Scott 14 Boone County 7 (scrimmage)

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    Scott 14 Boone County 7 (scrimmage)

    This was the score for the first half. JV teams took over after the half. There were no returns on kick-offs or punts. Receivung team caught the ball and the play was over. Offense took over on the 35 on kicks and where caught on punts.

    On the first series for Scott, Perrin had a nice run when he bounced outside and Boone had no contain. He raced about 40 yards to the endzone. He looked pretty solid to me. I think he is bigger than his older brother. He is a very good RB. Has a nice stiff arm and does not go down easily.

    7 - 0 Scott

    Boone took over on offense and began to drive down the field with the power run game. The O-line provided lots of push up front and the RBs could get through the line before initial contact. Unfortunately, Boone's best lineman went out with an injury on the first offensive play. I sure hope this is something that will heal before the first game.

    Nevertheless, the line did well. The first series was capped off by a 10 yard run by the FB. A gaping hole allowed him to get a head of steam for about 7 yards when he was met head on by a safety. It didn't slow him down a bit as he bowled over the defender and ran across the goal line with a second defender hanging on to his arm.


    Both defenses got stops and things went back and forth for a time. Finally, Scott mounted a drive and capped it off with a run by the QB around the rigt side to the corner of the endzone for a TD.

    14-7 Scott

    Boone had opportunity to score and got down within 15 yards (as I recall) of the endzone. A pass in the endzone bounced off the turf into the receivers arms. A penalty ensued as a Boone player disputed the call. This ended Boone's chance to score. The game ended in Scott's favor 14-7.

    This being a scrimmage, once Boone determined that the power run game was working well the coaches appeared to switch to a different offensive set to work on things there. It was more of a passing set but Boone still had some success running the ball. QB Zach Grau didn't have much time to throw and as a result had several nice runs. I like that he keeps his eyes downfield and had several good attempts extending the play and throwing to a receiver. He just missed on several of these. The o-line will need to work on their pass blocking but for the most part I liked what I saw from their effort.

    Several sophomores played well for Boone. Probably the best was Cauvey Vastine at RB. I do not doubt that he will wind up with the most carries out of the backfield this season. With the line blocking like it did, the FB running violently between the tackles, another senior getting some carries, and Vastine getting chunks of yardage, Boone may have a productive running attack.

    Hopefully, Boone's passing attack will match the run when Boone hosts Newport next Thursday at 7 pm.

    Good luck to Scott on the season!

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    I am glad Vasetine did good hope he has a great year.

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    Great summary, @oldgrappler