NKY Football Contest Sponsored By Joe Lay & Sons Plumbing (Week 2) - RESULTS

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    NKY Football Contest Sponsored By Joe Lay & Sons Plumbing (Week 2) - RESULTS

    Here are the results for this week's Northern Kentucky Area Regional Contest.

    The NKY Contest is sponsored by Joe Lay & SonsPlumbing. For all your plumbing needs, please contact Joe Lay & Sons Plumbing at:

    Joe Lay & Sons Plumbing in Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio

    As always, the results won't be final for 24 hours. All contestants should use that time to check their score for errors. After that time period has passed, the contest is final and the winner should use the following link to claim the prize of choice. If you think your score is incorrect, please send me a PM and I will look into your claim.

    Click below to claim your prize:
    Contest Prizes and how to claim your prize!

    Results of the games in this week's contest:

    Beechwood 12, Lloyd Memorial 0
    Bellevue 13, Dayton 14
    Bracken County 18, Ludlow 13

    Dixie Heights 34, Scott 7
    Simon Kenton 50, Bryan Station 7

    Because of the Bracken County/Ludlow game being postponed until 10/28, the Week 2 results were not able to be calculated until the game was played. There were no correct entries for Week 2, so the winner was determined by the single highest scoring entry. This week's winner was: All State Baseball

    Congratulations @All State Baseball!

    The scores from this week (check your own scores with your picks in the original contest thread to ensure I made no mistakes!)

    17 All State Baseball
    15 HCalumni32
    15 plantmanky
    15 psychicscubadiver
    14 littleluck55
    14 PurplePride92
    13 Mediocre Nachos
    12 DragonFire
    12 LCDAWGS19
    12 newarkcatholicfan
    11 Black and Blue
    11 NKY Bandit
    10 coldweatherfan
    10 colonel-fan
    10 dmh115
    10 Fishhead
    10 Footballforever74
    10 gchs_uk9
    10 Jack of all Trades
    10 KentuckyJoe
    10 NEERFAN
    10 Oldercoach
    10 Qryche11
    10 Randy Parker
    10 se7ens
    10 SnottieDrippen
    10 tackle trap
    10 winterweather
    9 ATLCat
    9 BubbyKY
    9 dd734
    9 raiderbird
    9 Reallydontbelievethehype
    8 All about the Kids
    8 HSfootballfan18
    7 eaglepride924
    7 Rebelstat
    7 rjs4470
    5 16thBBall Fan
    5 InsideSlant
    5 NamecipS
    5 Rebel
    4 Jumper_Dad
    4 Lawnboy13
    4 pirate1960
    3 MNCM