Prestonsburg 2017

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    Prestonsburg 2017

    What does Prestonsburg need to do to improve in 2017? What do they need to keep doing to be successful? Remember, please be constructive.

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    Pburg is in a tight spot right now and 2017 may be a watershed year.

    Lots of unrest with the natives, a brand new High School is being built in the County, and the talent continues to look elsewhere.

    The bright side is Pburg plays in a very winnable District and have a very good player back in Ethan Varney.

    I would consider 2017 a "Must Win" year. The Blackcats really need a District Title and a playoff win. If they finish 2nd in the District they could be staring down a 6-4 or worse regular season and a 1st Round exit.

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    Ok, not sure if I should post this, but it's an interesting talking point. A doctor in Ashland told me that he heard (second hand) that Johnny Lemaster is taking his crew (the Ratliffs and Collins') to Pburg. Not sure if this should be on the baseball thread, but I thought it was so close to football season that it should be on here, seeing that Lemaster's grandson is Ashland's QB. Any word down your way regarding this rumor?

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    In doing some reading, I see that Drake Nunnery 6-0- 165 DB/WREC is back and he is said to be a big time player.

    Blake Stone QB/LB-6-2-215- Is back. Is he better on offense or defense. Has nice size for a linebacker.

    In the article there are said to be five senior lineman returning. Dalton Bowe,Harley Quillen,Zack Link, Brad Jarrell and Braxton Lewis.

    Potentially this could be a solid year.

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    From all the off the field turmoil that seems to be taking place in Prestonsburg and the county in general, I'm not looking for them to have that great of a year. Like ATLcat said though, they do play in a very winnable district.