Texas schools: 16 game schedule

Page 2 of Would this work in Kentucky? In watching the state finals from Texas again this year, I see Aledo goes 16-0 and it made me ponder the question. I would... 18 comments | 1933 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    So this discussion is really "should the teams that make the finals play 16 games vs the 15 they play now".

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    I'm probably dating myself, but there definitely used to be a rule that you couldn't play a football game before the first day of class; does that rule still exist in Kentucky?

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    Even though more schools have or are getting turf fields, weather and field conditions are not conducive for most games after Halloween. This year there was a controversy about the muddy field at Anderson Co. Asking teams to play in unsatisfactory conditions in, up to that point of the season, the biggest game of the year is not fair to the players.
    Comparing the length of a football season with the length of a basketball season is comparing apples & oranges. Conditions for basketball are the same every game. For football, not so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gchs_uk9 View Post
    All of this. Also, there are 254 teams in 6A alone in Texas, compared to 221 total teams in Kentucky, so developing a viable playoff system makes playing 16 games in Texas almost necessary.
    What you said, explained differently.

    There are 2 divisions for each class in Texas, 12 classes in all. I believe the 6A D1 class has 254 schools. They play a 10 game regular season, just like Kentucky, but have an extra layer of playoffs. The bracket rounds in Texas are district, area, region, quarterfinal, semifinal, and final.