South Warren QB Gavin Spurrier

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    I’m guessing scholarship. I haven’t seen PWO mentioned anywhere. I could have sworn someone told me he already had a full academic ride to Duke or something like that. I knew he was going to Duke but I didn’t realize football at Duke might be an option for him.

    Didn’t Steve Spurrier play his college football at Duke?
    Steve Spurrier played college football at Florida where he won a Heisman

    He was Duke’s Head Football Coach from 1987 to 1989 where he posted a record of 20-13-1 before going to Florida as the Head Coach.

    Gavin has stated all along that he was going to Duke regardless. He’s ranked in the top 5 of the class at South so he probably had an academic scholarship.

    Yesterday he tweeted that he would be continuing his athletic career at Duke with a shot of Dukes football helmet and the stadium.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PurplePride92 View Post
    Iím guessing scholarship.
    The News & Observer is calling him a walk-on.

    Duke football recruiting: Blue Devils adding Steve Spurrier’s grandson as walk-on quarterback | News & Observer