My coach interviews part two

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    My coach interviews part two

    With the approval of the Guru I am posting an online interview I did with some coaches. but as far as this site go by request of the Guru I am only posting the interview from the coach from Kentucky I did. All of the other coaches interviews are with Ohio coaches.

    This is word for word as the interview was done.

    Coach's Name Harlee Estepp
    Position Wide Receivers/Defensive Backs Coach
    School West Carter High School in Kentucky

    1) What is the most gratifying thing you get from coaching?

    I believe the most gratifying thing I get from coaching is seeing a player finally get something that they’ve been working hard to achieve but struggled with. Seeing them finally get over the hump is awesome.

    2)As a coach and/or player what was your biggest win?

    District Championship win over Shelby Valley this year. I’ve only coached four years, I’m just 23 so hopefully many more to come.

    3)What is the hardest offense to prepare for?

    Not really a scheme, but the hardest offense to prepare for is one that executes well, doesn’t make mistakes, and has answers. If I had to say a scheme, a team that can RPO is tough.

    4)Do you thing open enrollment and/pr the competitive balance has helped or hinder the sport?

    Doesn’t really bother me. Don’t think it’s helped the sport, but I don’t think it’s hurt it either. At least in my experience.

    5)Who has been the best player you have faced as a player or coach?

    Cameron Hergott- Beechwood QB. Accurate ball, can kill you with his legs.

    6)What would you change about the playoffs and the state final game?

    I’d have sister districts for your “region” ex- District 1&2, 3&4, 5&6, 7&8. The best teams will emerge either way, but I like that better than playing your same district the first two rounds after playing them the weeks before. A neutral site semifinals would be cool as well.

    7)How do you feel about playing out of state opponents?

    Whatever helps our team get better. If a tough out of state opponent could make us better, then I’d be all for it.

    8)As fans we often look at a match up and say there is no chance for this team to beat that team.
    If this holds true for coach's.
    How do you prepare your team for a game you know/think you can't win?

    I’ve yet to coach against a team I didn’t think we could beat, but in a situation like that it really comes down to getting your players ready for the challenge. Anything can happen on a football field.

    9) Who is the one coach you most enjoy coaching against and beating?

    Honestly, nobody specifically. No personal negativity towards any coach or school.

    10) If you were not coaching football what other sport could you coach?

    Believe I could coach baseball right now. Anyone can coach anything though, just have to be willing to put in the time and effort. Coaches are teachers, you can learn any subject.