Top O-Lineman In the State.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XgradROCKdad
    Trinity's junior center Dane Spoelker... And.... oh yeah, on defense he has been known to make a tackle now and then too.
    I can remember one pretty good tackle.

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    I know South Laurel was stopped by Henry Clay ,but they have a kid that is 6'7 ,265 lbs runs the 40 in 5.0 has good agility I don't know what he lifts or squats, but he is a strong kid ,and he impressed Chuck Smith against Josh Minton when they played southwestern(which south lost) he is only a junior now so we should see #68 next year .

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    How good was Deangelo Durham from danville? I've always heard good things about that kid, anyone have any info about him?

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    LeVar Weston (Hopkinsville) if he was taller he would have offers coming in from everywhere. 5'10 260 benches 350 and squats over 600 pounds. Explosive runs a legit 4.8 40 time. Scored a TD and a 2 point conversion this year off the "Guard Reverse" play for the Tigers. 2 year member of the All State team and a 4 year starter in the O-Line for Hoptown.

    In a scrimmage against Trigg Co. LeVar dominated the highly touted Jeff Adams in every fassion. LeVar was quicker, more aggressive, more explosive, and used better technique. LeVar was the best Linemen at the Hawg Heaven camp in Owensboro last summer.

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    I heard that Ft Campbell had a kid 6'4" and around 265, OH wait he was the RB- He is bigger than anyone of our starting lineman on Offense or Defense. Our kids were small, strong and fast. Ask the line of OC and they will tell ya. Now as far as outstanding lineman goes, it is hard to say. Derek Timberlake, Timmy Smith, Drew Mell, Michael Shaefer. All of our boys were around the same size- 190 to 230, not one of them taller than 6'0". They got the job done...... I can only hope that they play at the next level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CENTURION
    St. X does have some beastly lineman. When the O-line is big/strong/quick... the offense will be successfull.
    That theory is true. BUT, what happened when they played the undersized rocks of Trinity. The big/strong/quick got out hearted.