No Spring Football at Beechwood or St. Xavier?

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    Exactly. I think many schools, and the state as a whole, are missing out on a lot of potential with Spring Practice. I have made this argument before, but Florida does spring practice in conjunction with an official update and then holds multiple teams scrimmaging each other at one site and allows the officials to apply things they learned from the official clinic. These locations are held all over the state and allows the officials to get practice, and allows the teams to get a spring game in.
    In Hillsborough County we have started to make a big push for these type of jamboree's before the actual "spring game". It's a great opportunity to for the kids to gain more experience and develop technique and to assist with recruitment and development of officials.

    The higher ups in the state of KY need to start embracing the fact high school football is becoming the way most of the student athletes are continuing their athletic and educational careers.