State Finals Teams - A Loaded Field

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    State Finals Teams - A Loaded Field

    Looking at the Calpreps rankings going into this weekend's state championship games reveals what a stacked field this is. All twelve teams are deserving of their spot and the "worst" remaining team per their rankings is the 19th best team across all classes. This is going to be a good weekend!

    1. Covington Catholic
    2. South Warren
    3. Scott County
    4. Male
    5. Christian Academy-Louisville
    6. Johnson Central

    7. Frederick Douglass
    8. Mayfield
    9. Boyle County
    10. Highlands
    11. Franklin-Simpson
    12. Corbin

    13. Trinity
    14. Beechwood
    15. St. Xavier
    16. Belfry
    17. Central
    18. Owensboro
    19. Pikeville

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    Looking California, and feeling Minnesota...

    Hopefully some exciting games on the docket.

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    Have to think this may be the best combo of 1A and 2A games in a long while looking strictly at the overall state rankings.

    Beechwood, Pikeville, Mayfield, and CAL are all "up" by conventional standards.