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BluegrassPreps 2017 Western Kentucky Power Rankings - Week 8 Edition

Concerning the top story line for this week, we have 2 again this week.
1. Calloway County does not have 1 win on the season and I know it's been a difficult season for Coach Garrison over in Murray. As you may know, Calloway traveled to Hopkinsville to play Hoptown this week. In a show of team unity, Coach Clayton asked E.J. Austin's (the young man just recently tragically killed) mother to walk to mid-field as an Honorary Team Captain this week. Each Calloway County captain brought a single rose with them to mid-field and as they exchanged hand shakes, they handed Ms. Austin their rose. It was a touching moment and a real show of class by the Lakers. Well done Lakers; well done!!!
2. It has come to my attention that Butler County will have to play their 2 remaining home games elsewhere this year due to "moles and skunks". I'm not making this up:
Football Bears sidelined from home games due to safety concerns with field; Homecoming & Senior Night rescheduled | Beech Tree News Network
I bring this up not to pick on Butler County, as I am sad for the Butler County Senior's who won't get to go out on their home field again. But mostly for all of us to recognize that there are a dedicated crew at each of our fields that meticulously attend to these fields we love. Don't forget about them and even consider reaching out to them to express your thanks for their efforts which pay big dividend to our teams and communities!

Popcorn N Coke Top 10 Version - Week 8:
1. Bowling Green 5A (6-2): Win 56-0 vs 5A Barren County
2. Mayfield 2A (7-1): Win 73-19 vs 2A Ballard Memorial
3. Christian County 5A (8-0): Win 21-14 OT at 5A Graves County
4. South Warren 4A (7-1): BYE Week
5. Caldwell County 3A (8-1): Win 54-24 vs 3A Fort Campbell
6. Franklin Simpson 4A (5-3): Win 50-0 vs 4A Warren Central
7. Glasgow 2A (6-2): Win 45-21 vs 2A Monroe County
8. Logan County 4A (8-0): Win 23-21 at 4A Madisonville-North Hopkins
9. Apollo 5A (6-2): Win 31-28 at 5A Apollo
10. Madisonville North Hopkins 4A (5-3): Loss 23-21 vs 4A Logan County

Week 8 - EJ Austin Western Kentucky Game of the Week Recap: District Buster: 4A Logan County (8-0) 23 at 4A Madisonville - North Hopkins (5-3) 21. Holy Hemlock Batman - the Cougars pulled out their Harry Potter magic wand again up in Madisonville and pulled out another head-shaking, close game victory. If there is a better candidate for Coach of the Year in the entire State of Kentucky than Coach Todd Adler, I'd like to know about it!!! For the second straight week, the Cougars battled a fine opponent and even though down LATE in the 4th Quarter, found a way to move the ball down the field and FROSH Kicker Lucas Arevalo delivers a 20 yard field goal with 10 second to go to win the game!!! What a Game to Win the District Championship!!!

Week 9 EJ Austin Western Kentucky Game of the Week: Are you kidding me!!! The Big Kahoona, with the District on the Line!!! 5A South Warren (7-1) at 5A Bowling Green (6-2). This is a game that so many have been speaking of and wishing for over the years since South came on the scene and became an excellent football team, ultimately winning (and going undefeated and nearly unscored upon) the 2015 4A State Championship!!! I wish our ole' friends doubletake and @Spinstopshere would come back for this one!!! Our good friend @jcarter is THE authority IMO for South, but he, like me, don't really throw a lot of elbows (unless you earn them). However, we are passionate about our teams and are REALLY looking forward to this one!!! I have a daughter engagement that I simply can't get out of and it's killing me. But you gotta do what you gotta do!!! I look for this to be an Outstanding game and for it to be close going into the 4th Quarter. From there, one team will have to earn the win!!!

Honorable Mention: Warren East at Franklin-Simpson, Owensboro at Graves County, Russellville at Crittenden County, Edmonson County at Larue County.

Meat & Potato's Version Week 8 Top 10:
10) Madisonville-North Hopkins 4A
- LW: 8; Preseason: Top 15 - 2017 Record: (5-3) [District Record - 2-1] - Week 8 Results: EJ Austin Western Kentucky Game of the Week: District Buster: Loss vs 4A Logan County (8-0). I'm sure most Maroon Fans are pretty disappointed in this loss and I don't blame you. But I just think it came down to a hard fought game and it simply wasn't your year to win the District Championship and it simply is Logan County's time. Week 9: at 5A Christian County (8-0). Second straight week playing an undefeated team Maroons Fans. This game should really test your metal! It is not a District game. So will Maroon Coach Burgett pull his players early if things don't go well in this one? This game will make you better Maroons as Christian County is a very good team, but injuries this time of the year would be devastating. Just sayin...

9) Apollo 5A (6-2) - LW: 12 - Preseason: Not Ranked (NR) - District Record - (2-1) - Week 8 Results: Win vs 5A Owensboro (3-5) 31-28. They'll be talkin about this one for a long time off Tamarac Road!!! In a tough back and forth game, Owensboro was up for most of the game, but only slightly. Imonte Owsley had just put Owensboro back on top 28-24 deep in the 4th Quarter. But the Eagles refused to quit in front of a great Eagles Home crowd. And when 4th down arrived with 11.9 seconds to go from the Red Devil 33, the circumstances seemed dim for Apollo. But QB Nic Brooks hit undervalued, but ultra-talented WR Peyton Peters in the end zone for a pandemonium erupting TD! That is a Home Playoff Game winning play and so much more in this football driven County! First win over Owensboro since 2004. First home playoff game coming since 2009. BIG!!! Week 9: District Game at 5A Marshall County (3-5). Should be a much easier task this week for the Eagles as I'll bet they have some injuries after playing a physical Red Devil squad. But this is an important district game to take care of. But just don't see it being a problem for this Apollo squad!

8) Logan County 4A 2017 Record (8-0) - Last Week (LW): 9 - District Record: 3-0 - Week 8 Results: EJ Austin Western Kentucky Game of the Week: Win at 4A Madisonville-North Hopkins (5-3) 23-21! We will all look back on this Logan County team as they have completely changed the direction of their culture in basically one season. How often does that happen??? Very rare. Concerning this game, there is no doubt in my mind that Hopkinsville and Madisonville were the two toughest opponents on the Logan County schedule. Both these games went down to the wire with Logan County pulling both games out. The one word that comes to my mind when I think of these specific games with SO MUCH on the line is POISE. Does a team with a 30+ game losing streak have POISE??? Certainly not. I expect POISE from Mayfield. I expect POISE from Bowling Green. But those 2 teams have a combined 39 years of consecutive coaching staff's experience to generate and instill that POISE. Coach Adler and staff have been there 2 seasons. That's it. EXTREMELY IMPRESSIVE! Go Cougars!!! Week 9: Last District Game vs 4A Calloway County (0-7). Poor ole' Calloway County will go winless on the year and makes their second to last stop here in Russellville. Feel bad for the Lakers as they've only scored 48 point ALL YEAR. That is tough! But Logan County knows what that's like and they also know what it takes to pull yourself up by the boot-straps and play for their school and themselves and that is the real beauty of High School Football! With the mess on the college and pro levels these days, it is comforting to me that High School Sports (Football in general) remains one of the last pure sports there is. I guess it's why I love it so much. Carry on Cougars!!!

7) Glasgow (2A) - 2017 Record 6-2 - LW: 7 - Preseason Rank: Top 20; [District Record: 2-0] Week 8: Win 45-21 vs 2A Monroe County (6-2). Monroe County is a gritty football team and they came ready to play and threw some haymakers early! But the Scotties to their credit weathered the early storm and fought to tie the score by halftime. It was all Scotties in the second half as the athletic ability of the Glasgow team was just too much for Monroe. Solid win here for Glasgow! Week 9: Last District Game vs 2A Metcalfe County (6-2). The Hornets have played well this season beating the teams you'd expect, while losing their opening game to a solid 4A Taylor County squad. Then on September 29th had a poor showing against Gritty District Rival Monroe County and lost 42-13. So here they come to the Big City of Glasgow looking to shock the World!!! Tap into that inner Muhammad Ali Hornets, I think you're going to need it. I expect the Scotties to take care of business early in this one. Glasgow has a Puncher's Chance against the 2A Heavyweights!!!

6) Franklin Simpson (4A) - LW: 6 - Preseason Rank: 4 - 2017 Record 5-3; District Record 2-0] Week 8 Results: Win 50-0 vs 4A Warren Central (0-8). Well the Wildcats put a 50 Burger on the Dragons! Warren Central's Super-talented DJ Tyner can only do so much and he can't take down all 11 Wildcats. Wildcats just taking care of business! Week 9: District Buster vs 4A Warren East (5-3). This game will be in Franklin and that's a big deal because if it were on the Smurf Turf, I'd give East a much better chance in this one, but I just don't see it at Shadetree Stadium. I think the Wildcat defense will be one of the best units East has faced all season long and it will show on the scoreboard. I like Franklin by 2 TDs in this one, but wouldn't be surprised if East kept it a little closer as their win vs ACS was VERY Impressive and they have outstanding Athletes!!!

5) Caldwell County (3A) - LW: 5 - Preseason Rank: Top 15 - 2017 Record 8-1; [District Record 4-0] Week 8 Results: Win: 54-24 vs 3A Fort Campbell (2-6). Thanks to our good friend @CCCHSTiger10, who reported Coach Barnes earns his 100th Win at Caldwell County! Congratulations Coach Barnes! Also SR LB Hunter Vanhooser is close to the all-time career tackles mark at Caldwell. It just feels the Tigers are off the main 3A radar and lurking... Don't count out Caldwell County in 3A!!! Week 9: BYE Week. The Tigers haven't had a week off since the first of August! That's a LONG haul for sure!!! Sure to be some injuries to try and doctor up prior to the end of year showdown with local rival Mayfield. Don't worry about driving over to see them play next Friday as they play at Poor Ole' Webster County and there's really nothing to see there. Get in the film room and try to develop a wrinkle to help you in this or future playoff games. Good luck Tigers!!!

4) South Warren (5A) - LW: 4 - Preseason Rank: 10 - 2017 Record 7-1; District Record 3-0] Week 8 Results: BYE Week. The Calm Before The Storm!!! It's been years in the making folks, but it's finally here. The one ALL Warren Countians have wanted to see for years now!!! I am curious of any news as to the health of All-State performer DT/OL Stalwart Jacob Lacey. Maybe our good friend @jcarter, might have some insight here. Week 9: EJ Austin Western Kentucky Game of the Week - District Buster - at 5A Bowling Green (6-2). Going to be a HIGH Intensity game as players, coaches and community members have jawed back and forth on the Biggest Rivalry that has never been played! All that stuff doesn't matter now, as the only thing that matters is what happens on the field and it matters 10 fold because they are now District Foes as well, so it matters for playoff seeding. Concerning the game, I don't think either team has played a team like the other this season. I think South Warren will try to shut down all rushing yards for BG and make BG QB Beau Buchanon beat them. It will be interesting to see how the BG D goes about dealing with the South - QB Gavin Spurrier led high octane passing offense. Then there is the kicking game. BG makes other teams cringe in the night if their kicker can't get it to the end zone, but South's kicker has shown consistent ability to get it there; will that continue? If yes, HUGE plus for South to not to have to deal with the BG returners OR give BG Great field position. Big Deal!!! I look for a close game going into the 4th Quarter. From there, is Lacey still in the game? If he is, South has a good shot; if he isn't, they don't.

3) Christian County (5A) - LW: 3 - Preseason Rank: 2 - 2017 Record 8-0; [District Record 4-0] Week 8 Results: Win 21-14 in OT at 5A Graves County (4-4). Tough, gritty, controversial, hard feelings? 5A District 1 football game! Graves County will fight you from the parking lot to the field and back out again! Just the way they roll! Did Christian County spur some of that... absolutely!!! That's what happens in an intense football game that both teams desperately want to win. County outgained Graves by 28 yards. In a 7 point OT win, that sounds about right for the margin of victory. But it was really the Christian County defense that saved the day and forced at least 4 Graves County turnovers. Simply can't have that many if you want to beat this caliber of team. HUGE Win Colonels!!! Week 9: vs 4A Madisonville-North Hopkins (5-3). Know you are banged up right now Colonels, so you will have to address that. Madisonville is a good team, but clearly a rung lower than where you have been playing lately! Issue? You tell me...

2) Mayfield (2A) - LW: 2 - Preseason Rank: 3 - 2017 Record 7-1; District Record 2-0] Week 8 Results: Win 73-19 vs 2A Ballard Memorial (2-6). 73 Biggens... WOW!!! You don't tell your players to lay down and I'm sure Mayfield was just running up the middle at the end and still running to the house. Again, just one of the best 2A teams playing one of the worst. Hopefully no injuries were incurred in this game for either team. Week 9: District Game at 2A Webster County (1-7). Part II. This might be a similar score up in Dixon!!! Our good friend @SlayemCards reported hearing of the 8th grade Cardinals dressing for this one. I think they should take the 7th graders too! Hoping for no injuries for either team. It will be hard to go from playing Webster County and then turning right around and playing a very good Caldwell County team. But that's the task at hand...

1) Bowling Green (5A) - LW: 1 - Preseason Rank: 1 - 2017 Record 6-2; District Record 3-0] Week 8 Results: Win 56-0 vs 5A Barren County (0-8). Coach Wallace earns his 250th win as Head Coach of the Purples! Congratulations Coach Wallace!!! Purples only had 24 offensive plays in the game. Offense, defense, special teams, JV and Freshman all play well. But Barren County is as down as I can ever remember, so guarded praise here. The best news is all Purples but 1 that are scheduled to return this season are back and I'm not aware of any injuries vs Barren County, so BG should be good to go next week! Week 9: EJ Austin Western Kentucky Game of the Week - District Buster vs 5A South Warren (7-1). While most of BG has been waiting for this game for at least 5 years, these teams have faced each other in many sports other than varsity football. In fact, the JV and FROSH football squads have played for a couple years now. Concerning the game, I look for BG to attack the perimeter of the South defense, as star South DT Jacob Lacey will command at least a double team. Concerning the BG defense, I am anxious to see how Coach Spader attacks here. I think South will try to run more early than in recent games to see if they can get some success and then go play action up top. Will be fascinating to see how it turns out. Come out to El Donaldson Stadium to take in this one! The District Championship and Big Time Bragging Right are on the line!

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11. Tier:
Warren East (4A) - LW: 13 - Preseason Rank: Outside Top 20 - 2017 Record 5-3; District Record 2-0] Week 8 Results: Win 17-13 vs 4A Allen Couty Scottsville (5-3). This is likely the Biggest Win in the West that has gone under the radar. The Raiders used their home field advantage and were resilient in the face of a very good Patriots squad. The Raider pass rush caused all kinds of problems for ACS. Raider DB Gregory Barns had a Career night (you will see him later). And Warren East Star WR Caleb Huskey had a big game as well. HUGE Game for the Raiders! Here comes another... Week 9: District Buster at 4A Franklin Simpson (5-3). At the beginning of the season I would have said Franklin wins this game by 4 TDs, but now not so much. While I do see Franklin as the clear favorite. This past weeks win for East shows how much resilience and a will to win the Raiders have and they are dangerous! Raiders you need to win the turnover advantage and use your big play weapons on offense as this is likely the best defense you will face in the regular season! Best of luck!

Owensboro Catholic (2A) - LW: 11 - Preseason Rank: 5 - 2017 Record 6-3; District Record 4-0] Week 8 Results - Win: 61-6 at 2A Todd County Central (5-3). I don't have any stats or updates to report again for the Aces, but the score again speaks for itself. Aces with another undefeated District Title! Congratulations! Week 9: BYE Week. It's been since early August since the Aces have had time off. Would likely be good to travel down to Bowling Green to take in the BG vs South Warren matchup as you host the Spartans on the 27th. Will be a tough game for OCATH, but a good one to prepare you for the tougher battles sure to come later in the playoffs!

12. Tier:
McCracken County (6A) - LW: 12 - Preseason Rank: 9 - 2017 Record 5-4; [District Record 3-0] Week 8 Results: Win 41-27 vs Dyer County (Newburn), TN 5A (3-5). Mustangs scalped the Choctaws while losing the yardage battle by 7 yards. RB TaeShawn Allen had a HUGE game. You will see him later. That means the Mustang OLine are really coming along. Good news in Mustang Country! Week 9: Last District and regular season game vs 6A Muhlenberg County (2-6). In this All Mustang battle, look for McCracken County to take care of things early, but with this being the last game of the season will Coach Clark leave the starters in a little longer to get them more work in preparation for Week 1 of the Playoffs in Paducah? You tell me...

Henderson County (6A) - LW: 14 - Preseason Rank: NR - 2017 Record 4-5; [District Record 3-1] Week 8 Results: Win 34-27 vs 6A Daviess County (3-5). This was a competitive back and forth game, but mostly Henderson's talented QB Skip Patterson scoring a rushing TD and then Daviess coming back to tie or cut to a single digits. It should be noted that Daviess QB Cambron and WR Tinsley are VERY good and Daviess might be the best 3 and 5 team around. That said, Henderson needed this game for momentum purposes and District seeding and they got it!!! Congratulations Colonels! Also big thanks to our good friend @Cols 51 who brought us the scores for this one!!! Week 9: BYE Week. GREAT Timing Colonels!!! Know you have several banged up guys. You have to feel good about the #2 District spot and a home playoff game! I call that a win!!! Rest up Colonels and get ready for Old Rival 5A Owensboro at Rash Stadium on the 27th!

13. Tier:
Graves County 5A (4-4) - Last Week (LW): 12 - District Record 1-2 - Week 8 Results: Loss 21-14 in OT vs 5A Christian County (8-0). Well Eagles Fans, I'm sure you feel you let one slip away here. However, you can not turn the ball over at least 4 times against an excellent team and expect to win. That said, Christian County defense is very good and caused your QB Ryan Mathis, who I really like, to struggle. However, WR Trevor Grant had a Super Game and is a real talent! You will see him later. As to the extra-curricular stuff – I think blame can be placed with both teams and think this sets up for next seasons game in Christian County to be must see Western Kentucky Football!!! Week 9: Last District Game vs 5A Owensboro (3-5). Both these teams had MUCH different expectations coming into this season with at least garnering a home playoff game. Neither will achieve that. This will be a fascinating game as both teams are good teams and better than their records suggest. But the fact remain that both will be traveling to Bowling Green or South Warren in the first round of the playoffs. Tough draw for the Purples and Spartans honestly, but the Eagles and Red Devils will be underdogs in these games. Doesn't mean they can't win, but they both will be solid underdogs!

Owensboro (5A) - 2017 Record 3-5 - Last Week (LW): 10 - Preseason Rank: 6 - [District Record 1-2] Week 8 Results: Loss: 31-28 at 5A Apollo (6-2). Devasting loss Red Devil Fans. You gave up the lead LATE in the 4th Quarter on a Hail Mary pass with 11.9 seconds to go on 4th down I believe. You lost out on a home playoff game; you lost to a District Rival that hasn't beaten you since 2004; you guaranteed a road playoff first round game at either South Warren or Bowling Green... OOOOFFFFFF!!! Week 9: District Buster at 5A Graves County (4-4). Get on the Bus Gus!!! Red Devils make the 2.5 hour by Cheese Wagon trip to Mayfield! That's a big deal in itself! How will the Red Devils respond to this level of adversity this late in the season? You tell me...

14. Tier:
Allen County Scottsville (4A) LW: 11 - Preseason Rank: Top 20 - 2017 Record 5-3; [District Record 0-2] Week 8 Results - Loss 17-13 at 4A Warren East (5-3). Bad time for the Patriots to have arguably their worst game of the season, especially from an offensive standpoint, but you have to give Warren East credit as they brought a lot of pressure and the Raider secondary simply made plays! But you will now be on the road in the playoffs so that is significant and likely at a fine Madisonville NH squad. Week 9: Last District Game at 4A Warren Central (0-8). Shouldn't be much to see in this one. The Dragons will give it all they have, but it won't be enough by a large margin!!!

Edmonson County 3A (5-3) LW: 15 - District Record 2-1 - Week 8 Results: Win 42-7 vs 3A Hart County (1-7). Edmonson County with an easy win over Poor Ole' Hart County. But things get tougher now... Week 9: District Buster at 3A Larue County (7-1). Larue's first loss of the season was last Friday at very talented Elizabethtown. This game is for the #2 District spot and a Home Playoff game. So it's a Big Deal. Larue should be the favorite. Heck is Larue County in the West? I don't know. I'll report back later. Good luck Wildcats!!!

15. Tier:
Paducah Tilghman 3A (3-5) - LW: Not Ranked - Preseason - Top 20 - Week 8 Results: Win 30-10 vs 3A Union County (6-2). Welcome Back Blue Tornados! This is a good win and 2 district wins in a row with a 3rd coming up. No, these teams aren't world beaters, but other than Elizabethtown in 3A District 2, I don't think there's a team over there you can't beat PT Fans!!! Week 9: District Game at 3A Fort Campbell (2-6). Start getting clearance now Tornado fans. Just can't see how Fort Campbell can match up with Tilghman athletically. Should be over sooner than later...

Russellville (1A) - LW: Not Ranked - Preseason Rank: Top 20 - 2017 Record 6-2; [District Record 2-0] Week 8 Results: Win 41-6 vs 1A Fulton City (0-8). You have to give Poor Ole' Fulton City credit for showing up, as it is more than Fulton County Did!!! Just sayin... I call a spade a spade... Welcome Back Panthers! STILL the Best 1A Team in the West, but you'll have to prove it in hostile territory next week! Week 9: District Buster at 1A Crittenden County (4-4). Gotta believe this is Russellville's game to lose. The Crittenden D just recently gave up 74 biggens to 2A Ballard Memorial, so I'm feelin froggy about the Russellville O!!!

Others Receiving Votes: Daviess County, Monroe County, Hopkinsville, Greenwood, Union County, Metcalfe County, Ohio County.

Week 8 Players of the Week: (I am going to try to pick different guys for this list to try and provide more hardworking young men a chance to get highlighted than to keep going to the same ones over and over. Also, I do not get all the stats by the time this edition goes out, so please add to the list and thank you for it!)

1) Gregory Barnes - DB Warren East - made 4 Interceptions vs Allen County-Scottsville QB Chase Wilson in Warren East's 17-13 win over ACS!!!
Caleb Huskey - WR Warren East - 8 catches for 92 yards and 1 TD.
2) Ty Mink - QB Monroe County - 16-21 with 205 yards and 3 TDs vs Glasgow in the first half!
3) Trevor Grant - WR Graves County - 6 catches for 123 yards and 2 TDs vs Christian County.
4) Imonte Owsley - RB/DB Owensboro - 5 carries for 176 yards and 2 TDs and 2 receptions for 60 yards and 1 TDs vs Apollo. Kid is a real talent!!!
5) Skip Patterson - QB Henderson County - 22 carries for 94 yards and 5 TDs vs Daviess County!
6) TaeShawn Allen - RB McCracken County - 27 carries for 178 yards and 4 TDs vs Dyer County, TN.

Week 8 Teams Trending Down: It's Plain and Simple Week...
Owensboro (5A) - Down - Plain and simple.... Owensboro has too much talent to be below the #2 spot in this District. Just my opinion! Now they are facing a road matchup at either South Warren or Bowling Green IN THE FIRST ROUND of the playoffs!!! Not good...
Allen County-Scottsville - Down - Plain and simple... ACS not only lost to Warren East, they lost the #2 District Spot, they lost a Home Playoff game, and they receive a MUCH Tougher 1st Round Playoff opponent IMO...
Union County - Down - Plain and simple... Union hasn't been themselves since they were outmatched at home against a strong Caldwell County squad. This loss puts you closer to a 2nd round road game at Etown. Likely your ceiling Braves Fans...

Week 8 Teams Makin' A Run... It's Plain and Simple Week:
Glasgow (2A) - In it to Win it - Plain and simple... Scotties took a rope-a-dope strategy to outlast a Flurry of gritty Monroe County hay-makers and then turned on the gas in the second half to blow the feathers off the Falcons... District Champs - Congrats!!! Don't overlook this team...
Logan County (4A) - In it to Win it - Plain and simple... When you earn it you earn it! District Champs - Congrats!!! Tough team right here!!!
Apollo (5A) - In it to Win it - Plain and simple... You tend to just want to put this team out of sight and out of mind... Well the Eagles played with incredible grit and tenacity to beat a local rival who has owned them for years... NOT THIS YEAR!!! Way to go Eagles!!!
Warren East (4A) - In it to Win it - Plain and simple... This is another out of sight - out of mind team, but East has ATHLETES and Coach Griffith has done an Outstanding Job getting this team to compete at a high level! HUGE Win! Don't overlook this team!!!
Henderson County (6A) - In it to Win it - Plain and simple... A home playoff game was on the line and the Colonels went to Daviess County and got it done! HUGE Win! Congrats Colonels!!!
Paducah Tilghman (3A) - In it to Win it - Plain and simple... The Blue Tornados are the poster child for out of site - out of mind BUT here they are in the #2 District seed and earned a home playoff game. This is a team that is the epitome of having a "Punchers Chance"! Can they win 3A... NO. Can they knock off a big time team in a 1 game scenario, even on the road... You better believe it!!!

AND THERE ARE STILL 2! These 2 teams REFUSE TO LOSE!!! Both taking significant shots and just battle back and get it done! GREAT FOR THEM!!! Good luck the rest of the regular season! I hope you both go undefeated!!!
Team (% likely to remain undefeated all season) (biggest challenger(s) remaining)
(In alphabetical order):

Christian County (95%) (Should Win Out)
Logan County (95%) (Should Win Out)

The Sullen 7: Only Barren County seems to have a slight chance left. These 7 teams remain winless on the season! It may be very likely that this list stays this way through the end of the season. I hate that as this is a sport that demands participation throughout the year. To not get 1 win during the season is REALLY Tough! Chin up guys and Best of Luck!
Team (% likely to get a win this season) (best chance at a win remaining)
(In alphabetical order):
Barren County (35%) (At Grayson County, Edmonson County)
Breckinridge County (5%) (? Maybe at Hancock County)
Butler County (10%) (Hancock County, At McLean County)
Calloway County (0%) (No Chances Left this season)
Caverna (0%) (No Chances Left this season)
Fulton City (5%) (? Fulton County)
Warren Central (0%) (No Chances Left this season)