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BluegrassPreps 2017 Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 3 Edition

Concerning the top story line for this week, it is that time in the season where I admit I am pretty dog-gone long-winded on these rankings and I realize folks have very busy lives and don’t have time every week to get through all the items listed in this thread, so we’ll audible formations into a “Popcorn N Coke Version” and “Meat & Potato’s Version” so you can get what you want and move on in the time available to you.

Popcorn N Coke Top 10 Version – Week 3:
1. Mayfield 2A (4-0): Win 49-27 vs 6A McCracken County
2. Bowling Green 5A (2-2): Win 48-21 vs 5A Owensboro
3. Christian County 5A (4-0): Win 15-12 vs 4A Hopkinsville
4. South Warren 4A (4-0): Win 27-17 at 6A Central Hardin
5. Owensboro 5A (2-2): Loss 48-21 vs 5A Bowling Green
6. Franklin Simpson 4A (2-2): Win 63-6 vs 5A Greenwood
7. Caldwell County 3A (3-1): Win 64-21 vs 1A Crittenden County
8. Allen County-Scottsville 4A (4-0): Win 39-35 vs 2A Glasgow
9. Owensboro Catholic (3-1): Win 55-14 at South Spencer, Indiana
10. Graves County 5A (3-1): Win 26-15 vs 3A Paducah Tilghman

Team SPOTLIGHT: Madisonville-North Hopkins:
According to our good friend @Paradise City, Madisonville-North Hopkins was ranked (last week) #2 IN THE NATION for rushing with 1,343 yards (8.3 yards per carry) against Owensboro, Marshall County, and Murray, according to MaxPreps. Congratulations Maroons!!!

Week 3 PurpleHaze Western Kentucky Game of the Week Recap: 5A Owensboro (2-2) 21 at 5A Bowling Green (2-2) 48 – The Red Devils played with great intensity but with 6 turnovers, I’m not sure that any team overcomes that. In the 78th meeting in this great rivalry, the Purples pulled even with the Red Devils for the first time since 1945 (that’s basically the end of World War II), so this is significant to Purples Fans. It should also be said that the Red Devils went from 1956 to 1971 with a 15-0-1 record vs BG. So these two have seen long win streaks in their battles before. More about the game from both’s perspective below! This is a photo of BGHS back when these 2 first met in 1932: Name:  1932 BG High School.jpg
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Week 4 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: There are a couple pretty good games this week, but no show-stoppers, so I’ve decided to highlight 2 teams that have impressed overall and think they’ve earned the right to be here. So the game of the week this week is: 2A Glasgow (3-1) at 4A Warren East (3-1). The Scotties played with great determination on the road at Allen County-Scottsville last week, but just got out-dueled. The Raiders got back on the winning side of things by taking care of Gritty Edmonson County. This game probably means a little more to Glasgow since they take on tough Franklin Simpson next week. More below…

Honorable Mention: Graves County at Mayfield; Paducah Tilghman at Hopkinsville; Warren Central at Bowling Green (Sentimental Pick here!) and Apollo at Owensboro Catholic.

Meat & Potato’s Version Week 3 Top 10:
10) Graves County 5A (3-1) – Last Week (LW): 11 - Week 3 Results: Win 26-15 vs (1-3) 3A Paducah Tilghman. Graves has their talented QB Ryan Mathis back and although the backup did a fine job; there is no denying Mathis’ experience and talent. You will see his numbers later. And in true Graves vs Tilghman fashion it was an air (Graves) vs ground (Tilghman) battle, which ultimately Graves won. Graves is a sneaky team. You expect them to be ok and they are, but I just get the feel that they are better than that. We will see Friday night. Week 4: Across town At 2A Rival Mayfield (4-0). Very Good Rivalry Game here… But the Eagles haven’t beaten Mayfield since a 29-12 win at home in 2008. Just don’t see you knocking off the Cardinals at War Memorial Stadium, but I can see you keeping it closer than most might think.

9) Owensboro Catholic (2A) – LW: 9 - Preseason Rank: 5 - 2017 Record 2-2; District Record 0-0] Week 3 Results – Win: 55-14 At South Spencer, IN (1-3). The Aces went to Rockport and punked the Rebels with double nickels on the board! But I have no stats for this game or know if QB Will Warren played or not. So if someone can add that – it would be appreciated! South Spencer is nationally ranked by MaxPreps north of 10,000 while OCATH is nationally ranked just north of 5,000 just to give you some comparison. Win and move on Aces! Week 4: Vs. 5A Apollo (3-1). The Aces are the favorite here, but Apollo should be hungry to get a win in the City Rivalry. Apollo beat poor ole’ Butler County 47-6 last week and are riding high this season. They will come into this one fired up, but OCATH should be too much in the end. We shall see… This is an image of the South Spencer Rebel (thought it was funny): Name:  1465231505_south_spencer_rebels.gif
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8) Allen County Scottsville (4A) LW: 8 - Preseason Rank: Top 20 - 2017 Record 4-0; District Record 0-0] Week 3 Results – Win: 39-35 vs. 2A Glasgow (3-1). Best game of the week right here! According to our good friend @DragonFire, ACS was up 20-14 at the half, all on big play strikes. The second half was even better with 6 lead changes. But 3 costly Scottie INTs, the last inside the 10 on the last drive, sealed Glasgow’s fate. Chase Wilson ACS QB had a record breaking game. You will see his numbers later. Week 4: vs. 5A Pulaski County (1-3). The Riherds KHSAA page or MaxPreps does not list the location of this game. Must be a secret. So if you guys know (calling @DragonFire) please let us know! Thanks! This will be a terrific game. However, this isn’t your Riley Hall Maroon squad. In fact, the Maroons haven’t been 1 and 3 since before the Ultra-talented Hall went under center for Pulaski during the 2011 season. I think ACS has a good shot in this game. Of late, it seems Pulaski is much more hit or miss than they have been in some time.

7) Caldwell County (3A) – LW: 7 - Preseason Rank: Top 15 - 2017 Record 3-1; [District Record 0-0] Week 3 Results: Win: 63-21 at 1A Crittenden County (1-2). Just a bad spot for the Rockets, as their strength (passing offense) is the Tigers strength (pass defense). So… putting up 64 is the result… Wow! While I don’t like to see those type blowouts, I think there were a lot of pick 6’s. Thanks to our good friend @PtownDude who reported Caldwell scored 6 TDs in the 2nd quarter! And that Crittenden had 5 INTs, 1 fumble and a blocked FG. When it rains; it pours I guess. Keep going Rockets, you won’t face a team like this in 1A (unless you play Beechwood). Week 4: At 6A Henderson County (1-3). Two well coached teams here, just feel the Tiger D will ultimately be too much for Hendo to overcome, but it should be close baring a turnover fest, as Henderson has been competitive except for their first game with Evansville Reitz.

6) Franklin Simpson (4A) – LW: 6 - Preseason Rank: 4 - 2017 Record 2-2; District Record 0-0] Week 3 Results: Win: 63-6 vs. 5A Greenwood (1-3). WOW! Even with the recent upset defeats the Gators have taken, the margin of victory in this one is SHOCKING to me! But give the Wildcats credit, as they NEEDED a game like this. Maybe this is the kinda game that kicks them into gear (as it kicked Greenwood all the way back to Scottsville Road). Thanks to our good friend @FSfan who reported the Wildcats never punted in the game. Also thanks to our good friend @macdon who reported the Wildcats gained just over 500 yard total offense and the Wildcat D limited the once vaunted Gator rushing attack to below 100 yards. The Gators also surrendered 2 INTs and 3 fumbles. Can’t do that against any team, let alone a good one and hope to win. I feel a pep in the step in Wildcat Country! Week 4: vs. 6A Meade County (3-1) at 7pm. They will need that pep, as the Wildcats host the Green Wave (like that nickname!) of Meade County on Friday. Will be a tough one for the Wildcats IMO as the only team to beat Meade this season is a formidable Simon Kenton squad. But have the GWave turned the competition knob down after the SK game with lower classification teams? However, Shelby County “could be” near equal to Franklin at this point and Meade beat Shelby 58-13. I hope that’s not the case this Friday night. Get out to Shadetree Wildcat Fans – and support your team!

5) Owensboro (5A) – LW: 4 - Preseason Rank: 6 - 2017 Record 2-2; [District Record 0-0] Week 3 Results: PurpleHaze Western Kentucky Game of the Week: Loss: 48-21 vs 5A Bowling Green (2-2). The Red Devils gained roughly 325 to BGs 345 yards (pretty even obviously), but the difference in the game was Owensboro’s 6 turnovers vs BG’s 1. Add that to the fact that JR QB Zeke Brown went out of the game in the 2nd quarter on a hard football hit. I certainly hope the young man is ok and can bounce back soon. This is my first time to see Brown play and let me say I was Very impressed with his quickness and ability to orchestrate the veer. When he went out of the game, I believe it was tied at 14 or 17-14 BG. The backup QB played hard. Just thought he didn’t have as much experience or quickness as Brown. MANY very good young, talented players on the field for O. Was wondering how long it would be before they went ahead and put some of them out on the big field. Guess it was last Friday, as several Sophomores and a few Frosh got significant action. Will only make O better down the road IMO. Must play your best players. I agree with our good friend @Brown that both teams will continue to get better and that Imonte Owsley is a phenom-type player. Did he come off the field Friday night? If he did, I don’t know about it. Special… I agree with most things our good friend @devils58 says, but I will choose to disagree that this game “means nothing” in the regular season. I think this regular season game is becoming as mental as it is physical for O. That may be the reason Christian County and BG aren’t playing in the regular season this year. I could be wrong. But am I… With that being said, I don’t want to stop the rivalry games (more Old Hickory Barbeque for me!!!). Owensboro has a great shot to get another shot at BG this year, but a lot of water to flow under the bridge before we get there. See ya in November (I hope!). Week 4: At 6A County Rival Daviess County (1-3) at 7:00pm. Another rivalry game for the Red Devils, If QB Brown can’t go; then the backup should take the snaps in practice and be better for it. I think Owensboro’s D will be too much for the Panthers in this one, even if Marquel Tinsley is one of the best receivers in the state.

4) South Warren (5A) – LW: 5 - Preseason Rank: 10 - 2017 Record 4-0; District Record 0-0] Week 3 Results: Win: 27-17 at 6A Central Hardin (2-2). As our good friend @jcarter reported the early part of the game saw South driving the field and putting up 2 FGs. Central Hardin got one as well. Then South struck just before the half to seize momentum. DLine Standout Jacob Lacey went to the sideline with a banged up shoulder and Central Hardin ran up the middle for a 70 yard TD. South Warren went back down the field and picked up their final TD of the game followed by Central Hardin’s last TD. Good win for South Warren here. While South likely controlled the game for the most part, they had too many penalties; something Coach Smith will certainly address with his team going forward. Week 4: vs. 5A Grayson County (1-3). This will be South Warren’s first ever 5A District game. It should also be South Warren’s first ever 5A District running clock game. It’s going to be a long season for the Cougars. Time to heal some injuries Spartans!

3) Christian County (5A) – LW: 2 - Preseason Rank: 2 - 2017 Record 4-0; [District Record 0-0] Week 3 Results: Win: 15-12 vs. 4A Hopkinsville (0-4). QB Kolbe Langhi had a tough first half with 3 turnovers, but came back resiliently with the 2 most important TDs of the game. The Colonel defense stiffened after allowing the only 12 points Hoptown would get in the first half and shut out the Tigers in the second. Last year the Colonels won this game 19-16, so these 2 have a history of low scoring tight battles, but the difference this season is the other game’s County had been averaging in the 40s and this year it’s in the 20s. It’s not my goal to badger the Colonels as they are a very good team. I think they are just different than last season. And 1 difference is that 2 guys are playing at Purdue on Saturdays. Week 4: BYE WEEK! Get up to Owensboro or over to Graves County Colonel fans and get a good feel on your district rivals as the District Season is nearly upon us!

2) Bowling Green (5A) – LW: 3 - Preseason Rank: 1 - 2017 Record 2-2; District Record 0-0] Week 3 Results: Win: 48-21 Vs 5A Owensboro (2-2). Make no mistake Purples fans, this WAS a big game for BG. Lose this game and you lose three straight for the first time since 2002 and the question marks for the season come out of the wood-work. IMO Owensboro would be MUCH more difficult to beat in the playoffs had you lost this game from a mental standpoint alone. And BG is very likely to see Owensboro again (although depending on how things play out – South Warren could have something to say about that). On offense, Ziyon Kenner continued his torrid pace with 9 catches for 95 yards 1 receiving and 1 rushing TD. On defense, Many played well. It should be known our starting SR DT went out of the game after the first or 2nd series of the game. So several young guys really stepped up against a worthy tough/physical foe with LB Justice Dingle and DLine Durrell Gray both recording 10 tackles (Gray arguably with his best game as a Purple). But BG likely doesn’t get this win without Vito Tisdale. The SO played CB, RB and ran a kick off back that was really special! When the highlight of that one comes out – I’ll try to post it for you. Many banged up; so with the softening of the schedule, job #1 is to get some guys healed up. Good news is that at least 2 should be back Friday; the bad is that they will likely be replaced by several more. Week 4: Homecoming vs. 4A Old Rival Warren Central (0-4). The old rivalry returns to El Donaldson Stadium! The records don’t make this game appealing but the memories do. I recall being “SO” excited getting ready for this game. The Warren Central kids got out of school first and would already be over at BGHS by the time we got out of school, so we had to be ready with water balloons, shaving cream and other harmless things. We would drive around for an hour or so (seemed longer) and hurl stuff at each other, yell “You Stink” and fun stuff like that. We didn’t key people’s cars or anything really harmful. GREAT TIMES! I hate that this game is not what it used to be, but that shows I’m just old, as things will continue to change. But back in the day this was THE GAME and still is to me, but more out of respect for what it used to be I guess. Don’t see it being close, but glad the Dragons are still fighting and know they will give BG all they have!

1) Mayfield (2A) – LW: 1 - Preseason Rank: 3 - 2017 Record 4-0; District Record 0-0] Week 3 Results: Win: 49-27 vs 6A McCracken County (1-3). I don’t have Mayfield stats for this game but according to the McCracken County stats, Mayfield outgained MC on the ground 325 to 208 and through the air 192 to 157. Sounds like early on Mayfield brought the Blitzkrieg offense and then put it in cruise. McCracken County, to their credit, didn’t quite and made Mayfield play out the game. Good for McCracken County. Another quality win for Mayfield. According to our good friend @MHSCardinal, Coach Morris recognized RBs Halliburton and Matthews (turning into quite a combo package!) and standout LB Hurt. Yes, there are penalties and some missed tackles but that mental battle will always be there. Am certain Coach Morris will focus on it and they will be fine. Again, when you are harping on penalties and missed tackles and win by 22 points against a school 4 classifications above you, then things aren’t all bad Cardinal Fans!!! Week 4: Vs 5A Graves County (1-2) At War Memorial Stadium. This is a good rivalry in the Purchase Area and I expect Graves County to play with a lot of fire and give the Cardinals a very good game. I am worried that Graves may not be explosive enough on offense to get the win (as I expect ultra talented Graves WR Trevor Grant to be double covered all night), but a tough/physical game none-the-less.

Next Tier 11 Thru 15 –

11. Tier:
Warren East (4A) – LW: 11 - Preseason Rank: Outside Top 20 - 2017 Record 3-1; District Record 0-0] Week 3 Results: Win: 21-10 vs 3A Edmonson County (3-1). Hard fought game here, but Warren East doubled the Wildcats in offensive production at 400 total yards vs roughly 200 for Edmonson. Several Raiders had great games. See below… Week 4: WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK: vs. 2A Glasgow!

Glasgow (2A) – LW: 10 - Preseason Rank: Top 20; 2017 Record 3-0; Week 3 Results: Loss 39-35 At 4A Allen County Scottsville (4-0). Great game here by 2 solid teams. See the ACS post above for more details. But just good competition for Coach Garmon and the Scotties. Week 4: WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK: At 4A Warren East (3-1) The Raiders have impressed for the most part in 2017. 2 straight tough 4A ROAD opponents when you consider Glasgow still has tough 4A Franklin Simpson and 3A Elizabethtown, who beat Franklin. One would have to think if the Scotties can come through this stretch with relatively few injuries that they will be battle tested come playoff time!

12. Tier:
Logan County 4A (4-0) – The Breakout Season Continues for the Cougars with a gritty 28-21 win of arch-rival 1A Russellville (2-2)! @CoachAdler is going to have to help us out to see when was the last time the Cougars have been 4 and 0. This beats the opening to the 9 and 3 1998 season. Has there been a more inspiring story in the entire state than the Logan County Cougars? Holder of the longest losing streak no more! It is amazing what Coach Adler has accomplished in just his second season at Logan County. The Cougars should be competitive in each of their remaining games with Hopkinsville and Madisonville-North Hopkins being the most difficult opponents. Here’s the crazy thing: split those 2 tough games and you are likely to Host a playoff game after going 1 and 9 (winning the last game of the season last year against Todd County Central) in 2016! Week 4: vs 2A McLean County (1-3). You gotta like the Cougars changes here at home also!

Ohio County 6A (3-0) The Eagles dismantled poor ole’ Grayson County 60-7. But was a 60 Burger really necessary here? You have to ask the question. Total yards were Ohio County 642 with half that passing (Hmmmmm???). Not taking anything away from the players who played as Heath Simmons went for 340 yards and 6 TD with no INTs, but COME ON MAN….. I wasn’t at the game or have any insight other than the overall stats. No backup quarterback is listed for Ohio County. Simmons went 18 for 31. 31 seems pretty high to me. I’m not running for High School Constable here just hate to see a team get run up on when it isn’t necessary. You tell me… Week 4: at (the worst 4A team in the state) Breckinridge County (0-4). District play is coming Eagles…

13. Tier:
Madisonville-North Hopkins 4A – LW: 12; Preseason: Top 15 – 2017 Record: (2-2) - Week 3 Results: Loss 28-14 vs 3A Union County (3-0). The Maroons drove over to Morganfield and received a rude awakening. Not only did they lose; their vaunted rushing attack was held in check with only 144 yards gained on the ground (WAY below their average)! I think the Braves are a dark horse in the 3A West bracket. I’m not saying they are winning it all, but I am saying they have the potential for at least 1 or 2 BIG upsets. Week 4: Gudge Match vs 4A Hopkins County Central (2-2). I think the Storm are a little better than they have been recently, but just don’t see how they can stop BullDozer U. All North Hopkins in this Hopkins County fist fight!

McCracken County (6A) – LW: 13 - Preseason Rank: 9 - 2017 Record 1-3; [District Record 0-0] Week 3 Results: Loss: 49-27 at Mayfield 2A (4-0). By all accounts, McCracken County fought very hard and did not quit when Mayfield overwhelmed them early. There is a lot of promise in the Young Mustangs and when football people say they like their offensive scheme and their defensive ends and linebackers have good promise, it tells me things will get better for the young program. I am a Coach Clark guy and I think he’s a good fit there. It will just take some time. Keep fighting Mustangs. Week 4: vs. Glenbard North (Carol Stream), IL (1-2). Don’t know much about the Panthers, but on MaxPreps they are around the 1,500 national mark. McCracken is just north of the 5,000 national mark. But the Mustangs have to get some benefit from Glenbard having to travel just over 6 hours one-way to get there right? This game is on Saturday night at 1:30 pm. Come out and support your team Mustangs. I will be rooting for you…

14. Tier:
Paducah Tilghman 3A (1-3) – LW: 13 - Week 3 Results: Loss: 26 to 15 at 5A Graves County (3-1) The Blue Tornados fought but were simply outmanned again on Friday night. Still no shame there vs Graves as I believe they are an undervalued team. You might want to fire your scheduling guy or tell him to get in tune with the new coach. Maybe switch out a Graves for a Madisonville or something like that. I’m not advocating Breckinridge County, but not torpedo after torpedo every week! Week 4: At 4A Hopkinsville (0-4). This is a very winnable game for the Blue Tornados. Hoptown is in a bit of a disarray, although still playing very hard with a schedule similar to yours. One would think if Tilghman can have some success on the ground that it would be hard for the Tigers to defend them for 4 quarters. I like the Blue Tornados in this game!

Hopkinsville 4A (0-4) LW: 14 - Week 3 Results: Loss: 15 to 12 vs. Arch Rival Christian County (4-0). The Tigers fought valiantly and had the lead for the first part of the game at 12-0, but could not hold on. Know WR Gavin Marchand had 5 catches for 64 yards and a TD and QB Bland has just over 100 yards passing with 2 TDs. I fear a bit of a letdown after this full week of Rivalry Week with a 1 and 3 team coming to town. We’ll see. Week 4: vs 3A Paducah Tilghman (1-3). This is also a winnable game for the Tigers. Both these teams are better than their record indicates IMO, but a result of a difficult schedule, which makes the “Art of Scheduling” so elusive and difficult to peg down properly. Let’s see how much fire Coach Clayton can get out of his team this week. Will be interesting.

15. Tier:
Union County 3A (3-0) – LW: Not Ranked - Week 3 Results: Win 28-14 vs 4A Madisonville-North Hopkins (2-2). WOW! This one surprised me! Again, I saw Union County at a summer 7v7 and they looked good, but I never thought they could stop a team that averaged about 400 yards rushing a game. But the Braves held them to 144! Impressive! Could the Braves be the second best story in the West? Maybe… They are good enough to pull an upset I’d say… Week 4: At 2A Ballard Memorial (0-3) The Bombers (love that nickname!) have scored at least 24 points in all their games, so if their defense can take a “shot o’ courage” before the game, they might make this one competitive over in Barlow!

Greenwood (5A) – LW: 12 - Preseason Rank: 7 - 2017 Record 1-3; District Record 0-0] Week 3 Results: Loss: 63-6 at 4A Franklin Simpson (2-2). Not sure where to go with this one other than the obvious that the Gator’s are really struggling. But are the wheels falling off? We will soon find out. Week 4: vs. 5A Barren County (0-4). This game couldn’t get here soon enough for the Gator’s, as they take on the lowly Trojans. The Gators may score 100 points in this one to get all their frustrations out! But after this game, gut check time, as the Purples come a calling, followed by a trip over to Nashville Road to take on the South Warren Spartans who haven’t forgotten about the Gator’s win last season! Tough sleddin’ ahead for the Gators… But not next week… Enjoy!

Week 3 Players of the Week: (I do not get all the stats by the time this edition goes out, so please add to the list and thank you for it!)
1) Ryan Mathis – QB – Graves County – 19-39 for 324 yards and 3 TDs – Trevor Grant WR caught 8 passes for 219 yards and 3 TDs vs Paducah Tilghman!
2) Cameran Jordon – QB – Trigg County – 5 passing TDs and 3 rushing TDs vs Ballard Memorial!
3) Chase Wilson – QB – Allen County-Scottsville – passes for an ACS Record 373 yards with 5 TDs vs Glasgow!
4) Elijah Wheat – QB – McCracken County – 26-45 157 yards and 4 TDs vs Mayfield.
5) Thomas Maxey – RB – Warren East – 29 carries for 209 yards and 2 TDs – plus 5 catches for 136 yards; Trebor Bunton – LB – 10 tackles and 3 sacks vs Edmonson County!

FLASHBACK – Week 3 2015:
1. South Warren 4A (4-0): Win 24-3 vs 6A Central Hardin
2. Bowling Green 5A (3-1): Win 17-14 vs 5A Owensboro
3. McCracken County 6A (3-1): Win 37-31 OT at 2A Mayfield
4. Mayfield 2A (3-1): Loss 37-31 OT vs 6A McCracken County
5. Owensboro 5A (3-1): Loss 17-14 at 5A Bowling Green
6. Hopkinsville 4A (4-0): Win 21-13 at 2A Murray
7. Russellville 1A (4-0): Win 41-6 vs 4A Logan County
8. Christian County 5A (3-1): Win 46-0 vs 3A Fort Campbell
9. Caldwell County 3A (3-1): Win 53-6 vs 1A Crittenden County
10. Paducah Tilghman 3A (2-2): Win 49-29 at 5A Graves County

Week 3 “Big Droppers”
Madisonville-North Hopkins (4A) – Down – Maybe I was expecting too much or maybe I didn’t give Union enough credit? I’m sure it will play out. Just focus on beating your County Rival and things will get better Maroons. But your district continues to get more and more interesting!!!
Greenwood (5A) – Down – I don’t have fun with the “droppers” honestly, but unfortunately, it certainly fits the Gators right now. Nothing like a Trojan sandwich to lift your spirits Gators Fans! Here’s some more sweet music for you Gator fans: RUNNING CLOCK (vs Barren County)!!!!

Week 3 “Big Risers”
Logan County (4A) – Up
– I guess I’ve just had a big ole’ jug of Cougar kool-aid, as I just can’t get over how BIG this turnaround has been and HOW fast it has occurred! Extremely impressive! Think of all the schools you know that are just average or below average that hasn’t won 4 straight games in awhile; likely a LONG while! Go Cougars!
Union County (3A) – Up – Coach John’s is getting it done up in Morganfield. Seem to be getting some of the wrestling guys out on the gridiron, which is KEY up there! I look for them to battle in their district. They will not be the favorites, but they are dangerous AND undefeated!!!

“Broke Their Maiden” – In horse racing, when you break your maiden, you win your first race. Well this is a new category for teams that don’t get as much love, but did get their first victory of the season here and I think that’s significant: (Not sure this category will stick around, but we’ll see!)
McLean County 2A (1-3) – Won a nail-biter 34-33 vs 6A Muhlenberg County (2-2) – The Cougars next winnable game appears to be October 6 at 2A Todd County Central, but don’t look now as the once lowly Rebels are 3 and 0!
Daviess County 6A (1-3) – Won 63-28 vs 2A Hancock County (2-2) – I feel a lot of frustration releasing in those 63 points! Will Daviess have anything for the District games? Will be interesting!
Webster County 2A (1-3) – The Trojans had only scored 6 points all year before Friday night’s 35-6 break-out win vs lowly Fulton City! Happy for the Trojans!