Scott County's Quarterback Josh Davis could not be a more perfect fit to balance out their high powered running attack. As a 3 year starter, he is 31-6 (31-2 against KY foes), has a 65% completion rating, throwing for 3625 yards and 45TDs, with only 6 INTs. He has 17 career rushing touchdowns as well. His senior year has been the most impressive, as Josh has lead the Cardinals to a 9-2 record through the 1st round of the playoffs, completing 74% percent of his passes for 1174 yards, 16 TDs, 2 INTs, with 2 rushing touchdowns as well. Under his command the Scott County offense has averaged 45 points per contest in the last 3 years.

This kid is the definition of efficient. He can hurt you first and foremost with his legs, pulling the ball on Belly-keeps and running AWAY from defenders. He is incredibly accurate in the 1 step and 3 step passing game which SC takes advantage of with talented single receiver Glenn Covington when they get an overloaded box or 1v1 coverage. He also has the ability to throw over top of the defense on play-action as well as drop back passes.

To me, Josh is the best Quarterback I have seen at SC in the Jim McKee Era. I have watched 8 of their 11 games this year and many times they did looked more balanced with run/pass than run heavy. I believe that with the right opportunity, he could fit nicely into a mid-level FCS program, but may end up being an absolute steal for any program lower than FCS. I wish Josh and SC continued success in their playoff route which seems to lead to playing either Male or St. X away in the semifinals before potentially getting a chance at T at Kroger field. SC has shown that they can go to Louisville and win before, and I believe they have a great chance this year as well. Go Cards!