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BluegrassPreps 2015 Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 6 Edition
Concerning the top story line for this week: What is the meaning of District?
D – District games matter most!
I – Is October the Month that means the most in preparing for the playoffs?
S – Schedules – does a tough early schedule prepare teams best for the playoffs or just yield a boat load of injuries that are a liability in District play and beyond?
T – Try to gain better team chemistry and home field advantage for the playoffs!
R – Refocus, as it’s a new season; the most important season so far!
I – Ill Will! – District foe/rival games have bragging rights and major playoff implications on the line!
C – Consistency – what all teams are striving for this time of year.
T – Too Many Blowouts! How can teams so close in proximity be so far apart on the grid iron?

Popcorn N Coke Top 10 Version – Week 6:
1. Bowling Green 5A (6-1): Win 56-13 vs 5A Grayson County
2. South Warren 4A (6-0): OPEN
3. McCracken County 6A (6-1): Win 63-14 vs 6A Ohio County
4. Owensboro 5A (5-1): Win 49-24 vs 5A Christian County
5. Mayfield 2A (6-1): Win 17-7 vs 2A Murray
6. Caldwell County 3A (6-1): Win 40-14 at 3A Union County
7. Hopkinsville 4A (5-1): Win 45-14 vs 4A Madisonville NH
8. Owensboro Catholic 2A (5-2): Win 41-0 at 2A McLean County
9. Elizabethtown (3A) (7-0): Win 49-7 vs 3A Hart County
10. Christian County 5A (5-2): Loss 49-24 at 5A Owensboro

PurpleHaze Games of the Week (Week 5): Mayfield (2A) 17 vs Murray (2A) 7: On the stat sheet Murray beat Mayfield. Too bad the stat sheet includes fumbles and interceptions. Murray had 5 of them. Murray dominated the stat sheet on Mayfield in the first half, but a mistake leads to a short field very late in the 2nd Quarter, which Mayfield capitalized on and it was tied at 7 at half. That was HUGE for Mayfield. The Cardinals then changed RBs to Kevin Caldwell and the young man had a great half to help Mayfield get the critical district win!

Christian County (5A) 24 at Owensboro (5A) 49: As TackleTrap said, the Colonels had opportunities to gain momentum in this one, but just couldn’t get it done. Owensboro has many weapons who can capitalize in a flash. Give the Colonels credit as they never gave up. But when you give up 363 yards on the ground, it is going to be hard to beat Owensboro, especially at home. If Owensboro can clean up a few penalties and concentration turnovers their ceiling is really high!

PurpleHaze Game of the Week (Week 6): Well gentlemen after a banner crop of Games of the Week in 2015 including 2 last week, our well has run dry. Due to MANY OPEN weeks this week, watered down district blood-baths, and just overly inconsequential games, I have decided to focus on making lemonade out of Week 6 lemons. My focus turned to what should be the closest matchup I could find in terms of producing a good game. Plus this is a great opportunity to highlight a couple teams that most don’t know anything about. Therefore Hart County 3A (5-2) vs Edmonson County 3A (4-3) it is. District foes in the hart of the I-65 Corridor (see what I did there ). Both coming off tough district losses to teams they really aren’t supposed to beat. But against each other it appears to be a pretty even contest with the winner likely getting the #3 spot in the district. They are both in the Etown & Adair County District.

Meat N Potatoes Top 10 Version – Week 6:
10) Christian County (5A) – PR: 6 – LW: 6 - 2015 Record 5-2; District Record 1-1] Purplehaze Western Kentucky Co-Game of the Week 6 Results: Loss: 49-24 at Owensboro 5A (5-1). See above. When you visit Rash Stadium in October on a cold rainy Friday and you rush for 52 yards for the game, it’s going to be tough to win. But your remaining district games are very winnable and I expect Christian to win both of them. So the #2 spot in the District is looking good for the Colonels. Week 7: vs Owensboro Apollo 5A (2-4).

9) Elizabethtown (3A) – Preseason Rank (PR): Not Ranked – Last Week (LW): 10 - 2015 Record 7-0; District Record 2-0] Week 6 Results: Win: 49-7 vs 3A District Foe Hart County (5-2). Unfortunately for Hart County one of their key senior leaders went down with a season ending injury last week. I’m not saying he allows Hart to win this game, but it didn’t help. 4 turnovers didn’t help Hart either. For Etown, they rushed for almost 400 yards on the night and look to be in Great shape going into their OPEN week. Week 7: OPEN. But the most anticipated game of the regular season is on deck as the Panthers gear up to go to Columbia lookin to scalp the Indians of Adair County. Big District Matchup in 2 weeks!

8) Owensboro Catholic (2A) – PR: 10 – LW: 9 - 2015 Record 5-2; District Record 2-0] Week 6 Results: Win: 41-0 at 2A McLean County (4-2) Ray Zuberer has a pedestrian 19 for 29 for 335 yards, 3 TDs and 1 INT. Biggest problem for OCath going forward will be playing lackluster teams knowing the Murray’s and Mayfields are lurking out there in the playoffs. Can OCath stay mentally tough and disciplined on the practice field to prepare them for November? This will test the coaching staff for sure. Week 7: vs (2A) Hancock County (0-7). Take it easy on ‘em Aces!

7) Hopkinsville (4A) – PR: 8 – LW: 8 - 2015 Record 5-1; District Record 1-0] Week 6 Results: Win 45-14 vs 4A Madisonville NH (1-6). Some Tiger fans reported that Madisonville Coach Burgett stated some less flattering things about Hopkinsville QB Jalen Johnson on his recent radio show. I can’t say if he did or didn’t, but I’m hoping this sparks the fire for a new rivalry for Class 4 District 1, as it needs it badly. Stats for this one were not available at the time of this posting. But Jalen Johnson had a great game and pretty much took over late to shut the door on the Maroons. No other district hurdles for the Tigers. Same dilemma as OCath above going forward. Week 7: At (4A) Logan County (0-6). How many point you want Tigers? Doesn’t make me happy to say that as I’d like the Cougars to pick up a win before the end of the season, but not this week!

6) Caldwell County (3A) – PR: 9: LW: 7 - 2015 Record 6-1; District Record 2-0] Week 6 Results: Win: 40-14 at 3A Union County (4-2) No Dee Cain; No problem for the Tigers! QB Shane Burns and RB Javonte Riley both had big games with the Tigers D showing up big in this one. This score is a little deceiving as it wasn’t a blowout the whole game, but really wasn’t in question either. Union County is a good team; not great team. One to keep your eye on next year for sure. As Emmett said, the team that draws Union County in the first round better be ready to play. Week 7: At reeling 3A District foe Trigg County (2-5). I like Caldwell big in this one!

5) Mayfield (2A) – PR: 2 – LW -4 - 2015 Record 6-1; District Record 1-0] Purplehaze Western Kentucky Co-Game of the Week: Week 6 Results: Win 17-7 vs 2A Murray (4-3). See Above. Look, Murray is a good team. They’d cut off their right arm to beat Mayfield. They played arguably their best half of football of the season and still can’t beat Mayfield. Focused Cardinal fans may bristle at this, but all this happened, you didn’t have your best player and maybe a couple others; you made great second half adjustments and got the job done. You can’t play your A game every week. Murray will beat A LOT of 2A teams; maybe all but 2. Week 7: OPEN. Much welcomed open week to get the wounded healed up! Then 2 cupcakes before a WHOA NELLY (as Keith Jackson would say) DANDY with Caldwell County!

4) Owensboro (5A) – PR: 4 – LW: 5 - 2015 Record 5-1; District Record 1-0] Purplehaze Western Kentucky Co-Game of the Week: Week 6 Results: Win: 49-24 vs Christian County 5A (5-2). See above. The biggest outcome of this one for Owensboro going forward is the terrible news that potential All-State LB Gekove Gardner sustained a significant knee injury; maybe season ending. This young man has been outstanding this season, and had 8 tackles before he was injured this Friday. I hate this for Red Devil fans as this is the worst part of High School sports. The season is not lost obviously as very talented players remain. And with Owensboro’s upcoming schedule, I don’t see them missing Mr. Gardner until late into the playoffs. Best of luck Mr. Gardner on a speedy recovery. Week 7: vs. 5A Marshall County (1-5). How many points you want Red Devils? No problem in this one!

3) McCracken County (6A) – PR: 5 - LW – 3; 2015 Record 6-1; District Record 2-0] Week 6 Results: Win: 63-14 vs District Foe 6A Ohio County (4-3). McCracken is playing well, as I don’t even think QB Cash Jones played in this game. Zyaire Hughes was very good; as was the Mustangs D. But calling a spade a spade; District competition is unchallenging. And I was pretty close to this score saying “Look for scores in the 65 to 14 range”. Can Henderson County spoil this score prediction this week? We shall see! Week 7: vs. District foe 6A Henderson County (3-4).

2) South Warren (4A) – PR: 3 – LW: 2 - 2015 Record 6-0; District Record 1-0] Week 6 Results: OPEN. If I’m playing armchair Spartan Football, my primary goal is to work QB Ryder Litten back into the offense slowly, as no remaining district opponent (save Warren Central for a half) will put up much of a challenge. Then wildcard Pope John Paul II, TN comes to Warren County. The Pontiff is 2-5 on the season, but plays a murder’s row schedule, so it’s hard to get a read on His Holiness. Regardless, things look bright for an undefeated regular season in Spartan-land. Week 7: at 4A District Foe Warren East (1-6).

1) Bowling Green (5A) – PR: 1 – LW: 1 - 2015 Record 6-1; District Record 1-0] Week 6 Results: Win: 56-13 vs 5A District Foe Grayson County (2-5). I think BG had Fall Break on their mind in the 1st Quarter as stupid penalties were common and BG only scored 14 points. Tre Fant and Deangelo Wilson changed that in a big way; each contributing 3 TDs. Both BG QBs had success throwing the ball. Only the JV and Freshman team D got scored on. So it looks like BG goes to Fall Break pretty happy. Week 7: OPEN

Jayvon Quarles Week 6 Players of the Week:
1) Elizabethtown – Dual backs – Dalonza Cates 147 yards and 2 TDs and Bernil Cecil 119 yards and 1 TD vs Hart County!
2) Tre Fant – Bowling Green – in the second quarter alone ran a punt back for a TD (35 yards); Pick 6 for about 40 yards; and caught a 24 yard TD pass – Nice Quarter!
3) Owensboro – Dual backs – Landon Boards 150 yards and 3TDs and TJ James with 206 yards and 1 TD vs Christian County!
4) John Mark Boarman – Owensboro Catholic – MLB – with 23 tackles vs McLean County! Get that man a scholarship!

Week 6 “Trending Down”
Marshall County (5A) – Down – In one of the more football fertile belts in the entire State of Kentucky, poor Marshall County is on a downward trend. 1 and 5 on the year. I looked back at their past records and teams and they seem to have had decent teams in 2010 to 2012, but not recently. How come? Lot of kids (5A). Not as many coming out or what? Shouldn’t be THIS bad.
Barren County (5A) – Down – Coach Griffith’s Trojans won their first 2 games of the season. Bad thing is that’s the only wins they have. They are on a 5 game losing streak heading to 6 after their next game at BG. I would call the Grayson County game a toss-up and they should be able to squeak past Edmonson County to finish it out, but that would be a record of 3 and 6 (not including the Grayson Co game). Tough times on the Cumberland Parkway!

Week 6 “Trending Up”
Adair County (3A) – Up – Since at least 1998, if ever, the Indians have never been 7-0. They have a HUGE district game coming up in 2 weeks. But win or lose against Etown, the whole Adair County community has to be excited for and proud of this Indians team!
Greenwood (5A) – Up – It’s been since 2012 since the Gators have been 6 and 1. They will be 7 and 1 when they host Bowling Green on October 23rd. They haven’t beaten the Purples, so I’d assume second in the district for them. But that’s a fine accomplishment! And don’t count them out in the first round of the playoffs either!

“Broke Their Maiden” – In horse racing, when you break your maiden, you win your first race. Well this category is for teams that don’t get as much love, but did get their first victory of the season here and I think that’s significant: (After this week, only 3 more teams in the West are winless! Let’s root for them to get a win!

Well, we’ve killed the motor! After 3 strong weeks of at least 3 teams a week getting their first win, we’re finding it most difficult for our last 3 contestants to find that elusive win and it doesn’t look good this week either:
1. Logan County vs Hopkinsville – Chance to break maiden – 1%
2. Hancock County at OCath – Chance to break maiden – 1%
3. Fulton County vs OPEN – Chance Not to Lose – 50%. Joking

11 Through 15 – Thought we dabble a little down here this week:

11) Russellville 1A (6-1) – Simply the best 1A squad in the West – by a lot!
12) Adair County 3A (7-0) – Best Indians team ever? Why not!
13) Paducah Tilghman 3A (4-3) – Played a killer schedule; Always got a punchers chance!
14) Murray 2A (4-3) – Had it! Couldn’t close the deal! Maybe if you suck on some lemons like Stonewall Jackson did going into battle it’ll help in the playoffs.
15) Tie – Daviess County 6A (4-2) – Sure would have been nice to have beaten McCracken going into your bye week. Oh well, 2nd in district appears to be your ceiling.
Franklin Simpson 4A (4-3) – HUGE comeback win in one of the best games this week against OLD district foe Warren Central. Means they don’t face South Warren until later in playoffs, so good for them.