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BluegrassPreps 2017 Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 6 Edition

Concerning the top story line for this week, Fall and Fall Breaks are upon us and for many of the top teams the BYE week is here. Rest and recuperation are the most prescribed mandates for most teams and yourself. Get out and enjoy this time of year! It is my favorite – sweatshirt and shorts!!!

While players are headed to the couch, what about the coaching staffs? I would say the better coaching staffs take this time to relax a bit, but carry around film on the best team they have yet to play this season. As once it’s in your blood, you never really get away from football during the season!

Popcorn N Coke Top 10 Version – Week 6:
1. Bowling Green 5A (5-2): Win 49-13 at 5A Grayson County
2. Mayfield 2A (6-1): Win 56-21 vs 2A Murray
3. South Warren 4A (7-0): Win 42-11 vs 5A Greenwood
4. Christian County 5A (6-0): Win 48-27 at 5A Owensboro
5. Caldwell County 3A (6-1): Win 39-7 at 3A Union County
6. Franklin Simpson 4A (4-3): Win 30-7 at 4A Allen County-Scottsville
7. Glasgow 2A (5-2): Win 50-0 at 2A Green County
8. Madisonville North Hopkins 4A (5-2): Win 35-20 at 4A Hopkinsville
9. Owensboro 5A (2-4): Loss 48-27 vs 5A Christian County
10. Allen County-Scottsville 4A (5-2): Loss 30-7 vs 4A Franklin Simpson

Week 5 Western Kentucky Game of the Week Recap: 5A Christian County (6-0) 48 at 5A Owensboro (2-4) 27. Good atmosphere at Rash Stadium on Friday night! But once again turnovers and penalties negated what could have been a more sizeable Owensboro lead into Christian County taking the early lead in the game. For Christian County – give them credit as their players made the plays early to get them the lead. The game changed with about 1:30 left to go in the first half when Christian County scored twice including a spectacular Corey Trice punt return TD that Owensboro easily should have just kicked out of bounds (no need to take that chance at the end of the half). Christian got the ball first in the second half and scored again and that was really all she wrote! Big Win for Christian County – no doubt about it. Also a “where do we go from here moment at 2 and 4” for Owensboro. More below…

Week 6 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: There are 3 games this week that I seriously considered for this week’s Featured Game. I chose to cut a team that was here last week because I like to spread this honor around. I also chose to cut the second game because one of the teams is 1 and 5 going into it. SO…. This week’s top game will be 6A McCracken County (3-4) at 6A Henderson County (3-4). This game should be for the District Championship and home field in the playoffs until the Finals IF they could make it that far. Both teams are gaining momentum and surging at the right time of the year. I see this game as pretty darn close and should warrant teams that have BYE weeks to drive on over to Henderson and take this game in! Going to be a good one Sports Fans!!!

Honorable Mention: Apollo at Christian County, Hopkinsville at Logan County, South Warren at Ravenwood (Brentwood), TN.

Meat & Potato’s Version Week 6 Top 10:
10) Allen County Scottsville (4A) LW: 8 - Preseason Rank: Top 20 - 2017 Record 5-2; [District Record 0-1] Week 6 Results – Loss: 30-7 vs 4A Franklin Simpson (4-3). Thanks to our good friend @macdon who provided stats for this one; the most telling of which was Franklin had more than twice as many offensive plays as ACS. Plus, when you gain -7 yards in the entire second half, you are not going to beat many teams. I still think the Patriots are a very good team that could still cause problems for most teams in the 4A West Bracket. But Job 1 is working on better pass protection for their QB. If they can’t do that, it is going to be tough vs your better 4A teams! Week 7: BYE Week: You have to like the sound of that Patriot Fans, as your team has played awfully well in the Pre-BYE section of the schedule. They have to be a little weary as well after a physical game with Franklin. Heal up; charge up; and rev up in order to come out smoking after the break! I like the Patriots in all 3 remaining games! Could the Patriots earn a second shot at Franklin Simpson!!! You tell me…

9) Owensboro (5A) – LW: 7 - Preseason Rank: 6 - 2017 Record 2-4; [District Record 0-1] Week 6 Results: Loss: 48-27 vs 5A Christian County (6-0). Tough game Red Devil fans! Concerning the game, the Red Devils simply made too many mistakes that easily allowed the Colonels to make plays and turned a tight game into a comfortable Colonel win – it’s really as simple as that! I honestly think in this specific situation that the Bye Week hurt Owensboro. I don’t think Owensboro has lost to Daviess County since 2004, so the loss to the Panthers hit harder than I think most expected. Then you have to stew on it for 2 weeks basically; have a few players who don’t suit up for you last Friday; and start District Play against the District Favorite! That’s A LOT stacked up against you! But you play the cards your dealt Red Devil fans!!! As you aren’t out of the woods yet as you have up-start Apollo who would love to drill you this season and Graves County is a pretty desperate team now and also pretty darn good! Week 7: vs 5A Marshall County (3-4)! Should be all Red Devils in this one, but where is Owensboro’s head at the moment! I don’t know. On paper, Marshall just doesn’t have the horses to stay in this game IMO. Survive and advance Red Devils, still a lot to play for…

8) Madisonville-North Hopkins 4A – LW: 11; Preseason: Top 15 – 2017 Record: (5-2) [District Record – 2-0] - Week 6 Results: Win 35-20 at 4A Hopkinsville (1-5). BIG DISTRICT Win Maroon Fans!!! According to our good friend @Maroonman, Madisonville had 2 rushers above 100 yards on the game. The Maroons forced at least 6 turnovers and the Tigers scored in the last seconds to tighten the score a bit. So VERY Impressive Win for the Maroons to take the outright lead in 4A District 1. Well done!!! Week 7: BYE Week. Well, at this point in the season Maroon Fans; it’s time to rest up and focus on the remaining district game vs previously cupcake opponent turned eye-opener Logan County sets up to be a great game in Madisonville. Get out and support your team Maroon Fans!!!

7) Glasgow (2A) – LW: 8 - Preseason Rank: Top 20; 2017 Record 5-2; Week 6: Win 50-0 at 2A Green County (4-3). The level of competition both these teams have played this year are on opposite ends of the spectrum with Glasgow facing a bevy of seasoned, contending 4A schools and Green not really. So you had to expect this type of result, although a 50 Burger is a little surprising I guess!!! For the Scotties, good to get the first District win in the books…. Week 7: BYE Week. Great time for the BYE Scotties as you must be gassed from the Very challenging early season schedule! Rest up because you still have the 2 toughest teams in the district to go plus hosting one of the best 3A teams in Elizabethtown. You’re game hosting Monroe County looks to be for the District Title on the 13th of this month! Carry on Scotties!!!

6) Franklin Simpson (4A) – LW: 6 - Preseason Rank: 4 - 2017 Record 4-3; District Record 1-0] Week 6 Results: Win: 30-7 at 4A Allen County-Scottsville (5-2). What a game Wildcat Fans!!! According to our good friend @macdon, the Wildcats rolled up 60 rushing attempts for 364 yards and 4 TD. 32 rushes for 268 yards in the 2nd half alone! Well Done!!! Scottsville isn’t the easiest place to get a win. As good as those numbers are on offense; for me, the Franklin D was the story of this game as their pass rush was the difference harassing a very good QB in Chase Wilson and only surrendering 1 TD – Very Impressive and you have to feel good going into the BYE Week on that note Wildcat Fans!!! Week 7: BYE Week. Must be multiple scrapes and bruises to mend after this week Wildcats! Get some rest as the last 3 games of the season are yours to lose! Win them and you host for a good while in the playoffs! BIG DEAL! A little long range look through the Purple 88 periscope shows a potential meeting with the Madisonville Maroons!!! LOT of Football to be played between now and then but get the map out Wildcat Fans as you will likely need to know where the Old Pennyrile Parkway is before it’s all said and done!!!

5) Caldwell County (3A) – LW: 5 - Preseason Rank: Top 15 - 2017 Record 6-1; [District Record 2-0] Week 6 Results: Win: 39-7 at 3A Union County (5-1). The Tigers utilized the Blitzkrieg offense again and had a 21-0 lead with just about 6 minutes played in the game. That was enough to stun the BIG home crowd assembled to watch the Braves get their shot at the top Tigers! QB Joby Jaggers was really good last Friday (you will see him later). Plus the Tiger D picked off Union County 3 times. Thanks to our good friend @PtownDude who provided good insight on this game when he reported Union County tried an onside kick to start the game. Likely not the best approach, but hey they played to win and just didn’t. Congrats to the Tigers!!! Week 7: At Old Rival 3A Trigg County (4-3) in the 139 Bowl!!! Where’s our old friend @DreamKiller? Would love his input on the Tigers this season! Think Trigg would cut off their left arm to beat Caldwell with their right in this one, but just can’t see it happening. Caldwell is just playing too well and know Coach Barns will have his troops ready for this important matchup along Kentucky Route 139! Get out and support your team Tiger Fans! Head down early Tiger Fans and grab a burger at Ferrell’s Snappy Service! They don’t make em like that anymore!!! Name:  Ferrells cadiz.jpg
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4) Christian County (5A) – LW: 4 - Preseason Rank: 2 - 2017 Record 6-0; [District Record 2-0] Week 6 Results: Win 48-27 at 5A Owensboro (2-4). BIG WIN Colonel Fans!!! It doesn’t matter if Owensboro is 0 and 10 to me, when you go to Rash Stadium and get a win, it is impressive to me. This was my first time this year to get to see County in person and glad I did. They are likely just as good as they were last year, but very different in how they approach things offensively. They challenged the Red Devils to stop them running the ball, sprinkled in a couple well timed passes and basically Owensboro just couldn’t stop them. Was really impressed with the rushing attack led by QB Kolbi Langhi. They spread Owensboro out and then ran behind their OLine and it was devastatingly effective. Ultra-talented Corey Trice got a few snaps on the offensive side of the ball, but was spectacular in a back-breaking punt return for TD just before the half. The County defense played well minus a couple well-designed Imonte Owsley runs. Checked all the boxes for me. I think now that most in the state had because accustomed to seeing County light up the score board. They have the last 2 weeks and think that can continue for some time. Week 7: District Buster – vs 5A Apollo (5-1). If I’m a Colonel’s Fan, I’m sayin to myself – who are these guys??? Well, they are one of the best stories in the state and according to our good friend @ApolloFan98 are really playing well as a TEAM right now!!! That and the fact that they are rested makes this Friday night’s game pretty fascinating as I really don’t know what Apollo has on offense or defense and “could” County be set up for a let-down coming off this road trip you know they have had circled since last season’s double OT loss. You know the Coaches will fight that, but it is a human tendency and these are high school guys we’re talking about so anything is possible. So get out to the Stadium of Champions Colonel Fans and support your team!!! Should be a good one!!!

3) South Warren (5A) – LW: 3 - Preseason Rank: 10 - 2017 Record 7-0; District Record 3-0] Week 6 Results: Win: District Game – 42-11 vs 5A Greenwood (2-5). According to our good friend @jcarter, South earned their 3rd straight running clock before halftime. South’s ENTIRE defense is based on stopping the run. Greenwood only runs. South is simply playing better than Greenwood this season (pretty easy to see this outcome). QB Gaven Spurrier again plays well as do most of the South squad Week 7: at 6A Ravenwood (Brentwood), TN (4-2) and ranked the 30th best team in the State of Tennessee. I honestly don’t know a ton about the Raptors, but they have roughly a 1,700 national ranking (according to Maxpreps) while the Spartans are ranked at 1,200 nationally. Since the game is down in Brentwood, this one should be a pretty good tune up. I am pulling for the Spartans big time in this one (as I would any KY team over a TN team) as I’d like to see them coming into the last district game of the year undefeated! And boy, boy, boy will that one be one to see – when the Spartans trek across town to El Donaldson Stadium for a tussle with the Purples!!! BIG GAME on October the 20th!!! It’s been a long time coming, but make your plans now sports fans to be at the El on October 20 for this one! You won’t be disappointed!!!

2) Mayfield (2A) – LW: 2 - Preseason Rank: 3 - 2017 Record 6-1; District Record 1-0] Week 6 Results: Win: 56-21 vs 2A Murray (2-5). According to the Murray stats, Murray outrushed Mayfield 156 to 131, but Mayfield overwhelmed Murray with 311 to 118 in passing yards. Sounds like QB Jaden Stinson continues to play very well for the Cardinals! Not really much to dislike in this one for Cardinal fans. As when you beat your (rival), any win is a good win…. Am I wrong? I don’t think so. Week 7: BYE Week. Well-earned I might add. Several injuries and nagging strains/sprains that could use an extra month to get ready for Tough 3A Caldwell County, as that is the next time they will likely be needed. Fight off the boredom and gear up for yet another deep run Cardinal Fans! Much still to play for as you play at home as long as you win all the way up to the State Championship game at the Grocery Bag in Lexington!!!

1) Bowling Green (5A) – LW: 1 - Preseason Rank: 1 - 2017 Record 5-2; District Record 2-0] Week 6 Results: Win: 49-13 at 5A Grayson County (1-6). It was agreed before kickoff that the running clock would run after a 28 point advantage. When you schedule the running clock, that isn’t a good sign you plan to be in the game long. But I have to give the Grayson County kids credit, as I thought they fought hard and played as hard as they could and really that’s all you can ask. But as you’d imagine with this intro, BG got the running clock in the first quarter and let the entire team play in the game. Hopefully that gave the JV some time to get some reps as their schedule has melted with 4 straight cancellations, so I guess last night in the second half was their game. Good reps for the younger Purples. For the game, there were only 19 offensive plays for BG, so the varsity only got about half those snaps. Not that many really. District game – win and advance Purples! Week 7: BYE Week. This has been an especially difficult year for BG injuries, so this week is a welcome one for that alone! Mend up Purples! See you on the 13th!

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11. Tier:
Logan County 4A (6-0) – Last Week (LW): 10 – District Record: 1-0 - Week 6 Results: BYE. Cougar Nation rests up this week waiting for the Tigers of Hopkinsville to come calling in a tough matchup they have likely circled for some time. The Cougars haven’t seen this degree of athleticism this season, but don’t count them out. However, it surely will be a very difficult game for them. Week 7: vs (1-5) Hopkinsville. The Tigers were knocked out by a tough, physical Madisonville-North Hopkins squad that brought a lot of intensity to their game and handled Hoptown surprisingly easy. You have to wonder where Hoptown is mentally and physically after this one. For Logan County, that’s their problem! Focus on what you have to do and try to dictate your advantages and Go For It!!! Games like this is why you play Cougars – Good Luck!

Owensboro Catholic (2A) – LW: 11 - Preseason Rank: 5 - 2017 Record 4-3; District Record 2-0] Week 6 Results – Win: 43-14 at 2A McLean County (1-5). I don’t have any stats or updates to report, but the score speaks for itself. OCATH has pretty much owned McLean for some time and that didn’t change on Friday night. Another district win and move on Aces!!! Week 7: District Game vs 2A Hancock County (4-2). Although I think the Hornets of Hancock County are a good team and typically the #2 seed in this district, they like many 2A teams have not had much success vs the Aces. I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Aces name the score in this one, especially since the game is in Owensboro…

12. Tier:
Apollo 5A (5-1) – LW: 12 – Preseason: Not Ranked (NR) – District Record – (1-0) - Week 6 Results: BYE Week. Eagle Kool-Aid was overflowing off Tamarack Road this past week in Owensboro! Good for them! You have to like the run the Eagles are on! Week 7: District Game at 5A Christian County (6-0). Well Eagles you want to run with the Big Dogs??? Time to leave the Owensboro porch and travel down the Old Pennyrile Parkway to the Stadium of Champions in Hoptown to take on a fine Christian County team that has been a leading District contender for years! Show us what you got, but in the interim, I’m already impressed for this season!!! Good luck Eagles!!!

Graves County 5A (4-3) – Last Week (LW): 13 – District Record 1-1 - Week 6 Results: Win 55-20 at (3-4) 5A Marshall County. Graves certainly took it out on poor ole’ Marshall County with over 650 yards total offense!!! Yowzzzaa!!! QB Ryan Mathis and company played very, very well to get their first district win! That was critical Eagle fans after the narrow loss up at Apollo. Week 7: BYE Week. Time to recharge Eagles! Get ready for your last 3 games where you host both District stalwarts Christian County and Owensboro. Do you split those two? You tell me… I think the 4 teams going to the playoffs are pretty clear in 5A District 1, but what order will they be in? That is still to be determined. Still a lot to play for Eagles!!!

13. Tier:
Warren East (4A) – LW: 14 - Preseason Rank: Outside Top 20 - 2017 Record 4-3; District Record 1-0] Week 6 Results: Win: 33-0 at 4A Warren Central (0-7). All Raiders in this one Sports Fans!!! East gets back in the win column and a district win at that. Frosh QB Nolan Ford had a great game with 155 yards passing 1 TD and 1 INT. RB Trevor Naftel and RB Thomas Maxey both had terrific games along with LB Boards with 13 tackles. Week 7: BYE Week. Rest and get ready for your final 3 tough games Raider Nation, as you still have district rivals Franklin Simpson and Allen County-Scottsville to go!!!

Henderson County (6A) – LW: 15 - Preseason Rank: NR - 2017 Record 3-4; [District Record 2-0] Week 6 Results: Win: 38-8 at 6A Muhlenberg County (2-4). Thanks to our good friend @Cols 51 who reported Henderson started their backup QB instead of the starter Skip Patterson, who had a strained shoulder. GREAT move Coach Boston because the Colonels were up 24-0 after 1 quarter and started the running clock with over 6 to go in the 3rd Quarter. Solid win Colonels. Now move on to one that is much more important! WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK - Week 7: District Buster vs 6A McCracken County (3-4). Big One here Colonel Fans!!! Since McCracken County became a school and participated in varsity football in 2013, these 2 teams have played every year with McCracken County winning every game and most of them convincingly. Is this the year Henderson stops that trend and takes back the District reigns? We shall see Sports Fans!!!

14. Tier:
McCracken County (6A) – LW: 15 - Preseason Rank: 9 - 2017 Record 3-4; [District Record 2-0] Week 6 Results: Win: 48-20 vs 6A Ohio County (5-2). Mustangs are playing really well right now! Good win against an overmatched district foe! Good Win! RB TaeShawn Allen (169 yards rushing and 3 TDs), QB Elijah Wheat (14 completions for 189 yards and 2 TDs vs 1 INT), and SR DB Ethan Schaaf (INT and fumble recovery) are all playing really well for the Mustangs!!! WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK Week 7: District Buster at 6A Henderson County (3-4). These are the best 2 teams in 6A District 1 IMO. HUGE Game in Hendo this coming Friday!!! Here’s my questions to you: which of these teams has played the tougher schedule to this point? Tough question… Who wins this one? I’m not sure honestly. I am going to go with Henderson at home. 2 hours riding the cheese wagon has to be a consideration… right!!!

Hopkinsville 4A (1-5) LW: 12 – District Record 0-1 - Week 6 Results: Loss 35-20 vs 4A Madisonville NH (5-2) Not trying to take ANYTHING away from Madisonville, but doesn’t the Tiger brutal schedule have a little to do with this one? I mean, you’ve lost 4 games this season already, which was a little unexpected and this past Friday you faced a fired up team that you typically compete with well and you basically had no answer in this one. Maybe Madisonville is just better, but maybe those early losses are taking a toll. Week 7: District Game at 4A Logan County (6-0). These waters haven’t been traveled in many moons, as recent history writes a blowout when these 2 district mates have met. Will it be the same song and dance this coming Friday? I honestly think Logan County has a real shot in this one. I know Hopkinsville’s overall athleticism will be a significant factor. But if the Cougars were to get up early in this game, how would Hoptown respond? You tell me… Get out to Russellville sports fans and take in a great district battle!!!

15. Tier:
Union County 3A (5-1) – LW: 13 – Preseason - NR - Week 6 Results: Loss 39-7 vs 3A Caldwell County (6-1). Well Braves Fans it didn’t go as scripted. But total offense was nearly even at 336 for Caldwell and 307 for Union. But the real difference in the game was turnovers, with Union surrendering 3 INTs, 1 fumble and a failed on-side kick that set Caldwell up in great field position off the opening kickoff. Caldwell took advantage of that and went in to score. They scored 2 more times inside the first 6 minutes of the game and it was really over at that point. Not what the BIG crowd had hoped for. But if you could de-energize the Blue Tornado’s later this month, you can still host a playoff game! And that would be big IMO! Hang in Braves Fans as Caldwell is really good! Better than I thought they’d be this season! Week 7: District Game at 3A Fort Campbell (2-4) Braves Fans maybe our good friend @Toothpick can help you guys with security clearance as he may still be in Fort Campbell getting final clearance from when the Mayfield Cardinals were last there!!!

Monroe County (2A) – LW: NR - Preseason Rank: NR - 2017 Record 6-1; District Record 1-0] Week 6 Results: Win: 42-13 at gritty 2A District Foe Metcalfe County (5-2). Again, if you get it done on the field, you will be rewarded in this ranking. Greenwood is a good team, but felt a team that was performing better deserved to get this spot! The Falcons flew into Edmonton and exterminated the Hornets. I don’t have stats on this one, but these were two 5 and 1 teams that were both playing well. Impressive Monroe! Keep it going!!! Week 7: BYE Week. Get to preening those feathers Falcons as the most important game is now on your horizon! The 13th you will fly over to Glasgow for a matchup with the tough Glasgow Scotties! The District is ON THE LINE Falcon Fans! Get out and support your team! Know I’m preaching to the choir on this one as you are an awesome Fan base!!!

Others Receiving Votes: Greenwood, Edmonson County, Russellville, Paducah Tilghman, Daviess County, Metcalfe County, Ohio County,

Week 6 Players of the Week: (I am trying to pick different guys for this list to try and provide more hardworking young men a chance to get highlighted than to keep going to the same ones over and over. Also, I do not get all the stats by the time this edition goes out, so please add to the list and thank you for it!)

1) Madisonville-North Hopkins vs Hopkinsville –
Aaron Miller – RB – 22 carries for 114 yards and 2 TDs.
Jariah Hightower – RB – 30 carries for 156 yards and 1 TD.
James Gilbert – DB – 2 INTs!
2) Franklin Simpson vs Allen County-Scottsville – Carlos McKinney – 26 carries for 148 yards and 2 TDs!
3) Graves County vs Marshall County
Ryan Mathis - QB – 18 for 30 for 253 yards and 4 TDs vs 1 INT
Gabe Harned – RB – 113 yards and 1 TD.
Chase Whitis – RB – 186 yards and 1 TD!
4) Jaden Stinson – QB – Mayfield vs Murray – 8 for 9 for 256 yards and 3 TDs in the FIRST HALF!!!
5) Caldwell County at Union County
Joby Jaggers – QB – 20-22 with 268 yards and 3 TDs
Travis Newsome – WR – 5 catches for 105 yards and 2 TDs
Hunter VanHooser – LB – 11 tackles!

Week 6 Teams Moving Down
Owensboro (5A) – Down – Owensboro is struggling. They haven’t been 2 and 4 since 2011. They haven’t lost to Daviess County since 2004, but that is there only real bad loss. Bowling Green, Mater Dei, and Christian County are excellent teams. Still, Red Devil Nation expects to compete at the top. Will finishing Week 2 of the playoffs at BG be finishing at the top??? Is that unfair??? You tell me… Owensboro hasn’t secured the second spot in the district either. Graves County and Apollo will be very tough games given the way Owensboro is playing at the moment.

Hopkinsville (4A) – Down – I didn’t see this loss coming, even though I knew Madisonville is a fine football team. I anticipated with the gutty win vs a tough Paducah Tilghman team that the Tigers would be ready to go in Madisonville. They were not. Now at 1 and 5, you have to question the mental condition of the team, which makes this game at Logan County a MUST-Win in my eyes or you are going on the road through the playoffs. Not where the Tigers want to be.

Week 6 Teams Moving Up
Henderson County (5A) – Up
– The Colonels certainly have fought this season. Got their doors blown off against Reitz (who is at 6 and 1 this season)! But after that game they stayed together and played Caldwell and Christian as well as anyone has. QB Skip Patterson is extremely talented and the rest of their team has real potential. Huge Game vs McCracken next week for the District Title!!! Good luck Colonels!!!

Madisonville-North Hopkins (4A) – Up – Second week in a row Maroons, but this time it means more as you smoked your biggest District rival (Hopkinsville). Now heading into the Bye Week to rest and retool to finish the season strong. You are the District leader and need to focus on finishing strong against Logan County prior to taking on 5A heavyweight Christian County and a Fort Campbell breath mint prior to going into playoff action! Keep it up Maroons!!!

“Broke Their Maiden” – In horse racing, when you break your maiden, you win your first race. Well this category is for teams that don’t get as much love, but did get their first victory of the season here and I think that’s significant:
Ballard Memorial Bombers dropped the BIG MOMBA on Webster County 66 to 7! Congrats to all those in Barlow, but especially Coach Mark Brooks on his first win I believe. Congrats to the Bomber players as well!

THE BIG 3! It is tough to win 6 or 7 in a row! Good luck to them as they move forward, as an undefeated season is special – no matter how you spin it!!!
Team (% likely to remain undefeated all season) (biggest challenger(s) remaining)
(In alphabetical order):
Christian County (45%) (At Graves County - vs Apollo)
Logan County (35%) (Hopkinsville and At Madisonville-North Hopkins)
South Warren (45%) (At Ravenwood and Bowling Green)

The Sullen 7: These 7 teams remain winless on the season! It may be very likely that this list stays this way through the end of the season. I hate that as this is a sport that demands participation throughout the year. To not get 1 win during the season is REALLY Tough! Chin up guys and Best of Luck!
Team (% likely to get a win this season) (best chance at a win remaining)
(In alphabetical order):
Barren County (35%) (At Grayson County, Edmonson County)
Breckinridge County (5%) (? Maybe at Hancock County)
Butler County (10%) (Hancock County, At McLean County)
Calloway County (35%) (Pikeville)
Caverna (15%) (Fort Knox)
Fulton City (5%) (? Fulton County)
Warren Central (0%) (No Chances Left this season)