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Danville vs. 6A Tates Creek
The Admirals against the Commodores, this one may get crazy.
Two red hot football teams, but who really leads the Navy?
The Ads already took down one big school up in Fayette,
This might end up the toughest foe that they will play yet.
The Ads make one last statement before the District road,
Itís the Ads left at the stern shouting ďIíM ON A BOAT!Ē

DeSales vs. 6A North Hardin
With the Breederís Cup near, the Colts are taking form.
Their Offense is playing efficient, their Defense can still swarm.
After playing ranked foes every week, the Trojans may be a step down
Expect the Colts to score early and often and put their hoof down.
Every week another 2A undefeated squad falls, or so it may seem.
For at least one more week, it wonít be this team.

Lexington Christian Academy vs. Middlesboro
Wheatley, Nieves, Burton, Lebryk, and Drake.
With so many weapons to choose from, Defenses never get a break.
The Eagles are rolling as they enter the games that are mandatory.
If you expect Middlesboro to compete, you must be reading the wrong story.
With an easy win on deck I am sure LCA will not mind,
That the only negative will be running clocks affect their stat lines.

Mayfield vs. Murray
It was bound to happen with their schedule, it came across the state line.
Mayfield finally met a Defense and coordinator with the proper design.
With an unblemished record forsaken, now the bigger focus.
The Cards still have Title dreams in tact, they soon will show us.
Murray is not up to par, still in rebuilding mode.
The Cardinals roll to an easy win, Tigers hit the road!

Christian Academy- Louisville at 6A Meade County
No greater remedy for taking a loss near the Ohio River
A welcome week off, the Coachís angry lips quiver.
The Centurions make adjustments, the focus on their line.
Knowing they need more than Milton, other stars start to shine.
After re-calibration, expect CAL to return to to their ways.
The Green Wave will be at low tide, CAL dominates every phase.

Somerset at 1A Raceland
Three straight wins against ranked teams, why not try for four?
The Jumpers load up the bus for miles, their tailbones will be soar.
Though small in stature, Raceland is not a joke or very funny.
You better bring your A-game again if you call yourself a Bunny.
A very close game, that Somerset D pushed to their limit,
In the end Somerset remains hot, their running game wins it.

Glasgow at Green County
They have to be tired of 4A teams, best to stick to schools the same size.
The Dragons are the first challenge en route to a District prize.
Sitting at 4-2, Green canít be feeling too bad for their prospects,
They may be feeling a little worse when they see the talent they must offset.
Glasgow just has too much speed, too many fast twitched players.
Like some Scottish folk lore, Glasgow will be dragon slayers.

Owensboro Catholic at McLean County
With bumps and bruises abounding, OCath had a struggling description.
If they went to the doctor, a blowout win must have been his prescription.
Back on the winning side of things and certainly feeling a bit less pain,
The Aces hit the road and will take on McLean.
This one gets pretty ugly, OCath by 28 plus I am pretty sure.
The only thing in question will be where to eat in Livermore.

Leslie County at Prestonsburg
Though it is safe to critique, the chances of a State Title arenít great,
This is still a huge match-up to see who wins District 8.
Leslie County is the ruler, they are the incumbent.
Prestonsburg is the richer history program, they used to always run it.
In a very close game, it will only be decided by maybe one or three,
Pburg comes out on top, they get a key pass from Nunnery.

Monroe County at Metcalfe County
A surprising game, most wouldnít expect either teamís run,
The big question remains, who leaves this six and one?
The Hornets keep winning, though with a roster so minimal.
This game is definitely in reach, in fact at home it is winnable.
Expectations will slowly fade, in the 4th Quarter they sink,
Monroe gets 100 yards rushing and passing out of Ty Mink.