Some Things About Football That Will Never Change

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    Some Things About Football That Will Never Change

    A recent threat delved into the things about football that have changed. The following are some things about football that I think will never change as long as the sport exists:

    1. Football emphasizes and demands more teamwork than any other sport.

    2. It is possible, through hard work, for an average athlete to mold himself into a good football player.

    3. The more physical team usually wins.

    4. Good coaching really makes a difference; bad coaching really hinders.

    5. Running the football, regardless of formation, is essential.

    6. Overcoming adversity is essential to a good team.

    7. Teams that are cohesive and play well together are more successful than a collection of good athletes who do not.

    8. It is hard to overcome poor line play even with good skill athletes.

    These are just some quick thoughts. Feel free to add others.

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    Shang Ri La

    The biggest caveat is that the title should say high school football and below. Some of those things are more important the lower the level. And some of those things are more important the worse shape a program is in. Others I just flat out disagree with.

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    2,4,6,7 aren't unique to football, and can be applied just as well to pretty much every team sport.

    #1,3&5 are debatable and not absolute truths.

    #8 is important, but even so, HS football is often about who has the best 2 or 3 players on the field.