St. Xavier Hires Kevin Wallace As Head Football Coach

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonels_Wear_Blue View Post
    You're team will ever beat Trinity for the rest of history. Absolutely impossible.
    Disagree. Never say never. Anything is possible.

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    I believe Haywood is 67.

    Schneider was 72 when he retired.

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    An outstanding HC and a fine man.
    I think the Xaverians surprised some folks with this hire.
    I wish him well against every team but One.

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    Former BG player that I know called me and had great things to say about him. Was glad to hear that.

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    Everything PurpleNation said in Post 23 is true.
    As a Purples fan till the end, I am saddened by this news as I'd selfishly like for him to stay on. But that is unwise as to the infinite surge of football relevance he has brought to the Purples Program with his time at the helm. It is no secret that BG has talent, but so do alot of places that don't win. What would you think of BG as a program if they went 8 and 4 every year he was there and got taken out early in the playoffs? You wouldn't consider them an upper echelon program - that is for sure. Without Wallace at BG, BG has 1 title. With Wallace, 6. enough said.

    I am very happy for Coach to be able to move to a place I respect as much as X. Since I live in Louisville, I hope to take in more X games. It will be very weird to see Coach Wallace on the other side of the field in September. I know it will be weird for him too. I'm sure I'll become an X fan, except when they play BG.

    As for the Big Game, it will become more competitive IMO. It will also put a premium on skill players as both teams lines are usually the best in the state. Looking forward to it...

    Best of Luck Coach Wallace ... And Thank You!

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    Should be interesting to see how Coach Wallace puts his staff together. Which coaches staff and if anyone comes with him from BG...?