Paducah Tilghman 47 McCracken County 43

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    Paducah Tilghman 47 McCracken County 43


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    Great game. Tilghman jumped out quickly to the 14-0 lead, McCracken stormed back and dominated the 2nd qtr to take a halftime lead.

    Tilghman made lots of adjustments after halftime and dominated the game on the ground after halftime to build a 47-30 lead. McCracken scored a couple late touchdowns to make it look a little closer.

    With as many points as both teams scored, you would think both teams played well and they did in spurts, but both teams made lots and lots of mistakes.

    McCracken started every possession in the 1st half but one on Tilghman's side of the field and several in the 2nd. Field position was vital to McCracken in this game.

    I think both teams will be much better moving forward.