South Warren 31 South Oldham 10

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    South Warren 31 South Oldham 10

    Final per the update thread. Will take on Cov. Cath. in the 5A final on Sunday Dec. 2.

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    South Warren and South Oldham.
    First half South Oldham tried to shorten the game by running and short high percentage passing. The moved the ball some but but could score. Except for a fake punt that they took to the house. That was a great call by South Oldham and caught the Spartans off guard.

    Both teams hit long 44 yard field goals. The Spartans first drive was a long clock consuming drive.

    Half time was 10-10 but that was it. The Spartans scored on the opening drive of the second half then would go on and score two more times the final on a long 50 yard pass to Bush.

    South warren got the ball back with around 10 minutes to go in the game and had a holding penalty that put them on their own 7 yard line with 9:22 to go in the game when lightening stuck one of the light poles at the field and halted play for about 30 minutes.

    When play resumed the clock malfunctioned and was turned off with 9:22 to go. South moves the ball some but was forced to punt. However roughing the kicker was called and extended the drive. South Warren drove the ball down to South Oldham’s 14 yard line. That’s when they said the game was over and time had expired.

    I believe that was the fastest none running clock 9:22 I have witnessed. But in reality the game was over at that point.

    I will say this South Oldham was well coached and well disciplined. Probably one of the best coached/disciplined teams South Warren has faced all year.

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    Congrats to South Oldham - on a great season.
    Great program