Should Highlands request to play up in 5A for the 2019-2022 Football Seasons?

Page 11 of I am a firm No on this. The Highlands Football Program needs to get back on its feet. Moving up into a loaded 5A would be very dangerous for Highlands ... 152 comments | 7061 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack of all Trades View Post
    I can say that the Super is going nowhere because of the success and/or failure of the football program and you can take that to the bank.

    I also can say that many have zero confidence in the AD and hope is for a replacement that "wants" to do the job and were not placed there because there was nowhere else to put them.

    I also think BW got the "message" loud and clear and things will look a lot different than they have these past few years.
    And again...

    The Super has no skin in the game.

    The Mafia not only wants the Coach out they want the AD out too.

    Work harder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NamecipS View Post
    I can't really speak for Sweep or JOAt or any of the other old schoolers chiming in here, but my interpretation is they're more concerned with how the culture has changed than they are with the wins/losses.
    That is correct

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    I hear what everyone is saying about the success of the school district and I agree that’s number one priority but let’s be realistic for a moment.

    This super has done nothing to date but botch a failed attempt to fire the football coach and let an AD throw her under the bus in the process.

    I wish her well with future decisions but to date she is 0-1 and just last week she had a emotional meltdown at a school board meeting that had nothing to do with football, Wow!!! Maybe this whole football thing is bigger then what some people are playing down and she knows it and is struggling. Really can’t make this stuff up people

    I wholeheartedly disagree with anyone saying football has nothing to do with the success of the school district. They both compliment each other in a way that is hard to explain.

    If Highlands closed the football program down tomorrow the overall school district would suffer and decline at all levels. jmo