Record for Playoff Game Appearances

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    From Lincoln County, Kentucky. Live in Chicago area.

    Lincoln County


    35 games
    20 wins
    15 losses

    *-(actually 1979-2000; the Patriots have not been in the playoffs for the last 5 years and did not make the playoffs the first 5 years of the school)

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Scribe
    Since 1980

    Mayfield 69-19
    Danville 70-14
    Beechwood 72-14
    Pikeville 53-19

    Male 40-19
    Trinity 70-15
    St. X 57-18

    I'd say 100 is very possible with these teams.
    I am 98% sure Beechwood was 4-3 prior to 1980.

    So I am fairly certain if your numbers are correct Beechwood is 76-17 in post season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Scribe
    There were absent several times in the early and mid 80s so I just dumped them from my research when I didn't think they would hit 70 games.
    Yeah, I don't think they would come anywhere near 70. My guess of 50-55 would be close. I think I can get a good number with a little research if I get some time.

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    Russell, 48 playoff games, 28 wins and 20 losses since 1977.