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    Beechwood was young last year which means several of their up and comers are already known. Beechwood played more sophomores last year than any year I can remember. I will list players who played little or no varsity last year that can make an impact this year.

    LB/RB Josh Derry - Get ready. The hits are coming. This kid is tough as nails and loves to hit. As a freshman last year he had some of the best hits I saw all season on any level. He is going to be a name everyone will know very well in the coming seasons.

    WR/DB Jon Odom - Played varsity minutes as a sophomore last year. I will include him in this list because he was not a starter. Very tough, very quick and elusive. He is a playmaker.

    RB/LB Jake Sherron - He is a lot like Odom. He also played varsity minutes as a sophomore. He also is a hard nosed kid who plays bigger than his size and makes plays.

    DE/TE Gage Dollenmeyer - Another freshman/sophomore to be. He probably will not be a starter but he will get playing time and he will make plays when he gets the chances.

    RB/LB Mitchell Corts - Freshman/Soph to be. Very good athlete. He may not get a lot of playing time because of the quality and experience in front of him but he will be a very good player for Beechwood over the next 3 years.
    Is there a kid named Doverspike there? What role will he play in 2017?

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    Is there a kid named Doverspike there? What role will he play in 2017?
    Listed as FB/LB.

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