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My good friend Bruce Jones brought back our helmets today from the reconditioner, Capital Varsity. Bruce does a great job making sure our stuff is right when it gets back to us and I really appreciate that about him.

As we popped open those boxes and got out our helmets, which always look new when they get back from the reconditioner, I felt like a little kid again. I am thankful that I am getting ready for another season of football.

It always takes me back to when I was four years old and my mom took me out to see my Dad one summer afternoon at Boyle County. He and the coaches had been spray painting all of their helmets in Green Bay gold. I can still see all those helmets, freshly spray painted, on the sidewalk and grass around the back door of the HS.

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I will be 52 when we kick off in 2017. The first football season I can remember, I was 3 years old & my Dad was an assistant at Lafayette. I am just excited about this season as any over the past 50 years.

HS football and Friday nights are special. I have many flaws. But, one thing I am thankful for is that I am smart enough to appreciate my players & coaches and what each season means to all of us.

I think it is a good sign that I still get excited when our stuff comes back from the reconditioner. If that ever changes, that will be an indication that it may be time for me to hang it up.

Bruce and I got to eat breakfast together this morning and I am glad for the friends that I have made through this great game. Enjoy the Super Bowl tomorrow and before you know it, we will be passing out gear for spring practice.

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