Shelby County 23 North Oldham 20

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    Shelby County 23 North Oldham 20


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    I continue to be impressed by the job Joe Gamsky is doing in Goshen. The Mustangs may have lost this one, but four games ago - after a 49-0 loss to South Oldham - who would have thought the Mustangs would have played a top 10 4A team to a 3 point contest?

    Despite their first loss in the last three games, North has most likely clinched a playoff berth thanks to their win last week over Spencer, and this won't be the "easy out" some early nay-sayers might have thought.

    TREMENDOUS JOB of keeping your noses down and working your way out of the corner, North! Still some awfully tough challenges ahead - Collins, Franklin County, and Anderson County - but North is serving notice.

    Of course, this thread also owes a tip of the hat to Todd Shipley at Shelby County. Todd's one of the vets, and his teams reflect that. Shelby finds ways to win. Congratulations to the Rockets.