NCAA Division I FBS Players From Kentucky High Schools

Page 2 of This is a working list of graduates from Kentucky high school football programs who have gone on to play Division 1 football. We're looking for anyone'... 84 comments | 33086 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    How Things Have Shaken Out Thus Far:

    Air Force Academy 5
    Arkansas State University 2
    Army 7
    Auburn University 5
    Ball State University 4
    Boston College 1
    Brigham Young University 1
    Brown University 1
    California State University, Fullerton 1
    Central Michigan University 1
    Clemson University 2
    Colorado State University 2
    Duke University 4
    Georgia Tech 8
    Indiana University 22
    Iowa State University 1
    Kent State University 1
    Marshall University 23
    Miami University 11
    Michigan State University 6
    Middle Tennessee State University 4
    Navy 8
    North Carolina State University 2
    Northwestern University 3
    Ohio State University 9
    Ohio University 8
    Pennsylvania State University 1
    Purdue University 15
    Southeastern Louisiana University 1
    Stanford University 2
    Syracuse University 3
    Texas Tech University 1
    Troy University 2
    University of Alabama 10
    University of Arizona 1
    University of Arkansas 2
    University of Cincinnati 42
    University of Colorado 4
    University of Connecticut 1
    University of Florida 1
    University of Georgia 1
    University of Illinois 4
    University of Iowa 1
    University of Kansas 1
    University of Kentucky 377
    University of Louisville 121
    University of Maryland 2
    University of Memphis 9
    University of Miami 4
    University of Michigan 9
    University of Minnesota 2
    University of Missouri 5
    University of Nevada Las Vegas 1
    University of North Carolina 1
    University of Notre Dame 20
    University of Southern California 2
    University of South Carolina 1
    University of Tennessee 12
    University of Toledo 2
    University of Virginia 2
    University of Wyoming 1
    Vanderbilt University 9
    Villanova University 2
    Virginia Tech 1
    Wake Forest University 5
    West Virginia University 3
    Western Kentucky University 49
    Xavier University 2

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    Madisonville has had around 4 kids that went D1 in the last 4-5 years. One I think went to Ball State. One went to Michigan. And another one went to a service academy. They also had a kid signed by WKU last year. As well as Blake Boyd who signed with Louisville then transferred to WKU in the early 2000's.

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    JC Wade (Ball St) & Jeremy Clark(Michigan) are two of the kids from Madisonville.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonels_Wear_Blue View Post
    Jennings, Chris 2004 University of Arizona

    Fern Creek
    Bradley, Chuck 1988 University of Kentucky
    Brown, Jamon 2011 University of Louisville
    Hammonds, Juan 1990 Michigan State University
    Urrutia, Mario 2004 University of Louisville, Cincinnati Bengals (Practice Squad), New York Jets (Practice Squad), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Practice Squad)

    Board, Richard 1968 University of Kentucky
    Casey, Bob 1964 University of Louisville
    Frankenberger, JT 1952 University of Kentucky
    Henry, Kent 1968 Virginia Tech
    Hornung, Paul 1953 University of Notre Dame (Heisman Winner), Green Bay Packers (NFL Hall Of Fame)
    Lange, Bill 1956 University of Louisville
    Lehmann, Bob 1960 University of Notre Dame
    Lehmann, Kenny 1960 Xavier University
    Norton, Rick 1962 University of Kentucky, Miami Dolphins
    Olrich, Bob 1952 University of Louisville
    Schnellenberger, Howard 1952 University of Kentucky
    Sellinger, Frank 1962 Georgia Tech
    Sipes, Sherrill 1952 University of Notre Dame

    Fleming County
    Porter, Patrick 1987 University of Kentucky

    Fort Campbell
    Carter, Josh 2009 Western Kentucky University
    Gordon, Leonard 2006 University of Notre Dame
    Johnson, Micah 2005 University of Kentucky
    McClinton, Marcus 2005 University of Kentucky
    McKillip, Josh 1993 University of Iowa
    Misaalefua, Orlando 2006 Western Kentucky University
    Rhinestone, Zach 2008 Western Kentucky University
    Vasquez, Marcus 2008 Western Kentucky University

    Fort Knox
    Autrey, Andre 2008 Western Kentucky University
    Homer, Derek 1996 University of Kentucky, Baltimore Ravens

    Fields, E.J. 2008 University of Kentucky
    Jackson, Aaron 2013 Western Kentucky University

    Franklin County
    Clay, Roger 1979 University of Louisville
    Compassi, Steve 1972 University of Kentucky
    Newland, Nathan 2007 Troy University
    Timmons, Ryan 2013 University of Kentucky
    Woodside, Logan 2013 University of Toledo

    Conn, Darry 1990 University of Kentucky
    Key, Donte 1992 University of Kentucky
    Phillips, Joker 1981 University of Kentucky

    Garrard County
    Crowe, Gordon 1996 University of Kentucky

    Bowles, Hunter 2012 University of Louisville
    Skinner, Mel 1984 University of Kentucky

    George Rogers Clark
    Jones, Tristan 2007 Western Kentucky University
    Embry, Andrew 1997 Marshall University

    Witthuhn, Jeff 2012 University of Kentucky

    Hancock County
    Atwell, Travis 1999 University of Kentucky

    Hargrave Military Academy
    Drake, T.C. 2006 University of Kentucky
    Goodson, Corey 2006 University of Kentucky

    Harrison County
    Young, Chris 2009 Western Kentucky University

    Johnson, Dennis 1997 University of Kentucky, Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers
    Johnson, Derrick 1997 University of Kentucky
    Hopewell, Dan 2000 University of Kentucky
    Meaux, Venus 1976 University of Kentucky
    Parks, Henry 1976 University of Kentucky
    Yeast, Craig 1995 University of Kentucky, Cincinnati Bengals, NY Jets

    Hudson, Chris 2014 Miami University
    Olinger, Jon 1999 University of Cincinnati
    Add Julius Yeast - Ohio State (later transferred to EKU) and Adrian Patton - UK to Harrodsburg grads to go D1.

    The crazy thing is they were there at the same time as the Johnson Brothers. For one of the 10 smallest football playing schools in the state to have 4 Div 1 defensive linemen starting for them at the same time is crazy. The fact that Beechwood beat them in the finals that year says tons about how good Beechwood was.

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    Boyle County had David Jennings from 2002 I believe, who was Academic all conference during his playing days at TCU. Jennings set some state kicking records while at Boyle.

    Also, 2015 Boyle Grad Addison Coffey is currently a walk on kicker at UK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonels_Wear_Blue View Post
    We are currently reporting...

    854 athletes that graduated from Kentucky high schools and moved on to play for Division I FBS college football programs.

    1 Heisman Trophy Winner: Paul Hornung ('53 Flaget), quarterback at the University of Notre Dame, awarded to him in 1956. Hornung remains the sole Heisman winner to have won the trophy after having a losing season.

    150 Kentucky high schools, past and present, that have produced athletes who played for Division I FBS college football programs. Names date back to the high school graduating class of 1913.

    70 different Division I FBS college football programs who have had Kentucky high school graduates on their rosters.

    126 players who have matriculated through Division I FBS college football programs and found there way to the National Football League.

    3 members of the NFL Hall Of Fame: Dermontti Dawson ('84 Bryan Station), Paul Hornung ('53 Flaget), and George McAfee ('36 Corbin).
    1st round picks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mexitucky View Post
    1st round picks?
    Paul Hornung and Tim Couch were both the first overall pick. Other than that....I got nothin'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonels_Wear_Blue View Post
    Paul Hornung and Tim Couch were both the first overall pick. Other than that....I got nothin'.
    Shaun Alexander
    Devante Parker
    George Adams

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Schue View Post
    Was UofL D-IA then?
    NCAA football has been classified since 1937. They have been classified as follows:

    NCAA University Division (Large Schools)
    NCAA College Division (Small Schools)

    NCAA Division I

    NCAA Division I-A (Large Schools)
    NCAA Division I-AA (Small Schools)

    NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision (Large Schools)
    NCAA Football Championship Subdivision (Small Schools)

    To answer your question, Louisville's NCAA classifications for football have been:
    1937-1950: NCAA College Division
    1951: NCAA University Division
    1952-1961: NCAA College Division
    1962-1972: NCAA University Division
    1973-1977: NCAA Division I
    1978-2005: NCAA Division I-A
    2006-Present: NCAA FBS

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    (Denotes Freshman Year)
    Jeremy Clark - Michigan 2012
    Josiah Powell - Navy 2012
    Cullen Reynolds - WKU 2015
    Martinez Davis - Air Force 2010
    JC Wade - Ball State 2010
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    Washington County

    Shawn Kries University of Louisville 1993-1995
    JD Reed University of Kentucky 1995

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    McCracken County

    Paducah Tilghman
    Joseph Spencer Rork 1915 University of Kentucky, Evansville Crimson Giants
    Leeman Bennett 1956 University of Kentucky, Atlanta Falcons (head coach), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (head coach)
    Glenn Shaw 1956 University of Kentucky, Chicago Bears, LA Rams, Oakland Raiders
    Lawrence "Choo Choo" Lee 1980 University of Kentucky
    Derrick LeRoy Thomas 1982 University of Arkansas, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Jay Dortch 1984 University of Kentucky
    Emerson Wells 1991 University of Kentucky
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    A couple of Paducah Tilghman updates

    Joe Phil 1988 Illinois (going off memory, I will check)
    Hall, Bryan 2006 Arkansas State also played for the Ravens
    Clark, Neal 1987 University of Kentucky also played for the Redskins
    Lawrence "Choo-Choo" Lee 1980 UK
    Marcus Cross 1993 UK
    Jay Dortch 1985 UK
    Emerson Wells 1990 UK

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    Johnson Central:
    Paul Webb - UK
    Tyler Pack - UK
    Tristan Salyer - UK
    Jesse Peck - Marshall
    Chris Deaton - Marshall
    Nathaniel Dials - Austin P
    J.J. Jude - EKU

    Those are the ones off the top of my head. There are several more. There are a few the are currently still playing at JC and a few more that elected to play different sports.

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    Morgan WMU
    Ross EKU
    Bisek Toledo
    High Valparaiso

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