The downfall of Covington Catholic football

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    You are absolutely right. Cov cath has won the past 2 years. Please tell me the head to head record over the past 20....
    I didn’t know what you meant by take 20 years to come back..didn’t pay attention to the first part of your post...relax. I certainly am not going to research how many years HHS won once or twice in a given season, because the bottom line is they were just better those years. Similarly to CCH being better the last two. The only data I can tell ya is since 01, I think the grand total of “years” CCH was better is 4/17....less than a quarter. And I certainly hope it doesn’t take HHS 20 years to come back since that is what you were speaking to, but I like CCH’s chances for at least the next 4...especially if the current coaching staffs remain.

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    Isn’t this horse dead....