NewCath 41 Lexington Christian 14

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    Congratulations to NCC on a good game. Once LCA dug a 27-0 hole, they could not climb out. Once again the slow start hurt LCA. But I am proud of the Eagles for not quitting. They came out in the second half and showed what type of team they are. They fought to the end even though it was a tall mountain to climb.

    Hats off to the NCC players. Many comments were made by the NCC players to the LCA players about how well they played. They are a class act. Just wish that all fans would have the same class.

    Congratulations on a GREAT season Eagles. You are building a winning tradition.

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    For what its worth...I felt that LCA did not come out ready to play. They were flat (probably because of beating Beechwood) and uninspired. By the time they woke up it was 27-0. The QB for NCC is THE REAL DEAL. He throws one of the best balls in the state. Another player not being mentioned on here is the DL for NCC #75. He is probably the biggest reason for the demise of the LCA running game. #76 did a great job inside and rushing the QB but it was #75 who really shut down the LCA offense. LCA could not down block him at all...He constantly blew up LCA's sweeps which is the bread and butter of LCA's offense. NCC defensensive game plan was superb and executed even better. Hats off to NCC and good luck WINING The STATE.

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    #75 is one Justin Smith. Justin was named to the N. KY. Coaches All-Star Team first team Defense. He is also a N. KY. All-State team nominee.

    He is a heckava football player, and a great young man. Justin is a BIG reason why the Breds are enjoying an outstanding season.

    Unlike Justin Smith (#90) of the Bengals, #75 is actually a consistent disruptive force on the D-Line.... I couldn't resist.

    Go Breds!!