NewCath 1A proposed District for 2019

Page 3 of There has been a proposed District for NewCath in 2019. It would place them in a district with Raceland and Paintsville. I am not against good competit... 31 comments | 3599 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    That would be a nightmare for NewCath in all forms except on the field. A district game that’s further than 30 minutes isn’t going to bring many Breds fans outside of family and die hards. Certainly not making a regular season district game to Paintsville considering almost all teams make the playoffs any way. For Raceland I could see it as a win-win bc they are in the middle and will benefit. Paintsville I feel would be the same as NewCath.

    If the playoffs weren’t as watered down as they were and the district games actually meant something I could see these games being meaningful but as it stands it’s a money loser for all involced

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    Quote Originally Posted by mexitucky View Post
    As in 3 1/2 hours easy?
    Just a shade over 2 hours to Raceland.