yards rushing vs Calloway County!
    3) Juriah Hightower – RB Madisonville – 20 carries for 177 yards and 2 TDs vs Ft Campbell!

    Week 10 – Teams Trending Down – Plain and Simple…
    Caldwell County (3A) – Down – Plain & Simple… the Tigers got their doors blown off! Bad timing. I’m aware they played Mayfield. Past Tiger teams have put up stiff battles with the Cardinals – 2017 was not one of those. Wanted to pick you to upset Etown. I know it’s just one game, but it was a bad one…
    Paducah Tilghman (3A) – Down – Not much more deflating for a team to have the biggest upset in the state slip thought your fingers… But Team woulda, coulda, shoulda HAD THIS GAME! I realize you were playing undefeated 5A Christian County. I still think you can upset someone you’re not supposed to, but this was a lost opportunity!

    Week 10 – Teams Trending Up – Plain and Simple…
    Christian County (5A) – Up – Congratulations Colonels on your first undefeated regular season in your schools history! BIG DEAL HERE! Best of luck going forward…
    Logan County (4A) – Up – I think they should make a movie of these guys… small county school; been down for years of consecutive losing; change coaching staff; grind out a tough 2016 season, BUT come through and get a program changing win vs Todd County Central at the end of that season, which IMO was the spring board over the winter/spring/summer to allow the Cougars to rise up in 2017 – And Rise Up they Did!!! Congratulations Cougar Nation!!!

    MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Congratulations to both Christian County (much more expected) and Logan County (no one expected) and truly memorable and inaugural undefeated regular seasons in both programs history! Historic accomplishments! Good luck to both in the playoffs!!!

    The Sullen 6: It’s been a long season for Breckinridge County, Butler County, Calloway County, Caverna, Fulton City, and Warren Central. I truly want all these teams to break this streak next season. Will likely be difficult, but if Logan County has taught us anything, it’s that if you believe you can and you instill confidence in young men – anything is possible! Good luck next season!

    QB – Kolbe Langhi – Christian County
    RB – Tre Bass – Franklin Simpson
    RB - Gary Hardy – Logan County
    WR – Marquel Tinsley – Daviess County
    WR – Caleb Huskey – Warren East
    WR – Peyton Peters - Apollo
    OL – Tanner Bowles, Glasgow
    OL – Trevor Terrell, Mayfield
    OL – Jackson Burke, Owensboro
    DL – Jacob Lacey – South Warren
    LB – Justice Dingle – Bowling Green
    LB – Pete Cross – South Warren
    LB – Kyle Hurt - Mayfield
    DB – Saul Brady – Franklin Simpson
    DB – Vito Tisdale – Bowling Green
    DB - Trel Riley- Caldwell County
    S – Corey Trice – Christian County
    S – Imonte Owsley - Owensboro
    Kick Returner – Ziyon Kenner – Bowling Green
    ATH – Jackson Adams - Greenwood
    ATH – Jacob Lightfoot – Allen County-Scottsville
    ATH – Trevor Grant – Graves County

    Coach – Todd Adler, Logan County

    Farewell: End of the Road! It’s been a Long Road, but I hope you have found it as fun as I have! Even if you don’t agree with my rankings, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some of our other teams out West! We have A LOT to be thankful for in having good football teams in the West! Now get out there and support your team(s) in person! It’s a great time of year! Sweatshirt and shorts weather is my absolute favorite to go watch a game. Good luck to your teams this playoff season and hope to see ya next year!

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    Great job as always thanks 88!

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    No one does it better than P88! Great work. I love your P88 predictions.

    Congrats to all the teams! Everyone is 0-0 for a few days. Lots of dreams and various scenarios playing through many minds. Will be a fun 5 weeks ahead.

    Great work!

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    Always enjoy it P88!

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    Another great job! P88 you are the best with the keyboard.

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    Noticed only one DL one you need to check out is Caden Mckinnis for Logan County! The kid is a beast. Before Friday night he lead the team in tackles 68 and tackles for loss and sacks! The kid is a hidden gem that people need to know!

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    Great job 88.. Thanks for your time and and passion for high school football.

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    Franklin, KY

    This takes a tremendous amount of work to gather all this information, organize it, and put it out here for all to see. These posts are both informative and entertaining.

    Purple88 has filed a gap left by the Great Fosko and Bulldog Drake in dispersing information and promoting high school football in Western Kentucky.

    Thank you.

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    Great job just doesn't do justice for your work! Thanks for my favorite thread each week!

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    Great right up as always! Can’t wait for the playoffs to start.

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    How BG beats two teams on the year with winning records and remains #1 kinda is little bit mind boggling tho
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigTiger55 View Post
    How BG beats two teams on the year with winning records and remains #1 kinda is little bit mind boggling tho
    Who would you put at #1 and where would you put BG?

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    The homer in me says Christian has earned the one spot, but my mind says Mayfield 1 Christian 2 BG 3. I understand the two early tough opponents but when one of those opponents gets Man handled by 3A central leaves something to question. And I’m just not sold on South Warren yet. Playoffs are going to tell the story but for discussion sakes that’s where I’d put BG. Just my opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigTiger55 View Post
    The homer in me says Christian has earned the one spot, but my mind says Mayfield 1 Christian 2 BG 3. I understand the two early tough opponents but when one of those opponents gets Man handled by 3A central leaves something to question. And I’m just not sold on South Warren yet. Playoffs are going to tell the story but for discussion sakes that’s where I’d put BG. Just my opinion.
    My first point is the most important: everyone is entitled to their own opinion and to their own ranking. I will admit that mine is not perfect but is an attempt to be closer to right than closer to wrong.

    My second point is IF you gave BG either of the schedules of the first 2 fine squads you mentioned they'd be 10 and 0. That is my opinion and a piece of the reason why they are at #1.

    It is my opinion that anyone in this ranking that would have played PRP and St Xavier (especially at the time BG played them) would have been 0 and 2 as well.

    I'm not aware that 24-13 is a manhandling. And I would not call Louisville Central, who regularly plays Manual, Ballard and St X, your normal Western KY 3A squad.

    I understand you are a Christian County fan and standing up for your team and I admire that. It is just my opinion that the Christian County schedule leaves a bit to be desired to be the #1 team in the West. There is a reason BG is ranked ahead of Christian County in every poll I can think of.

    Mayfield fans can make an argument for #1 and they could be right. You could be right and I could be wrong and you can prove that Week 3 of the playoffs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purple88 View Post
    My first point is the most important: everyone is entitled to their own opinion and to their own ranking. I will admit that mine is not perfect but is an attempt to be closer to right than closer to wrong.

    My second point is IF you gave BG either of the schedules of the first 2 fine squads you mentioned they'd be 10 and 0. That is my opinion and a piece of the reason why they are at #1.

    It is my opinion that anyone in this ranking that would have played PRP and St Xavier (especially at the time BG played them) would have been 0 and 2 as well.

    I'm not aware that 24-13 is a manhandling. And I would not call Louisville Central, who regularly plays Manual, Ballard and St X, your normal Western KY 3A squad.

    I understand you are a Christian County fan and standing up for your team and I admire that. It is just my opinion that the Christian County schedule leaves a bit to be desired to be the #1 team in the West. There is a reason BG is ranked ahead of Christian County in every poll I can think of.

    Mayfield fans can make an argument for #1 and they could be right. You could be right and I could be wrong and you can prove that Week 3 of the playoffs.
    The bolded is where you and I Differ. I believe both teams Defenses where ahead of BG’s at that point in the season which is I why I believe neither Christian nor Mayfield would’ve lost to PRP...That being said, you have seen both Christian and BG play an alike opponent in Owensboro so I’ll always defer to you when it comes to rankings as you do an amazing job. Like you mentioned, I’m just showing some support for the Colonels.