Open Job: Christian Academy of Louisville

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoachReedWingNut View Post
    Would be tough for a coach that is vested in the public school retirement system to take a private school job. I would imagine it would go to a candidate that can retire from the state retirement system like Coach Wallace did a few years ago to take the X job, someone already in the private school retirement pool, or someone just starting out, college coach, etc..

    Not sure how many years coach Scroggins has in the retirement system, but he would be a great candidate.

    I used to say that all the time as well, but I've seen people well up into their 20th+ year of public school employment take a job @ a private school & leave teaching at the public as well.

    Totally baffling IMO.

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    A possible selling point for a public school teacher to leave and head to private is the stability of the current state retirement system. Also, you do have to think just how long someone is planning on working. I’m 32 and teach in the public school system and in theory I could move to a private school in my mid 30s and teach for another 30s and be in my mid 60s. Not ideal, but it’s possible.

    Is there a coach on staff CAL would promote?

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    This job may be the best opening in the State in recent years

    CAL's program is stock piled and built for longstanding success at a High Level.

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    Mark Campbell of Madison (IN) Courier is reporting that Hunter Cantwell is expected to be named the next Head Coach.