Rockcastle County at Lexington Catholic predictions

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  • Lexington Catholic

    68 66.02%
  • Rockcastle County

    35 33.98%
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    I don't know why anyone would want to let Lex Cath run at will this year and try to completely take away the pass. Just because Israel might benefit some from a passing offense, this kid is the real deal and will probably be the guy whose back they will have to ride the next two years. He is a stud and could run all over a team if they don't take him seriously.

    As for Lexington Catholic, I don't see them approaching this game much different from the rest of the season. The Rock as I've always known them is a hard nosed running team with some passing mixed in here and there. The Knights may try a few more stunts to throw of QB timing and perhaps stuff some running holes but I don't see them getting too crazy on their game plan. If the Rock does plan on throwing they better capitalize early because the Knights adjust well.

    I pick the Knights to win this one, or well I did on the other thread. I don't know Burke's current health for the game but I hope he is doing well. I think the Knights have too many horses in this one but still I look for a close game at least early.

    Good luck to both teams however, I respect Rockcastle a lot having played them numerous times on the freshman and jv teams when I was round.

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    I'll take LexCath 42-21 way to many athletes for Rockcastle to stop.............SPEED KILLS!!!!!!!!!!!Good luck Knights.........

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    If Rockastle does intend to come out in a 4 and 5 wide set, this will be nothing that Lex Cath hasn't seen. They went up against on O like this in Cov Cath, and they won so Lex Cath will be able to adjust to this formation. This is the year for Lex Cath finally, 42-14