Russell 41 Mercer County 26

Page 4 of Originally Posted by Cubster Just some of the Tomcat Nation can be hard to bear. As can a couple of Russell posters that I know of. It really is a sham... 47 comments | 1990 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    I totally agree. I have many friends over there that are great people. Your coaches are class acts but the airwaves?
    Just kidding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cubster
    Russell posters on here usually just react to the arrogant comments of others.
    Your post (#62) in the Ashland/Rockcastle thread
    Quote Originally Posted by Cubster
    As usual the Red Devils are the only team left in the area.
    was not in response to anything. It was simply put there to provoke a reaction. You certainly have the right (unless it is revoked by the moderators or the Guru) to post whatever you see fit, but please, don't act like you are lily white in the confrontations. I watch members from Russell that show nothing but class in their posts, and then there are a couple that are as immature as anyone from any school. It's a pity, because just like Ashland, one or two people can make others think that a school is populated by nothing but socially challenged boors.

    Fortunately, the overwhelming majority of people don't confuse the actions of a childish, disgruntled individual, and the people that are forced to share a row in the stands with them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cubster
    ...I am sure everyone on here is pulling for them.
    I'm sure that there will be some people in Ashland that root against Russell this week (I won't be one of them). I wonder why that would be? Surely it won't be because of posts like the one I referenced above - will it?


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    If you guys want to talk about the game you can do it in another thread.