Open Jobs/Filled Jobs 2016-2017

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    Open Jobs/Filled Jobs 2016-2017

    This thread will be used for tracking all open coaching jobs, and all of those jobs as they are filled. If anyone has information on a new job coming open, any updates on an ongoing coaching search, or finds out a job has been filled, please feel free to start a new thread on the opening/filled position. If there is a thread already out there, don't hesitate to add your info. We're all glad to hear it.

    I will link the thread for each open/filled job to streamline your searching.

    Ballard - FILLED
    Bell County - FILLED
    Bethlehem- FILLED
    Boyd County - FILLED
    Bracken County - FILLED
    7) Carroll County - FILLED
    Central - FILLED
    Clay County - FILLED
    Eastern - FILLED
    Fairdale - FILLED
    Floyd Central (New School) - FILLED
    Fort Campbell - FILLED
    15) Franklin County - FILLED
    Frederick Douglass - FILLED
    George Rogers Clark - FILLED
    Harlan - FILLED
    Henry County - FILLED
    Hopkinsville - FILLED
    Jenkins - FILLED
    John Hardin - FILLED
    Knox Central - FILLED
    LaRue County - FILLED
    Ludlow - FILLED
    McCracken County - FILLED
    Moore - FILLED
    Morgan County - FILLED
    Ohio County
    Oldham County - FILLED
    31) Pleasure Ridge Park - FILLED
    32) Rowan County - FILLED
    33) Seneca - FILLED
    34) Taylor County - FILLED
    35) Warren East - FILLED
    36) Western - FILLED
    37) West Jessamine - FILLED

    1) Ballard -
    Adrian Morton
    2) Bell County -
    Dudley Hilton
    3) Bethlehem -
    Jesse Cantrall
    4) Boyd County -
    David Manning
    5) Bracken County -
    David Brausch
    6) Carroll County -
    Hunter Cantwell
    7) Central - Marvin Dantzler
    8) Clay County - Mike Sizemore
    9) Eastern - Justin Blanford
    10) Fairdale - Louis Dover
    11) Floyd Central - Shawn Hager
    12) Fort Campbell
    13) Franklin County - Eddie James
    14) Frederick Douglass - Brian Landis
    15) George Rogers Clark - Oliver Lucas
    16) Harlan - John Luttrell
    17) Henry County - Matt Wright
    18) Hopkinsville - Craig Clayton
    19) Jenkins - Matt Chandler
    20) John Hardin - Chris Engstrand
    21) Knox Central - Fred Hoskins
    22) LaRue County - Josh Jaggers
    23) Ludlow - Greg Taphouse
    24) McCracken County - Marc Clark
    25) Moore - Rob Reader
    26) Morgan County - Mark Easterling
    27) Oldham County - Michael Fox
    28) Pleasure Ridge Park - Tommy Williams
    29) Rowan County - Kelly Ford
    30) Seneca - Preston Smith
    31) Taylor County - Jason Foley
    32) Warren East - Jeff Griffith
    33) Western - Preston King
    34) West Jessamine - John Gilliam
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    How many of these jobs will truly draw inquiries from good, experienced hs head coaches ? Just curious

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlow View Post
    How many of these jobs will truly draw inquiries from good, experienced hs head coaches ? Just curious
    None except for Frederick Douglas, IMO.

    1) Bethlehem- Great job, but private...doesn't pay into the KTRS pension. Guessing it doesn't pay much, either.
    2) Boyd County- Battling for the 3 spot in your district most every year.
    3) Carroll County - FILLED
    4) Eastern- Not many proven head coaches in great situations are going to leave that to go battle Trinity & the rest of 6A/Jefferson County.
    5) Floyd Central (New School)- exciting to start your own traditions and program w/ new facilities. Other than that, being thrown in with Belfry who needs know explanation + a very solid Lawrence County program and Pike Central who has been on the uptick. Add all of that with the idea of living in the mountains (which I personally love, but not a lot of wives who aren't from out that way are moving that way).
    6) Fort Campbell- See Bethlehem. Different retirement pension, but you can go make some serious cash nonetheless. I don't think they are going to be able to hire anybody that isn't already there and/or in the DoDEA. They were "locked" into that with the last two hires and I hear this one will be no different.
    7) Frederick Douglass (New School)- Already been discussed. This one is the "silver tuna" (it's Christmas time..a little quote from Joe Pesci in "Home Alone")
    8) George Rogers Clark- 6A and about as low as it gets right now. See Eastern..who proven is going to leave for that?
    9) Harlan- That part about location when in regards to Floyd Central? See Harlan and multiply that by infinity (again, I love the mountains.)
    10) Knox Central-See Floyd Central & Harlan, although a little more convenient to get to places. But, they apparently just forced a guy to resign who had his 1st losing season in 6 years and were in the region finals in 2015. Who is going take move their family there that's not already there or somehow has some serious connections for that kind of gamble?
    11) Ludlow-Nobody proven, but one of if not the best one to go prove yourself. Live in NKY & outside of Beechwood, you have a very manageable schedule....that is if you don't take hits to your roster of 25-30 grades 9-12 in any fashion. They pay really well (teaching pay for sure).
    12) Oldham County- See GRC and to an extent Ludlow. Nobody proven is going there, but absolutely nowhere to go but UP. Great area to live (all be it an expensive area to live). Oldham took a hit as South Oldham started gaining ground when it opened up 25 years ago, and it seems that North Oldham has punched them in the gut, too. If Oldham stays 5A and more importantly, 5A and in the district they are in, then I think something can happen. However, they are right on that 6A line and have been in the biggest class many times before.

    To answer you question in a nutshell, though? Outside of Frederick Douglass, I don't think any of these are going to snag a proven, experienced head coach. These are first time head coach and/or bounce back jobs for those out there looking who might have been a head coach before.

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    Bethlehem is a hidden gem....tons of potential. Coach Koontz did an outstanding job doubt he would have taken the program to a higher level given more time but due to his health he couldn't. I'm with the Indians one will take that job because of retirement and or pay however if they can find someone who is already retired (like Koontz was) or who can commute from the current school they are at (if the current school would be understanding of this) then they could have a winner. There is one man I could think of who would be a home run hire for this....Jay Cobb. He is retired, familiar with the Catholic system, wife still works in Campbellsville, has a huge history of taking programs to the next level and he is a good dude...good for the kids.

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    For comparison:

    Currently 25 jobs that have come open, and 17 that have been filled.

    Open Jobs/Filled Jobs 2014-2015
    As of February 15th there were 42 job in the state that had come open, and 24 of them had been filled already.
    State-wide there were a total of 54 jobs that turned over.

    Open Jobs/Filled Jobs 2015-2016
    As of February 15th there were 24 jobs in the state that had come open, and 12 of them had been filled already.
    State-wide there were a total of 43 jobs that turned over.
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    Betsy Layne is open. Head coach took admin position.

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    Ballard Memorial is apparently open.