Top returning DB in Nky

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFauxTiger View Post
    HS stats mean zero. They are for dads to get on message boards and brag about there kids and coaches to attempt to bring their program some pub. Dale Mueller didn't care nor need either.
    Then why do they keep offensive stats?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NEERFAN View Post
    Then why do they keep offensive stats?
    Because they are easier to chart I guess. You would have to ask the coaches why they have never done it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellbird View Post
    Sometimes. But they mostly platoon now
    amd he is mostly used as
    of a kick return and wr than anything else. Cooper has their DB's pretty much set but Mr Sixer may correct me if I'm wrong but I think he is mostly just an offensive player. The injuries last year may have put him on the defensive side some.
    He was a situational defender. Mostly offense/Return Duties.