Most underrated players in eastern Kentucky

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRUE REDHOUND
    Rob Madon, only a sophomore but he is very good.
    Clint Cashen, talk is cheap but this kid is for real.
    Did Madon and Cashen both go to Pineville at one time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Play 2 Win
    I was going to get on this thread last week and say Chad Edwards from Russell. He doesn't get much spotlight, but he's a good blocking fullback and very strong defensive end....well, then he brock out and got 166 yards last week
    Edwards may be the best athlete on the team. Very strong...Very fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ballcrazy
    Brandon Shepherd for Magoffin Co. Led team in rushing, receiving, tackles, and interceptions.

    Definitely the most underrated player in the mountains. Had the administration been serious about the program he would be sitting in a nice position right now trying to decide which college to go to. He will still play college ball if he wants to and will have a great career, but had he been on a successful team supported in all avenues, he would have gotten some great exposure. I got to watch him play a couple times last year and once this year and he played with great desire and heart. I loved his aggressiveness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by footballfever
    Did Madon and Cashen both go to Pineville at one time?
    I believe that the Cashen's moved to Corbin from Pineville when Clint was going into the 7th grade. I'm not sure about Madon, but I know that he was at CMS in the 7th grade also.