Taylor County 2018

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    Taylor County 2018

    What does Taylor County need to do to improve in 2018? What do they need to keep doing to be successful? Remember, please be constructive.

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    Consistency and identity. Granted I'm not in their situation, but from everything I saw last year they didn't seem to quite know who they were. They seemed to dabble into different styles and looks, and some of those paid off and others didn't.

    Going off of their record, it feels like one week they couldn't be stopped and the next week they either lose close to win in OT.

    I would say that they could compete for a district championship this year, considering they were 8 points away from one last year.

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    Very fair assessment.

    They have some talent coming back including an incoming sophomore who led the team in rushing as a freshman.

    They have the big kid they play as a fullback, not sure I wouldn’t make him a left tackle and run behind him

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    I agree I think a lot will depend on the type of offense Foley decides to run this year. It seems he floated between the spread, which is what he is accustomed to running, and Bone which the kids ran with Hilton.