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10. Covington Catholic- The ole bridesmaid. This one is more about one team than all the other factors. For years CovCath has been near the top of their class, but those darn Bluebirds of Highlands have just put a pox on them. CovCath comes in at the bottom of the list though thanks to some recent flaws in the Highlands' armor.

9. Owensboro Catholic- The Aces' program is at a very high level right now thanks to Coach John Edge. The issue for OCath though is their playoff path. When your classification has three programs playing at respectively the height of their programs' histories over the past 4 or 5 years, it makes it tough. When those three programs all happen to be in your Semi-State and show no signs of slowing? Well that puts you on this list.

8. Lexington Catholic- Continuing our Catholic theme, it is hard to fathom a team making this list who just last year was playing in Bowling Green for a State Title. Truth be told, from an on the field perspective there is nothing wrong with LexCath, but if we are discussing "Bad Situations" it is impossible to ignore the Spring drama off Clays Mill Road centered on the Knights. For a program that has long drawn some of the best talent in Fayette County a black eye like this leaves the door open for lots of uncertainty.

7. St. Xavier- A blueblood program usually has exemption for a list like this, but St. Xavier seems to be at a bit of a tipping point. With Male emerging as a "go to spot" for the public schools in Jefferson County, and Trinity continuing their run of top notch teams, the 6A path to the Championship is beyond difficult and X seems to be losing ground. It also doesn't help that DeSales continued growth continues to spread the Catholic Private talent pool further.

6. Cooper- Sometimes a bad decision makes for a bad situation. When Cooper opted to play up in 6A it seemingly helped them distance themselves from Highlands and opened the door for a more favorable chance of advancing deep in the playoffs. In a perfect example of "the grass isn't always greener" the Jaguars then witnessed Highlands stumble and fall and Class 5A open up as one of the easier tickets to Louisville. Had Cooper remained in 5A there was a strong chance they could have had a legit shot at a State Title, now they must second guess their decision I fight through a much tougher 6A bracket.

5. Christian Academy of Louisville- Much like Owensboro Catholic, it's not about the current state of the CAL program, but more about what they have to deal with en route to the Finals. CAL's issue is a mental hurdle against District Rival DeSales. The Centurions have been arguably the #1 or #2 team in the 2A Regular season for the past three years and do not even have a Semi-Finals game to show for it. As a bonus kicker, even assuming they were to get over the DeSales hump waiting for them in the way of Bowling Green is the unstoppable force known as Mayfield. With the talent CAL has fielded, if they fail to capitalize with a Finals appearance this four year stretch may be one of the bigger wasted opportunities in recent memory.

4. Manual- If you thought St. Xavier had it rough, imagine the plight of Manual! Manual has always been a perennial Top 20 program in the entire State with a talent pool other schools would kill for, the issue though has been the buzzsaw known as Louisville 6A Football. When the Big 3 are often in your Region and District, your chances for a deep playoff run are almost always limited.

3. Paducah Tilghman- Few schools in the State of Kentucky can boast the major D1 talents or even NFL talent that Tilghman has had over the years. A great tradition, a great talent pool, but an absolute dumpster fire of a political mess right now. Tilghman has became a revolving door of coaches in recent years and they begin the 2016 season once again breaking the maiden of a new Head Ball Coach. With a bumper crop of talent once again in the underclassmen ranks it has to be wondered, will it be wasted due to the decisions of the adults?

2. Bell County- One of the elite traditions not only in EKY but in the entire state, now endangered by a coaching change process that would rival any Benny Hill comedy skit. Wayne Mills had kept Bell at a high level but a controversial decision, preceded by controversial actions of the school board, left Bell looking for a new Coach. What followed next was a calamity of rejected offers, swings and misses, and even re-interviewing the man they just fired. In the end they found their man in a retired Coach from Georgia who now has to step into a tough situation. To make matters worse, realignment placed Bell in an Eastern Semi-State featuring a rapidly rising Corbin program and the current Kings of 3A Belfry.

1. Warren Central- Whereas a bit of comedy could be found in the Bell situation, the Warren Central predicament is just borderline sad. You don't have to go back but a few years to see Warren Central as annually one of the Top 3 or 4 teams in their classification and a team that seemed just a couple TD's away from beating Bowling Green and being the favorite for a State Title. Fast forward and after a revolving door of Head Coaches and the Dragons program is rumored to be on the verge of struggling to even field a team. Poor decisions in the front office has rendered Warren Central in a tough spot, but to complicate things even worse the new Warren County school at South Warren has emerged as one of the state's rocket rising programs and seem to be draining the talent pool that replenished South Warren. If that isn't bad enough, still consider Bowling Green is at the peak of their program and sit inside the District.