Trinity 2018

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    Was at the scrimmage tonight, offense was very vanilla early on, this is possible due to the fact the a majority of the scrimmage was be recorded for Carmel for film exchange. Last two series was 1st team defense against 1 team offense. Offense really improved and started clicking. Jutz, junior qb looked really solid as well. First 4 games are going to be brutal. After that, with experience and adjustments, barring any serious injuries they should be fine. Looking forward to the season!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinbad 74 View Post
    Until this years sophomores come around and play to their potential, the Rocks will suffer on offense. This will not be the stellar year a lot of Rock fans think it will be.
    I see at least 3 losses for the Rocks leading to the playoffs.
    Those 3 losses would be to out of state teams though. Being undefeated in Ky is what matters.

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    Anyone at the freshmen scrimmage on Saturday ? If so, how did the youngsters look? There is a lot of confidence over on poplar level road in their incoming 9th graders.