No Helmets till July 22

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rambo4343 View Post
    That's not the case at some schools. There are some "mystery" camps that have scrimmages and full contact in the morning and evening
    This could be a reaction to that also. If that is the case coaches are directly responsible for restricting practice and games because they don't follow rules and initiate contact practices too early.

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    Let's be real, if basketball were having it's practice time or even summer time reduced this wouldn't be an issue. This is a basketball state.

    This ruling is not for the kids, because it will put kids on the field in more danger of head injuries. It's simple, we do not have enough bodies in control that understand football.

    Maybe I'm in the minority but most of the players where I coach would start practice right now if they could. Not a lot to do for most kids these days that isn't trouble. If football practice is the most of a kids worries then he is pretty lucky.

    As a coach I believe that football should never be played without a helmet. No practice or 7 on 7s without them. That is a true players first philosophy.

    Restricting helmets only adds to the frequency of injuries and the severity of those head injuries. It also would add to the acclimation time, which is dangerous because it will restrict the number of days in pads before scrimmages, hitting, etc.

    You want kids to be safe let them wear helmets any time they're on the field. Just my opinion.

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    I think we over analyze injuries. When I was in high school, a mere 10 years ago, I don't recall any serious injuries. Maybe it was because our coaches taught us to play 100 miles an hour. None of the guys I played with were afraid of injury but we also understood what "dangers" come with football. I'm a firm believer, and I tell my players the same thing, that if you play fast and not afraid to get injured you won't. When you worry about injury, that's when it happens. Maybe kids today just aren't made tough anymore. Accidents happen, injuries happen, but most can be avoided by playing the game correctly (ie: proper techniques).

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    From Bylaw 23 on limitations of season:

    "(3) During the period beginning on the day immediately following the dead period (Bylaw 24) and through July 31, member schools may participate in noncontact simulations (i.e. 7 on 7) and such participation does not count against scrimmage limitations provided that the first practice in full pads has not been conducted. The school issued helmet may be used during these activities, but no other equipment included in NFHS Rule 1-5 may be issued prior to the dates detailed in subsection (a)(2) of this section. The KHSAA catastrophic insurance is not in effect for these simulations if other schools are involved;
    (4) Preseason and during season practice in football shall be as follows:
    a. The first legal organized practice wearing a helmet only shall be no earlier than July 22"

    No surprise but the bylaw leaves a lot of gray area. #3 seems to say from end of dead period, July 15, through July 31 (first day of full pads is August 1) schools can do 7 on 7 and wear helmets. It also says 7 on 7 does not count as a scrimmage BUT if you go against other schools you are not covered by insurance, so why the statement about 7 on 7 not counting as a scrimmage?

    However #4 says no practice with helmets until July 22.

    I'm trying to decide if this is intentionally confusing so it can be enforced (or not) at the KHSAA's convenience and they can blame schools for not following rules? Or is the person/committee in charge of writing the bylaw an idiot and doesn't have access to a calendar?

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    To me (granted, certainly no lawyer) I read the above to mean the distinguishing difference in #4 to be the words, "legal" and "organized" in reference to the 22nd. It basically makes the 22nd what the 15th always used to be: the first day you can take attendance and hold it against a kid for missing.

    I see nothing about the wording in #4 --or in anything previous to #4 --that would PRECLUDE us from having kids wear helmets immediately after the Dead Period.

    So, I think I'm safe in assuming that unless there is an AMENDMENT to the Bylaws nothing is different than last year. I searched the "KHSAA News and Notes" section of the website and found no announcement of any bylaw change that would impose any more restrictions on wearing helmets than we had last year. There were FOUR other changes mentioned but nothing about football and helmets -- most were about changes to eligibility bylaws.