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BluegrassPreps 2017 Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 5 Edition

Concerning the top story line for this week, District Football is here! And that means, believe it or not we are already halfway through the regular season! Wow, time flies while you’re having fun! Whether you already have a district game under your belt or not, THE most important part of the regular season has arrived! These are teams you know well and they know you well. You have a history that goes back many years (by most accounts). Some battles have gone your way and some have not, but the freshness and soon to be (Maybe by Friday night anyway) cool crispness in the air signals a new season is upon us. Whether you have had a good season to this point or not really, doesn’t matter as long as you play well now!

Popcorn N Coke Top 10 Version – Week 5:
1. Bowling Green 5A (4-2): Win 49-19 at 5A Greenwood
2. Mayfield 2A (5-1): Loss 20-17 vs 3A Corbin at Austin Peay State University
3. South Warren 4A (6-0): Win 50-6 vs 5A Barren County
4. Christian County 5A (5-0): Win 37-6 vs 5A Marshall County
5. Caldwell County 3A (5-1): Win 24-21 vs 3A Paducah Tilghman
6. Franklin Simpson 4A (3-3): Win 35-19 at 2A Glasgow
7. Owensboro 5A (2-3): BYE Week
8. Allen County-Scottsville 4A (5-1): Win 46-7 vs 5A Grayson County
9. Glasgow 2A (4-2): Loss 35-19 vs 4A Franklin Simpson
10. Logan County (5-0): Win 38-8 at 4A Hopkins County Central

Week 5 Western Kentucky Game of the Week Recap: 2A Glasgow (4-2) 19 hosting 4A Franklin Simpson (3-3) 35. Really good game here in the first half with the Wildcats leading 21-19. Then the Franklin Simpson Defense really ratcheted it up and pitched a shutout in the entire second half. Franklin Simpson RB Tre Bass – remember that name as you’ll see him later!!! For the Scotties, you knew this one would be tough and your stars played well with QB Dalvin Smith gaining about 100 yards on the ground with a TD. Kinda think Franklin wore the 2A Scotties down on the very warm September evening. But still say Glasgow will be better for playing this type schedule!

Week 6 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: Many good games this week, but I have to hold true to a game I’ve been looking forward to all season and will be very significant for the 5A playoffs: 5A Christian County (5-0) at 5A Owensboro (2-3). Rash Stadium will be rockin on Friday night! There are other district teams that can make it interesting, but this game has historically determined 5A District 1. Owensboro’s loss to Daviess County can be looked at as a bad sign, but I believe the Red Devils will be ready to play; kinda like they are backed into a corner (and really they are). Christian County played much better vs a lower tier Marshall County squad last week and knows what this game means.

Honorable Mention: Franklin Simpson at Allen County Scottsville, Caldwell County at Union County, Greenwood at South Warren, Madisonville-North Hopkins at Hopkinsville, and Murray at Mayfield.

Meat & Potato’s Version Week 5 Top 10:
10) Logan County 4A (6-0) – Last Week (LW): 10 – District Record: 1-0 - Week 5 Results: Win 32-6 at (1-5) 4A Hopkins County Central. I honestly don’t think I am pushing the scales for Logan County now. Sure Hopkins County Central isn’t scaring many teams, but this score on the road shows me the Cougars are focused and taking care of business! No better story in the West or the State this season IMO! Week 6: BYE Week. EXCELLENT Time for a bye Cougars! Right on the brink of hosting the best team in your District – the Hopkinsville Tigers on October 5. But that game is in Russellville, so you can just lay it on the line at home Cougars! Should be a very interesting game!

9) Glasgow (2A) – LW: 8 - Preseason Rank: Top 20; 2017 Record 4-2; Week 5 Western Kentucky Game of the Week Results: Loss 35-19 vs 4A Franklin Simpson (3-3). Hard fought game here! To go toe to toe (for at least a half) with a very good 4A team is something you can take positively from this game. On the negative, your rushing defense needs to get in the film room to develop some adjustment strategies as I’m told 2 of the FS long TD runs were the same play! But when you play the tough schedule Glasgow has, you have to expect some bumps in the road. But I am with our good friend @macdon in that Glasgow has no business playing hurry up on offense against a team with superior depth as most of the Scotties were gassed in the 4th Quarter. No wonder they only gained 2 yards that whole quarter! Week 6: District Game at 2A Green County (4-2). It is always important to set the tone come District time Scotties! Lose this game and all the work you did in the pre-District season is for naught! But I think Glasgow will be ready to take the 45 minute trip up US Highway 68 to Greensburg and take care of some Dragon business! Due to the cross-bracketing this year, the Scotties have a real shot to go a long way in the playoffs!

8) Allen County Scottsville (4A) LW: 9 - Preseason Rank: Top 20 - 2017 Record 5-1; District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results – Win: 46-7 at 5A Grayson County (1-5). The Patriot used a balanced attack to gain roughly 300 yards to Grayson’s miniscule 84 on the game!!! WOW! The ACS Defense is playing well. It will need to continue to do so, as a Very Tough opening District Matchup is now here! District Buster - Week 6: vs 4A Franklin Simpson (3-3). The Wildcats pass defense was surely tested against a very good Glasgow passing attack last week and seemed to clearly improve as the game went on. But I think the ACS passing attack is a bit better than Glasgow IMO, as QB Chase Wilson has passed for roughly 1,600 yards through 5 games (recent game stats not included) vs Dalvin Smith’s (Glasgow QB) 700 yards over the same # of games. Plus, I don’t look for the Patriots to wear down like the Scotties did and for this one to be a Barn-Burner! Get out and support your team Patriot Fans!

7) Owensboro (5A) – LW: 6 - Preseason Rank: 6 - 2017 Record 2-3; [District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: BYE Week. I’m sure Coach Fallin didn’t have any trouble getting the Red Devils attention this week in practice. With a disappointing loss 33-27 at 6A Daviess County (2-4) Owensboro feels pretty vulnerable at this stage of the season. But the BIG problem has been the turnovers. They had 6 against BG alone. And about half that against Daviess County. That has to be Job 1 for Owensboro. As if they lose the turnover battle vs Christian County this week, I do not like their chances. Week 6: Western Kentucky Game of the Week – District Buster vs 5A Christian County (5-0)! I’m sure the Red Devils will be ready to hit somebody else after the BYE week! I do, however, like Owensboro’s chances in the game if they can win the turnover battle. But not sure they’ve done that all season. The Christian County defense is one of the better squads in 5A, but I also think the Red Devil rushing attack is one of the better ones in 5A. So strength against strength. I was really impressed with QB Zeke Brown vs BG. The Red Devils need a great game by Brown in this one! I do feel Owensboro has clearly played the tougher schedule in this matchup. If the Red Devils get it done this Friday, is that the difference??? You tell me…

6) Franklin Simpson (4A) – LW: 7 - Preseason Rank: 4 - 2017 Record 3-3; District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: Win: 35-19 at 2A Glasgow (4-2). According to our good friend @macdon, the Wildcats rolled up 452 yards rushing! Yowzaaa!!! RB Tre Bass was runnin wild (you’ll see him later!) and he had friends! The Franklin defense turned in an inspiring performance only allowing 2 yards in the 4th Quarter! If you read this thread often, you likely know I love Muhamad Ali fights. I think the Wildcats season has been like Ali’s fight with George Foreman in Zaire in 1974. Ali took some HEAVY blows and punishment early and let Foreman wear himself out before putting on a show in the 8th round and put the huge Heavyweight on the canvas where he was counted out! I think the Wildcats are coming on and even though they are Team Chevron (chevron is a geology term for a fold that resembles a zig-zag line as they have alternated wins and losses all season and certainly taken some punches) right now, I think they are now poised to make a run. But this first District game is HUGE and against a team that typically plays their best against you! Week 6: District Buster at 4A Allen County-Scottsville (5-1). For me, ACS kinda arrived on the scene in 2015 when they pulled a shocker and knocked off a good Franklin team 21-20. Guess who the QB was for ACS in that game? The same one you’ll see on Friday Night! Gonna be a Great One Wildcat Fans!!! Name:  Ali vs Foreman.jpg
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5) Caldwell County (3A) – LW: 5 - Preseason Rank: Top 15 - 2017 Record 5-1; [District Record 1-0] Week 5 Results: Win: 24-21 vs 3A Paducah Tilghman (1-5). What a game! Thanks to our good friend @Razor Ramon who brought us the action! It seemed like Tilghman played their hearts out, but give Caldwell credit as they never quit and used the ole’ hook and ladder to get in field goal range with less than a minute to go. The Tigers kicker put it through and that was all she wrote! VERY Exciting game! Know the Tigers were missing a couple guys due to injury and hope they get back soon, but LOT of momentum building right now in Princeton! Week 6: At GRITTY 3A Union County (5-0). Morganfield will be fired up on Friday night! The Braves may be the best team in the State that no one knows about. Can they beat Caldwell? Sure, but I do not expect it. However, I do expect a close, hard fought game! So make an evening of it Tiger fans! It’s about an hour due north up to Morganfield! Stop by the Feed Mill to get a great pre-game meal! Name:  Feed Mill Restaurant.jpg
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4) Christian County (5A) – LW: 4 - Preseason Rank: 2 - 2017 Record 5-0; [District Record 1-0] Week 5 Results: Win 37-6 vs 5A Marshall County (3-3). Well that’s more like it Colonels! For Colonels fans, you couldn’t ask for more coming off a BYE Week really! As County was very balanced on offense with roughly 200 yards on the ground and 200 in the air. The defense was really tough again and did not allow any points. The Marshall County points came off a pick 6 from the Frosh backup QB in mop-up time. Week 5: Western Kentucky Game of the Week - District Buster – at 5A Owensboro (2-3). Big Game Colonel Fans!!! You lost this one last year in a fantastic matchup on a rainy night in Hopkinsville that went to double overtime. This year’s game will be at Rash Stadium, where my departed good friend PurpleHaze always said “you are already down 7-0 when you enter Rash Stadium”. County has to be in a very good mental place right now as they have not lost and are coming into this one on the uptick. Owensboro is not, but will try to use their time off to refocus on this game. Both sides understand what’s at stake. As the loser will likely be on the fast track to Week 2 of the Playoffs at BG! Not the best draw by far considering District 1 will Host the Regional Championship game in Week 3 of the Playoffs! Big Game!!!

3) South Warren (5A) – LW: 3 - Preseason Rank: 10 - 2017 Record 6-0; District Record 2-0] Week 5 Results: Win: District Game – 50-6 vs 5A Barren County (0-6). Replay this line: “Just a really good team crushing a really bad team”. “Barren” certainly is the correct term here for the poor ole’ Trojans as they have NO home games this year as they are constructing a new field. But give them some credit for trying as according to our good friend @jcarter, the Trojans successfully recovered the opening onside kick of the game! But it was all South from there. For the Spartans, it was business as usual, as they rolled up 239 yards offense vs -4 for Barren in the first half and a 43-0 score. That’s about it really. But that is also the last of the gimme District Games, so back to more challenging games for South. It should also be pointed out that out of South’s first 7 regular season games, 6 have been at home (includes Warren Central at WKU). So the schedule has been kind in that regard. Week 6: District Game vs. 5A Greenwood (2-4). I look for South to watch a lot of Greenwood film and be very prepared to shadow ultra-talented Gator QB Jackson Adams wherever he goes on Friday night. Adams will break a few runs, but I think very few as the Spartan defense has always been built on stopping the run and since that’s basically all Greenwood does, you have to like South Warren in this matchup. But I do think the Gators will come in and play hard for 4 quarter and make South earn it.

2) Mayfield (2A) – LW: 1 - Preseason Rank: 3 - 2017 Record 5-1; District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: Loss: 20-17 vs 3A Corbin (4-1). Thanks to our good friend @Mayfieldsportsfan who reported Mayfield gained 315 yards on offense and Corbin gained 310, so pretty darn even. As our good friend @Snakesnot 2000 said, Mayfield was in the red zone 3 times in the first half and came away with 3 points! WOW, that’s the game right there offensively; put it in the end zone and Mayfield very likely wins this game. That and the cheap Corbin deception TD. But it is what it is; I won’t pity party on it but it was cheap. Make no mistake Cardinal fans, this is a tough loss, but I honestly think you will learn from it and be a MUCH tougher out come November/December now. An old coach told me once, that “you don’t know where your holes are until you lose”. I think there’s a lot of truth in that. Chin up Cardinal fans as I don’t expect you to be tested again until the last game of the regular season when you travel to Princeton to face a fine Caldwell County squad. This will give you an opportunity to rest/heal up until then!!! Week 6: vs Old Rival 2A Murray (2-4) Our good friend @Paradise City reported that the last time Murray defeated Mayfield was back in 1997 on a classic game where the only points scored in the game, Murray scored on the opening kickoff. Not this year Tiger fans, as I look for this one to be done quickly. But should be an excellent opportunity to get some young Cardinals on the big field. I’ve always thought that the better teams do this and that’s why their younger players integrate into their respective systems some much better and quicker. I think it is part of the overall Mayfield equation that has worked so well for so many years.

1) Bowling Green (5A) – LW: 2 - Preseason Rank: 1 - 2017 Record 4-2; District Record 1-0] Week 5 Results: Win: 49-19 at 5A Greenwood (2-4). In the 26th meeting between Bowling Green and Greenwood, the game was tight throughout a physical 7-7 first quarter, BG then scored twice. Greenwood then marched down the field and faced a 4th and inches on the goal line. BG held. On BGs first play from scrimmage on the ensuing drive, Beau Buchanan found TE Tre Jones open and the SR took it 99 yards to the House and the game was basically over at that point. BG had over 400 yards offense compared to about 350 for the Gators. The BG DLine did not play great in this game, but couple things at play: - Greenwood has a good rushing offense; - injuries; and – inconsistencies. BG must continue to get healthy and continue to improve on the DLine to get to where they want to be. The BG offense made big strides this game. Beau Buchanan in games past seemed to focus on Ziyon Kenner (rightfully so, as the young man is a Big Time Player IMO), but this game 3 WRs had at least 3 catches and SR Austin Brown makes his first catch count with an impressive 40 yard TD reception! That progression for the first year varsity QB is Vital for BG long term! Week 6: District Game THURSDAY NIGHT at 5A Grayson County (1-5). This one should be over quick and let the Purples begin Fall Break early! Would think the plan is to get a running clock as soon as possible and then get the starter out of there. I don’t look for the injured Purples to return until the next home game vs Barren County, so they can get their feet wet prior to the Big District Battle with the South Warren Spartans! That might be a big game….

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11. Tier:
Madisonville-North Hopkins 4A – LW: 13; Preseason: Top 15 – 2017 Record: (4-2) [District Record – 1-0] - Week 5 Results: Win 63-0 at 4A Calloway County (0-4). Whoa Nellie #2!!! The Maroons might consider sending Union County some funnel cake for re-focusing them! The Maroons have won the last 2 games by a combined score of 125 to 0. I’d say that is grabbing everyone’s attention in 4A District 1! For the Lakers, Never Fear, as a much more winnable game comes to Murray on Friday night via the Hopkins County Central Storm (1-5 and hope you break your maiden here!). Madisonville gained over 300 yards on the ground and never looked back in this game. But the Big One is here Maroon Fans! Week 6: District Buster at 4A Hopkinsville (1-4). This is a better game than the records might indicate, as both teams want a leg up in the District battle. I’d say both these teams don’t believe in the Logan County story and feel this game is for the District Title. We shall see, as a lot of football still to be played. Will Hoptown’s very tough schedule be the difference in getting them over the hump vs a very talented Maroon rushing attack? You tell me…

Owensboro Catholic (2A) – LW: 9 - Preseason Rank: 5 - 2017 Record 2-3; District Record 1-0] Week 5 Results – Win: 59-6 vs 2A Butler County (0-6). Could have been 100 to 6, as our good friend @rosco couldn’t even make it to halftime – the Bears were just that Bad! I have no stats for this one, but don’t really think you need them as OCATH took care of business and hopefully rested/healed some of their injured players from their brutal pre-District slate. We all know their District isn’t good and that’s why they schedule so heavy outside of it and I applaud them for that as that’s what they have to do IMO to compete deep into the playoffs. Week 6: District Game at 2A McLean County (1-4). Aces make the 30 minute drive down Route 81 to Calhoun for a tussle with the Cougars, who haven’t beaten the Aces since at least 1998 (didn’t play between 1999 and 2008). Don’t look for that pattern to change this season…

12. Tier:
Hopkinsville 4A (1-4) LW: 13 – District Record 0-0 - Week 5 Results: BYE Week!!! I’d say the Tiger surely earned a week off with the tough pre-District Schedule! But it is now District Time and you face your toughest District Rival right out of the gate! Week 6: vs 4A Madisonville NH (4-2). Is Madisonville the best rushing team Hopkinsville has faced? I’m not sure, but think the Maroons will certainly test the Tiger defensive front 7. Is Hopkinsville the best team Madisonville has faced this year? I wouldn’t go that far, as I think Owensboro is likely better and exactly how good is this Hopkinsville team? Not sure we know, but another chapter of that question will be in the books come Friday night and it should be a very entertaining one. Get out to the Stadium of Champions Tiger Fans and support your team!!!

Apollo 5A (5-1) – LW: 15 – Preseason: Not Ranked (NR) – District Record – (1-0) - Week 5 Results: Win: 38-35 vs 5A Graves County (3-3). Well, Well, Well – Logan County had nowhere to go but up (and they are a Great Story), but Apollo is a different kind of story in that they have just been hangin around the 4 Seed Doormat in 5A District 1 for Many years and here they come STORMIMG on the scene!!! Very impressive win against a team I still think has a chance to upset some folks in this fascinating district! I do not have any stats for this game and am sad for it. But through 5 games, WR/RB Peyton Peters has been Outstanding with 28 catches for 453 yards and 3 TDs and 8 carries for 90 yards and 4 TDs on the ground! Keep an eye on Mr. Peters as I think he’s a special player!!! Week 6: BYE Week!!! Good time to rest and heal up and go over to Rash Stadium with me this Friday night to watch the Red Devils and Christian County (who are both still on your district schedule Eagle Fans!). I’m guessing I will see several Eagles letter jackets in the stands at Rash on Friday night!!!

13. Tier:
Graves County 5A (3-3) – Last Week (LW): 11 – District Record 0-1 - Week 5 Results: Loss 38-35 at (5-1) 5A Apollo. That’s the way these District Buster games go! One teams gets shot out of a cannon upwards and the loser takes the “kickback”. Hey it was a close game Eagle Fans! Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Again, I have no stats, but expect those stats to be very close. Where now Eagles? Week 6: District Game at 5A Marshall County (3-3). Expect the Eagles will UNLOAD on poor ole’ Marshall County. But it’s a District game and am sure Marshall will be as ready as they can be. Just don’t think it will be enough for them to stay in the ballgame. This one may be ugly…

Union County 3A (5-0) – LW: 15 – Preseason - NR - Week 5 Results: Win 33-6 vs 1A Crittenden County (2-3). The Braves racked up over 500 yards of total offense with almost 400 yards in the air! WOW! But tea and crumpets time are over Braves Fans! It’s time to play your District games and you’ve drawn the toughest team right out of the gate! Week 6: District Buster vs. 3A Caldwell County (5-1) Fascinating game really, as Union passed for almost 400 yards last week and they looked really good this summer in the 7on7 completion I saw. But Caldwell County has one of the best secondary’s in the State IMO, so it will be steel on steel come Friday night up in Morganfield! Should be a Great Atmosphere! Get out and support your team Braves Fans as you have a Puncher’s Chance in this game!!!

14. Tier:
Warren East (4A) – LW: 12 - Preseason Rank: Outside Top 20 - 2017 Record 3-3; District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: Loss: 15-14 vs 2A Monroe County (5-1). Two TOUGH weeks back to back for the Raiders (lost last 2 games by 3 points)! With starting SR QB Dewayne Cook out with a broken jaw, Frosh QB Nolan Ford stepped up in a tough spot playing a tough competitor on the road. And although he did make some Freshman mistakes, he played very well for East and had them in position late with a 14-9 lead. But the Raiders couldn’t hold it. As gritty Monroe County drove the field and completed a 16 yard TD pass very late in the game for the win. Now comes District play Raiders Fans! Week 6: District Game: at 4A Warren Central (0-6) The Dragons RB/DB DJ Tyner is an outstanding football player and is the primary option for Central. I’m sure the Raider will want to focus their efforts on stopping Tyner to put themselves in a position to take this first District matchup!

Greenwood (5A) – LW: 14 - Preseason Rank: 7 - 2017 Record 2-4; District Record 1-1] Week 5 Results: Loss: 49-19 vs. 5A Bowling Green (4-2). Just a bad spot Gator Fans. You played really well in the first quarter! And were at the goal line threatening to score again to return it to a 1 score game. Just couldn’t get the yard when you needed it. It happens. Didn’t see the need to drop you this week as I thought you played BG well enough to stay here (only do that outside the top 10 on occasion). Week 6 at 5A South Warren (6-0). The Spartans come in sky high in this one and the Gator do not. Unfortunately for Greenwood, I think the Spartan run defense is likely better than the BG run defense. Not good! Plus, I know the Spartans want to get back at Greenwood for their big OT win last season! Chin up Gators!!!

15. Tier:
McCracken County (6A) – LW: NR - Preseason Rank: 9 - 2017 Record 2-4; [District Record 1-0] Week 5 Results: Win: 56-40 vs 6A Daviess County (2-4). Welcome Back Mustangs! Big Win as any District win is, but the First one sets the stage! This must have been a heck of a game! The total offensive production for both offenses totaled just over 1,000 yard! Wow! Defense anyone!!! But the big key to the game was Daviess County had -26 yards rushing on the game! That really hurt the Panthers! TaeShawn Allen had a huge game for McCracken (you’ll see him later)! Week 6: District Game vs 6A Ohio County (5-1). For Ohio County, I’m not looking for a silk purse out of this sow’s ear anytime soon. McCracken by as many as they want in this one…

Henderson County (6A) – LW: NR - Preseason Rank: NR - 2017 Record 2-4; [District Record 1-0] Week 5 Results: Win: 48-7 vs 6A Ohio County (5-1). 35-0 Henderson with 8:00 to go in the 2nd Quarter is about all you need to know in this one as it was a complete mis-match! I know several Colonel Fans told me about Team Big Hat No Cattle for some time and you were right! Although I did come to the light in the prediction thread for this one, as you’ll see by my vote! Now the sky is really the limit in District play. I feel momentum building in Henderson!!! Week 6: District Game at 6A Muhlenberg County (2-3). Muhlenberg has lost to 5A Apollo, 4A Logan County and 2A McLean County, so stepping up to an ascending Henderson County team seems a tall task for the Mustangs. But seems like a Great time for a 1 hour Road Trip down the Ole’ Pennyrile Parkway Colonel Fans! And plan to take in a great pre-game meal at the Catfish Dock! Don’t forget the hush puppies!!! Name:  catfish dock.jpg
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Others Receiving Votes: Monroe County, Russellville, Daviess County, Paducah Tilghman, Metcalfe County, Ohio County, Edmonson County

Week 5 Players of the Week: (I am trying to pick different guys for this list to try and provide more hardworking young men a chance to get highlighted than to keep going to the same ones over and over. Also, I do not get all the stats by the time this edition goes out, so please add to the list and thank you for it!)

1) Tre Bass – RB – Franklin Simpson – 7 carries for 240 yards and 3 TDs (Career High in Yards!) vs Glasgow!
2) Beau Buchanan – QB – Bowling Green – 12-14 for 320 yards – 4 TDs – Career High in yards vs Greenwood!
3) Diion Leavell – RB – Christian County – 3 TDs vs Marshall County!
4) TaeShawn Allen – RB – McCracken County – 28 carries for 226 yards and 3 TDs vs Daviess County!

Week 5 Teams Moving Down
Ohio County (6A) – Down – You can’t play 2A teams forever!!! A shot of District reality was received last Friday night in Henderson!

Graves County (5A) – Down – I didn’t see this loss coming, even though I knew the bus ride over would be a factor. I guess that’s why the Eagles are here. Can still have a very good season, but now the margin for error is razor thin in an ever-increasingly competitive District!

Week 5 Teams Moving Up
Apollo (5A) – Up – I don’t remember hearing any “you better watch out for Apollo” references this season – Do you? I mean the phrase “coming out of nowhere” seems appropriate to me! So I am just going to praise Coach Dan Crume, staff, players and fans for the amazing run you are on! You know I added a “why can’t this team compete in the district” moniker to Graves County recently. I need to copy and paste it and bold it for Apollo too! Way to go Eagles!!!

Madisonville-North Hopkins (4A) – Up – The Maroons have been like General William Tecumseh Sherman marching to the Sea these last 2 weeks leaving scorched earth behind them! Now they march to Hopkinsville looking to take the lead in the District! Will be a great game!!!

“Broke Their Maiden” – In horse racing, when you break your maiden, you win your first race. Well this category is for teams that don’t get as much love, but did get their first victory of the season here and I think that’s significant:
NO team did this week! Maybe next week!

THE FINAL 4! Inspiring Group right here! Good luck to them as they move forward, as an undefeated season is special – no matter how you spin it!!!
Team (% likely to remain undefeated all season) (biggest challenger(s) remaining)
(In alphabetical order):
Christian County (40%) (At Owensboro and At Graves County - might need to add Apollo now?)
Logan County (35%) (Hopkinsville and At Madisonville-North Hopkins)
South Warren (40%) (Bowling Green)
Union County (30%) (Caldwell County and At Paducah Tilghman)

Eight Is Still Enough: These 8 teams remain winless on the season!
Team (% likely to get a win this season) (best chance at a win remaining)
(In alphabetical order):
Ballard Memorial (60%) (Webster County & At Fulton County)
Barren County (25%) (At Grayson County, Edmonson County)
Breckinridge County (5%) (? Maybe at Hancock County)
Butler County (10%) (Hancock County, At McLean County)
Calloway County (35%) (Pikeville)
Caverna (15%) (Fort Knox)
Fulton City (5%) (? Fulton County)
Warren Central (15%) (Warren East)