Ravenwood (TN) 31 South Warren 17

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    Ravenwood (TN) 31 South Warren 17


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    South suffers its first loss of the season to Ravenwood.

    Ravenwood ran a lot of trick plays and options tha kept South off balance. Lacey goes down in the second quarter and did not return which allowed Ravenwood to get the triple option going some.

    They ran reverse sweeps with pass options off of it and threw down field.

    Also south had the ball at Ravenwood 3 with 15 seconds before half down 10-7 with no time outs and ran a wildcat running play to the left and was stopped at the one allowing time to run out and going in to half down 3.

    When they came out in 3rd quarter the marched down field and stalled at the 3 settling for a field goal to tie the game at 10.

    Ravenwood tried 3 trick plays that did not work and punted back to south. South drove and scored with 50 seconds to for before half taking the lead 17-10.

    Ravenwood then ties with 15 seconds to go on a long run off the triple option to tie the game.

    Souths first drive of 4th end d with a fumble and Ravenwood drives and scores with about 5 minutes to go in the game. That forced south to try things coming from behind and their drive stalled. Ravenwood runs a couple of plays for nothing then a pitch back pass that sets up their final score.

    Ravenwood was good they were big and physical. But the kept Souths defense off balance with trick plays and options/counter type plays.

    Also Souths defense is decent without lacy but not dominant. Meaning when he is out Ravenwood did not half to double or triple team the tackle and could send linemen down to block on Cross and Shea.