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We had an OTA here today with Danville, Mason County, & Woodford County. We originally got the idea from some high schools in south Alabama who had copied the NFL style workout. 7 on 7 is part of the OTA, but we also incorporate inside drill, 11 on 11, punt coverage and returning punts. This is a noncontact event. It involves all areas of the game and the kids enjoy an NFL style workout.

I also like the OTA because it really pushes our kids after only having two workouts. We run multiple sets. They don't like so many sets and us pushing them to play fast. But, I could show them with my watch that as the day progressed, we played faster and better. We still have a long way to go, but overall it was good progress.

Working our punt protection today, our guys got to see several different looks for punt rush. We corrected a bunch of mistakes. We also had to field punts with guys running down and getting in our face.

I was especially pleased with our linebackers today. They worked hard to do the fundamental things we want done. They were very coachable and did well getting to the right spot.

The report I got from our linemen work was also positive.

To a HS football player in 2017, July 10 until the first game on August 19th is a long time! The OTA workout breaks up the monotony of workouts and practices. If anything, we may add another one next year.

If any other HS coaches have experience or ideas on OTAs, please send those to me at

OTA = Organized Team Activities

Photos @: Black Shoes and White ShoeStrings: OTA- speeding up the process, breaking up the monotony